Free Agent and Waiver Transactions

Alltime Free Agent Signings and Players Lost or Gained via Waivers or Waiver Drafts

Date Transaction
31-May-66Bud Poile signed (GM)
5-Jun-66Keith Allen signed (Coach)
8-May-67Bobby Taylor signed (Try-out contract)
8-May-67Claude Cyr signed (Try-out contract)
12-May-67Frank Carlin signed (GM of Quebec Aces)
29-May-67Dick Bielous signed (Head trainer)
8-Jun-67Alex Davidson signed (Chief scout)
8-Jun-67Al Sarrault signed
8-Jun-67Serge Bernier signed
8-Jun-67John Marshall signed
8-Jun-67Ken Schultz signed
11-Jun-67Vic Stasiuk signed (Coach of Quebec Aces)
9-Aug-67Frank Lewis signed (assist. trainer/equip. manager)
12-Aug-67Claude Cyr signed
12-Aug-67Bernie Parent signed
14-Sep-67Gary Dornhoefer signed
14-Sep-67Forbes Kennedy signed
14-Sep-67Jim Johnson signed
14-Sep-67Keith Wright signed
30-Sep-67Ed Van Impe signed
3-Oct-67Joe Watson signed
11-Oct-67Leon Rochefort signed
11-Oct-67Don Blackburn signed
24-Oct-67Jim Morrison signed
30-Oct-67Jim Morrison demoted
30-Oct-67Rosaire Paiement demoted
3-Nov-67Claude Laforge called up
29-Dec-67Dwight Carruthers called up
31-Dec-67Dwight Carruthers demoted
3-Jan-68John Hanna called up
3-Jan-68Jim Johnson called up
12-Jan-68John Hanna demoted
12-Jan-68Rosaire Paiement demoted
13-Jan-68Rosaire Paiement called up
14-Jan-68Rosaire Paiement demoted
20-Jan-68Bob Courcy demoted (lent to WHL Seattle)
20-Jan-68John Hanna called up
5-Feb-68Jim Johnson demoted
18-Feb-68Simon Nolet demoted
18-Feb-68Wayne Hicks called up
19-Feb-68Simon Nolet called up
19-Feb-68Jean-Guy Gendron called up
19-Feb-68Rosaire Paiement called up
22-Feb-68Simon Nolet signed
27-Feb-68Rosaire Paiement demoted
13-Mar-68Rosaire Paiement demoted
12-Apr-68Rosaire Paiement called up
30-Apr-68Andre Gaudette signed
27-May-68Dick Cherry signed
1-Jun-68Dunc Wilson claimed from Boston Bruins via waiver draft
12-Jun-68Bill Sutherland lost to Minnesota North Stars via intra-league draft
12-Jun-68Ron Buchanan claimed from Boston via intra-league draft
12-Jun-68Ed Hoekstra lost to Denver (WHL) via intra-league draft
12-Jun-68Fern Rivard lost to Minnesota North Stars via intra-league draft
12-Jun-68Jean Gauthier lost to Boston Bruins via intra-league draft
12-Jun-68Larry Hale claimed from Minnesota North Stars via intra-league draft
13-Jun-68Allan Stanley claimed from Toronto Maple Leafs via reverse draft
13-Jun-68Jim Morrison lost to Baltimore (AHL) via reverse draft
1-Sep-68Bobby Taylor signed as a free agent
18-Sep-68Jean Lapointe signed
18-Sep-68Dunc Wilson signed
18-Sep-68Bill McEwan signed
21-Sep-68Brit Selby signed (2 yrs)
29-Sep-68Dick Cherry signed (3 yrs)
2-Oct-68Ed Hoekstra retired
5-Oct-68Ralph MacSweyn signed
5-Oct-68Bob Rivard signed
7-Oct-68Jerry Melnyk retired
8-Oct-68Garry Peters signed
8-Oct-68Forbes Kennedy signed
9-Oct-68Gary Dornhoefer signed
9-Oct-68Jim Johnson signed
9-Oct-68Rosaire Paiement signed
12-Oct-68Larry Hale signed (1 yr)
25-Oct-68Claude Laforge demoted
25-Oct-68Dick Sarrazin called up
30-Oct-68Bobby Taylor called up
30-Oct-68Ralph MacSweyn called up
10-Nov-68Terry Ball called up
20-Nov-68Ralph MacSweyn demoted
23-Nov-68Dick Sarrazin called up
25-Nov-68Don Blackburn called up
29-Nov-68Pat Hannigan called up
29-Nov-68Earl Heiskala demoted
13-Dec-68Earl Heiskala called up
13-Dec-68Larry Zeidel demoted
14-Dec-68Larry Zeidel put on waivers (for refusing to report to minors)
20-Dec-68Rosaire Paiement demoted
6-Jan-69Simon Nolet demoted
6-Jan-69Earl Heiskala demoted (Sent To Seattle (WHL))
16-Jan-69Myron Stankiewicz claimed from St.Louis Blues on waivers
16-Jan-69Ralph MacSweyn called up
28-Jan-69Rosaire Paiement demoted
31-Jan-69Doug Favell demoted
31-Jan-69Dunc Wilson called up
13-Feb-69Dunc Wilson demoted
13-Feb-69Doug Favell called up
25-Feb-69Dunc Wilson called up
26-Feb-69Serge Bernier called up
28-Feb-69Serge Bernier demoted
28-Feb-69Pat Hannigan called up
4-Mar-69Myron Stankiewicz demoted
19-May-69Keith Allen signed (Vice President & Assistant GM)
19-May-69Vic Stasiuk signed (Coach of Quebec Aces)
6-Jun-69Roger Pelletier lost to Quebec (AHL) via intra-league draft
10-Jun-69Bob Barlow claimed from Vancouver (WHL) via intra-league draft
11-Jun-69Larry Hillman claimed from Montreal Canadiens via intra-league draft
11-Jun-69Jean-Guy Gendron lost to Montreal Canadiens via intra-league draft
12-Jun-69Bob Sneddon lost to Springfield (AHL) via reverse draft
24-Jul-69Andre Lacroix signed (2 yr)
21-Aug-69Gerry Meehan signed
21-Aug-69Serge Bernier signed
7-Sep-69Turk Broda signed (coach of Quebec Aces)
23-Sep-69Allan Stanley retired
29-Sep-69Jim Mair signed as a free agent
3-Oct-69Garry Peters demoted
10-Oct-69Garry Peters called up
17-Oct-69Mike Byers demoted
17-Oct-69Larry Hale demoted
17-Oct-69Gilles Banville demoted (to Seattle (WHL))
11-Nov-69Terry Ball called up
14-Nov-69Serge Bernier called up
14-Nov-69Rosaire Paiement called up
21-Nov-69Ralph MacSweyen demoted
3-Dec-69Dick Sarrazin demoted
3-Dec-69Simon Nolet called up
17-Dec-69Rosaire Paiement called up
18-Dec-69Keith Allen signed (Internum GM)
22-Dec-69Keith Allen signed (Fulltime GM (3 yr))
2-Mar-70Vic Stasiuk signed (2 yr - coach of Flyers)
12-Mar-70Michel Belhuemer demoted
12-Mar-70Dunc Wilson called up
12-Mar-70Ralph MacSweyn called up
1-Apr-70Dunc Wilson called up
1-Apr-70Rosiare Paiement called up
1-Apr-70Serge Bernier called up
2-Jun-70Eddie Bush signed (Coach of Quebec Aces)
9-Jun-70Alain Caron claimed from Montreal Canadiens via intra-league draft
9-Jun-70Bill Lesuk claimed from Boston Bruins via intra-league draft
9-Jun-70Dick Cherry lost to Boston Bruins via intra-league draft
10-Jun-70Reg Fleming claimed by Buffalo Sabres in expansion draft
10-Jun-70Gerry Meehan claimed by Buffalo Sabres in expansion draft
10-Jun-70Dunc Wilson claimed by Vancouver Canucks in expansion draft
10-Jun-70Rosaire Paiement claimed by Vancouver Canucks in expansion draft
23-Jun-70Joe Scott signed (President)
23-Jun-70Lou Scheinfeld signed (Vice President)
23-Jun-70Eugene Dixon signed (Vice Chairman)
13-Aug-70Bill Lesuk signed
6-Sep-70Larry Hale signed
6-Sep-70Joe Watson signed
5-Oct-70Larry Hillman signed
5-Oct-70Wayne Hillman signed
5-Oct-70Doug Favell signed
19-Oct-70Bill Sutherland lost to Buffalo Sabres from waivers
3-Nov-70Breny Hughes demoted
5-Nov-70George Swarbrick called up
22-Nov-70Bobby Taylor called up
28-Dec-70Cliff Schmautz claimed from Buffalo Sabres on waivers
4-Jan-71Brent Hughes called up
31-Jan-71Earl Heiskala demoted (San Diego (WHL))
31-Jan-71Danny Schock demoted
11-Mar-71Willie Brossart called up
17-Mar-71Bobby Taylor called up
25-Mar-71Bobby Taylor demoted
25-Mar-71Jim Mair demoted
2-Jun-71Fred Shero signed (Head coach - 3 yrs)
8-Jun-71Frank Spring claimed from Boston Bruins via intra-league draft
8-Jun-71Garry Peters lost to Boston Bruins via intra-league draft
8-Jun-71Larry Brown claimed from New York Rangers via intra-league draft
8-Jun-71Don McLeod claimed from Detroit Red Wings via intra-league draft
1-Jul-71Orest Kindrachuk signed as a free agent
7-Aug-71Pierre Plante signed
16-Aug-71Wayne Hillman signed
16-Aug-71Larry Hillman signed
16-Aug-71Doug Favell signed
16-Aug-71Bruce Gamble signed
2-Sep-71Rick MacLeish signed
2-Sep-71Bob Kelly signed
2-Sep-71Larry Brown signed
5-Sep-71Joe Watson signed
5-Sep-71Lew Morrison signed
5-Sep-71Jim Johnson signed
7-Sep-71Serge Bernier signed
7-Sep-71Bill Lesuk signed
7-Sep-71Larry Mickey signed
7-Sep-71Jean-Guy Gendron signed
8-Sep-71Gary Dornhoefer signed
8-Sep-71Frank Spring signed
8-Sep-71Danny Schock signed
8-Sep-71Wayne Hillman signed
8-Sep-71Ed Van Impe signed
10-Sep-71Andre Lacroix signed
11-Sep-71Bob Hurlburt signed as a free agent
20-Sep-71Jim Booth released
20-Sep-71Jim Martz released
20-Sep-71Peet Donnelly released
20-Sep-71Pat Grace released
20-Sep-71Ken Paquet released
20-Sep-71Keith Wright released
20-Sep-71Tom Stachniak released
20-Sep-71Doug Kershlake released
20-Sep-71Jacques Lapierre demoted (EHL Jersey Devils/Roanole Valley Rebels)
20-Sep-71Paul Tosh demoted (EHL Jersey Devils/Roanole Valley Rebels)
20-Sep-71Barry Grahame demoted (EHL Jersey Devils/Roanole Valley Rebels)
20-Sep-71Gary Westbury demoted (EHL Jersey Devils/Roanole Valley Rebels)
20-Sep-71Roger Kosar demoted (EHL Jersey Devils/Roanole Valley Rebels)
6-Oct-71Danny Schock demoted
6-Oct-71Don McLeod demoted
7-Oct-71Wayne Hillman signed
7-Oct-71Larry Hillman signed
7-Oct-71Doug Favell signed
9-Oct-71Lew Morrison put on waivers
29-Oct-71Larry Hale demoted
9-Nov-71Willie Brossart demoted
16-Nov-71Lew Morrison called up
18-Nov-71Rick MacLeish demoted
2-Dec-71Larry Brown demoted
8-Dec-71Michel Parizeau claimed from St.Louis Blues on waivers
10-Dec-71Jim Mair called up
10-Dec-71Bill Clement called up
11-Dec-71Lew Morrison called up
11-Dec-71Dick Sarrazin called up
13-Dec-71Pierre Plante demoted
13-Dec-71Jim Mair demoted
17-Dec-71Larry Wright demoted
23-Dec-71Willie Brossart called up
10-Jan-72Don Saleski called up
19-Jan-72Ralph MacSweyn called up
28-Jan-72Larry Brown lost to Los Angeles Kings from waivers
9-Feb-72Russ Gillow called up
10-Feb-72Russ Gillow demoted
11-Feb-72Don McLeod demoted
16-Feb-72Bobby Taylor called up
22-Feb-72Dick Sarrazin demoted
16-Mar-72Rick MacLeish called up
20-Mar-72Bobby Clarke signed (5 yr, $100,000/season (was $25,000))
20-Mar-72Rick Foley signed
20-Mar-72Larry Wright signed
20-Mar-72Pierre Plante signed
20-Mar-72Glen Irwin signed
20-Mar-72Don McCullough signed
18-May-72Dave Schultz signed (3 yr)
22-May-72Larry Wilson signed (Coach of Richmond Robins)
22-May-72Rick Foley signed (3 yr)
22-May-72Bob Kelly signed (2 yr)
24-May-72Rick MacLeish signed (3 yr)
25-May-72Joe Watson signed (2 yr)
25-May-72Bill Clement signed (2 yr)
31-May-72Don Saleski signed (2 yr)
2-Jun-72Gary Dornhoefer signed (3 yr)
2-Jun-72Lew Morrison signed (2 yr)
2-Jun-72Michel Belhumeur signed (3 yr)
5-Jun-72Mike Nykoluk signed (Assistant coach)
5-Jun-72Doug Favell signed (3 yrs)
6-Jun-72Lew Morrison claimed by Atlanta Flames in expansion draft
6-Jun-72Larry Hale claimed by Atlanta Flames in expansion draft
6-Jun-72Jim Mair claimed by New York Islanders in expansion draft
8-Jun-72Hank Nowak lost to Hershey (AHL) via intra-league draft
19-Jun-72Bill Flett signed (3 yr)
20-Jun-72Bill Barber signed (3 yr)
20-Jun-72Tom Bladon signed
20-Jun-72Jim Watson signed
20-Jun-72Al MacAdam signed
15-Aug-72Wayne Hillman signed
15-Aug-72Bob Currier signed
15-Aug-72Rene Drolet signed
15-Aug-72Orest Kindrachuk signed
15-Aug-72Tom Trevelyan signed
15-Aug-72Andre Gaudette signed
15-Aug-72Roger Kosar signed
15-Aug-72Willie Brossart signed
15-Aug-72Yvon Bilodeau signed
16-Aug-72Barry Ashbee signed (3 yr)
16-Aug-72Bob Currier signed
1-Sep-72Jack McIlhargey signed as a free agent
6-Sep-72Bruce Gamble signed (as a scout)
19-Sep-72Curtis Brackenbury signed
1-Nov-72Pierre Plante called up
3-Nov-72Larry Wright demoted
6-Nov-72Willie Brossart demoted
10-Dec-72Bobby Taylor demoted
10-Dec-72Willie Brossart called up
26-Dec-72Bobby Taylor called up
2-Jan-73Willie Brossart demoted
4-Jan-73Bobby Taylor demoted (Conditioning)
8-Jan-73Keith Allen signed (3 yr extension as GM & VP)
17-Jan-73Bobby Taylor called up
11-Mar-73Willie Brossart called up
11-Apr-73Willie Brossart called up
11-Apr-73Jim Watson called up
11-Apr-73Orest Kindrachuk called up
11-Apr-73Larry Wright called up
11-Apr-73Al MacAdam called up
23-May-73Fred Shero signed (extension through '76 season)
23-May-73Mike Nykoluk signed (extension through '76 season)
1-Jun-73Steve Coates signed as a free agent
5-Jun-73Larry Goodenough signed
5-Jun-73Brent Leavins signed
5-Jun-73Bob Smumpf signed
5-Jun-73Dale Cook signed
5-Jun-73Mike Clarke signed
5-Jun-73Michel Latrielle signed
12-Jun-73Orest Kindrachuk signed (multi-year)
22-Jun-73Bernie Parent signed (mulityear contract)
31-Jul-73Tom Young signed
31-Jul-73Dan O'Donahue signed
31-Jul-73Mark Bousquet signed
20-Aug-73Doug Ferguson signed (7th rounder signed for 3 yr)
1-Sep-73Mike Boland signed as a free agent
14-Sep-73Danny Schock demoted ("SOLD" outright to Richmond)
27-Sep-73Darryl Fedorak demoted (Des Moines (IHL))
27-Sep-73Curt Brackenbury demoted (Des Moines (IHL))
27-Sep-73Steve Coates demoted (Des Moines (IHL))
15-Oct-73Serge Lajeunesse demoted
24-Oct-73Bobby Taylor demoted
24-Oct-73Michel Belhumeur called up
20-Nov-73Bobby Taylor called up
20-Nov-73Michel Belhumeur demoted
14-Apr-74Michel Belhumeur called up
14-Apr-74Al MacAdam called up
14-Apr-74Serge Lajeunesse called up
14-Apr-74Larry Goodenough called up
1-May-74Bruce Cowick called up
13-May-74Al MacAdam called up
4-Jun-74Barry Ashbee retired
10-Jun-74Dave Fortier lost to New York Islanders via intra-league draft
11-Jun-74Bob Sirois signed
12-Jun-74Simon Nolet claimed by Kansas City Scouts in expansion draft
12-Jun-74Michel Belhumeur claimed by Washington Capitals in expansion draft
12-Jun-74Bruce Cowick claimed by Washington Capitals in expansion draft
13-Jun-74Rene Drolet lost to Detroit Red Wings via reverse draft
13-Jun-74Graham Parsons claimed from Minnesota North Stars via reverse draft
20-Jun-74Norm Barnes signed as a free agent
20-Jun-74Bill Barber signed
20-Jun-74Reggie Leach signed
20-Jun-74Tom Bladon signed
20-Jun-74Don McLean signed
20-Jun-74Bob Sirois signed
20-Jun-74Graham Parsons signed
22-Jul-74Fred Shero signed (3 year deal)
22-Aug-74Barry Ashbee signed (scout & assistant coach)
27-Aug-74Steve Short signed (multi-year deal)
7-Nov-74Bob Sirois called up
25-Dec-74Larry Goodenough called up
25-Feb-75Mike Boland called up
2-Jun-75Red Harris retired
6-Jun-75Mel Bridgman signed (5 yr/ $500K)
6-Aug-75Bob Ritchie signed
6-Aug-75Dave Kelly signed as a free agent
5-Sep-75Dave Schultz signed (5 yr/ $350K)
10-Sep-75Larry Wright signed as a free agent
10-Sep-75Wayne Schaab signed as a free agent
16-Sep-75Bobby Taylor demoted
16-Sep-75Orest Kindrachuk signed (mulit-year)
23-Sep-75Terry Murray signed as a free agent
24-Sep-75Mike Clarke demoted
24-Sep-75Randy Osburn demoted
26-Sep-75Larry Wright signed as a free agent
3-Oct-75Reggie Lemelin called up
5-Oct-75Reggie Lemelin demoted
5-Oct-75Jerome Mrazek called up
16-Oct-75Bob Sirois demoted
10-Nov-75Terry Murray called up
12-Nov-75Terry Murray called up
11-Nov-75Reggie Lemelin called up
11-Nov-75Jerome Mrazek demoted
12-Nov-75Terry Murray demoted
15-Nov-75Terry Murray called up
19-Nov-75Terry Murray demoted
8-Dec-75Reggie Lemelin called up (To Philadelphia Firebirds)
22-Dec-75Jack McIlhargey demoted
3-Feb-76Bobby Taylor demoted
3-Feb-76Jerome Mrazek called up
3-Mar-76Jerome Mrazek demoted
7-Mar-76Paul Holmgren signed (multi-year)
7-Mar-76Paul Holmgren demoted
17-Mar-76Terry Murray demoted
24-Mar-76Paul Holmgren called up
29-Mar-76Larry Wright called up
16-Jun-76Mark Suzor signed (multi-year)
16-Jun-76Drew Callander signed (multi-year)
16-Jun-76Dave Hynek signed (multi-year)
16-Jun-76Craig Hamner signed (multi-year)
7-Jul-76John Hanna signed (Coach of Springfield Indians)
27-Sep-76Rick St.Croix demoted
27-Sep-76Norm Barnes demoted
27-Sep-76Dan Nelson demoted
27-Sep-76Gerry Pion demoted
27-Sep-76Les Crozier demoted (to Philadelphia Firebirds)
30-Sep-76Drew Callander demoted
30-Sep-76Bob Ritchie demoted
30-Sep-76Craig Hamner demoted
30-Sep-76Murray Cawker demoted
1-Oct-76Terry Crisp retired
4-Oct-76Terry Crisp signed (Temporary coach of Springfield Indians)
4-Oct-76Jerome Mrazek demoted
4-Oct-76Steve Short demoted
4-Oct-76Mark Suzor demoted
4-Oct-76Al Hill demoted
4-Oct-76Dave Kelly demoted
4-Oct-76Jerome Mrazek called up
11-Oct-76Jerome Mrazek demoted
20-Oct-76Bill Collins signed as a free agent
20-Oct-76Bill Collins signed
22-Oct-76Al Hill signed as a free agent
25-Oct-76John Paddock demoted
16-Nov-76Wayne Stephenson retired (unretires 7-Dec)
5-Feb-77Drew Callander called up
5-Feb-77Bob Ritchie called up
14-Feb-77Al Hill called up (5 pts 1st game)
15-Feb-77Drew Callander demoted
17-Feb-77Mike Korney demoted
13-Mar-77Norm Barnes called up
31-Mar-77Mark Suzor called up
18-Jun-77Mike Nykoluk signed (Coordinator of player development)
18-Jun-77Terry Crisp signed (Assistant coach)
29-Jun-77Bob McCammon signed (Coach of Maine Mariners)
30-Jun-77Kevin McCarthy signed
1-Aug-77Alan Quinlan signed
4-Aug-77Tom Gorence signed
4-Aug-77Dave Hoyda signed
10-Aug-77Pat Quinn signed (assistant coach)
15-Aug-77Guy Delparte signed as a free agent
17-Aug-77Brian Burke signed as a free agent
1-Sep-77Guy Delparte signed as a free agent
1-Sep-77Jim Cunningham signed as a free agent
7-Sep-77Wayne Schaab signed as a free agent
7-Sep-77Peter McKenzie signed as a free agent
7-Sep-77Wayne Schaab demoted
7-Sep-77Peter McKenzie demoted
15-Sep-77Larry Romanchych signed as a free agent
22-Sep-77Dave Hynek released (FA)
22-Sep-77Dave Leonardo released
22-Sep-77Larry Angus released
22-Sep-77Tom Machowski released
22-Sep-77Doug Melvin released
28-Sep-77Bernie Johnston signed as a free agent
30-Sep-77Drew Callander demoted
30-Sep-77Rick St.Croix demoted
30-Sep-77John Paddock demoted
30-Sep-77Jerome Mrazek demoted
7-Oct-77Frank Bathe signed as a free agent
23-Oct-77Mike Busniuk signed as a free agent
27-Oct-77Grant Cole signed as a free agent
1-Nov-77Terry Murray demoted
1-Nov-77Blake Dunlop demoted
1-Nov-77Danny Clark demoted (to Milwaukee (IHL))
17-Nov-77Rudy Tajcnar signed
17-Nov-77Rudy Tajcnar demoted
30-Dec-77Dave Hoyda called up
30-Dec-77Frank Bathe called up
5-Jan-78Frank Bathe demoted
30-Jan-78Drew Callander called up
30-Jan-78Al Hill called up
30-Jan-78Blake Dunlop called up
2-Feb-78Rick St.Croix called up
3-Mar-78Rick St.Croix called up
7-Mar-78Rick St.Croix demoted
16-Mar-78Terry Murray called up
19-Jul-78Brian Burke retired
1-Sep-78M.F. Schurman signed as a free agent
9-Oct-78Yves Preston signed as a free agent
9-Oct-78Glen Cochrane demoted
9-Oct-78Terry Murray demoted
9-Oct-78Blake Dunlop demoted
27-Oct-78Danny Lucas demoted
7-Nov-78Blake Dunlop called up
7-Nov-78Robbie Moore signed as a free agent
20-Nov-78Reid Bailey signed as a free agent
20-Nov-78Terry Murray demoted
23-Nov-78Glen Cochrane called up
30-Nov-79Ken Linseman demoted
3-Dec-78Drew Callander demoted
13-Dec-78Yves Preston called up
31-Dec-78Yves Preston demoted
31-Dec-78Al Hill called up
31-Dec-78Tom Gorence called up
1-Jan-79Yves Preston demoted
8-Jan-79Pete Peeters demoted
15-Jan-79Barry Dean demoted
1-Feb-79Paul Evans demoted
17-Feb-79Rick St.Croix called up
27-Feb-79Ken Linseman called up
2-Mar-79Robbie Moore called up
9-Apr-79Rick St.Croix called up (from Philly Firebirds)
11-Apr-79Norm Barnes called up
22-Apr-79Norm Barnes demoted
12-Jun-79Frank Bathe signed (multi-year)
13-Jun-79Bernie Johnston claimed by Hartford Whalers in expansion draft
13-Jun-79Dave Hoyda claimed by Winnipeg Jets in expansion draft
8-Aug-79Dennis Patterson signed as a free agent
30-Aug-79Brian Propp signed (multi-year)
4-Sep-79Blake Wesley signed
4-Sep-79Lindsay Carson signed
4-Sep-79Don Gillen signed
4-Sep-79Gordie Williams signed
4-Sep-79Bernie Parent signed (Goaltending coach)
4-Sep-79Fred Williams signed as a free agent
24-Sep-79Yves Guillemette demoted
24-Sep-79Gordy Garbutt demoted
24-Sep-79Sam St. Laurent demoted
24-Sep-79Fred Williams demoted
24-Sep-79Dave Faulkkner demoted
24-Sep-79Darre Switzer demoted
24-Sep-79Terry McDougall demoted
24-Sep-79Guy Delparte demoted
24-Sep-79Randy Ruff demoted
28-Sep-79Greg Adams signed as a free agent
29-Sep-79Gordie Clark demoted
29-Sep-79Wayne Schaab demoted
29-Sep-79Danny Lucas demoted
29-Sep-79Barry Dean demoted
1-Oct-79Marc Andre Marchand signed as a free agent
5-Oct-79Robbie Moore demoted
5-Oct-79Rick St.Croix demoted
5-Oct-79Mike Greeder demoted
5-Oct-79Yves Preston demoted
5-Oct-79Paul Evans demoted
5-Oct-79Gary Morrison demoted
10-Oct-79Sam St.Laurent signed as a free agent
19-Oct-79Blake Wesley demoted
25-Oct-79Tim Kerr signed as a free agent
31-Oct-79Dan Barber signed as a free agent
12-Nov-79Dennis Patterson demoted
4-Jan-80Gordie Williams signed
4-Jan-80Simon Learmouth signed
21-Jan-80Dave Gardner signed as a free agent
31-Jan-80Rick St.Croix called up
17-Feb-80Blake Wesley demoted
17-Feb-80Gary Morrison demoted
15-Apr-80Gary Morrison called up
4-Mar-80Dave Gardner called up
4-Mar-80Gary Morrison called up
9-May-80Rick St.Croix called up
9-May-80Terry Murray called up
9-May-80Reid Bailey called up
9-May-80Paul Evans called up
28-May-80Pelle Lindbergh signed (3 yr)
28-May-80Thomas Eriksson signed (3 yr)
6-Jun-80Mark Taylor signed
2-Jul-80Ron Flockhart signed as a free agent
20-Jul-80Norm Mackie signed (Head trainer)
27-Aug-80Bob Boucher signed (Assistant coach)
30-Sep-80Glen Cochrane demoted
30-Sep-80Blake Wesley demoted
17-Oct-80Paul Evans demoted
17-Oct-80Terry Murray called up
1-Nov-80Blake Wesley called up
20-Nov-80Jack McIlhargey demoted
11-Jan-81Glen Cochrane called up
16-Jan-81Gary Morrison demoted
17-Jan-81Greg Adams called up
4-Feb-81Greg Adams demoted
12-Feb-81Thomas Eriksson called up
14-Feb-81Ilkka Sinisalo signed as a free agent
17-Feb-81Illka Sinisalo signed
27-Feb-81Ron Flockhart called up
28-Feb-81Reid Bailey called up
3-Mar-81Reid Bailey demoted
4-Mar-81Blake Wesley demoted
6-Mar-81Dave Logan signed as a free agent
7-Mar-81Dave Logan signed
17-Mar-81Pat Quinn signed (5 yr)
11-Jun-81Brian Tutt signed
16-Jun-81Dan Held signed
18-Jun-81Bob Froese signed as a free agent
5-Jul-81Bob McCammon signed (coach Mariners)
18-Aug-81Tom Gorence signed (multi-year)
1-Sep-81Bob Boucher signed (2 yr / assistant coach)
1-Oct-81Greg Adams demoted
1-Oct-81Pelle Lindbergh demoted
5-Oct-81Terry Murray lost to Washington Capitals via waiver draft
7-Oct-81Ray Allison demoted (conditioning assignment)
8-Oct-81Mike Busniuk demoted
9-Oct-81Daryl Stanley signed as a free agent
1-Nov-81Pelle Lindbergh called up
2-Nov-81Steve Smith called up (from juniors)
16-Nov-81Reid Bailey demoted
22-Nov-81Mark Botell demoted
22-Nov-81Bob Hoffmeyer signed as a free agent
22-Nov-81Bob Hoffmeyer called up
23-Nov-81Lindsay Carson demoted
23-Nov-81Greg Adams called up
23-Nov-81Mark Botell called up
25-Nov-81Steve Smith sent back to juniors
4-Dec-81Pelle Lindbergh demoted
5-Dec-81Gary Morrison demoted
10-Dec-81Ray Allison called up
20-Dec-81Mark Taylor called up
24-Dec-81Mark Taylor demoted
28-Dec-81Dave Michayluk called up (from juniors)
29-Dec-81Dave Michalyk sent back to juniors
25-Jan-82Gary Morrison called up
3-Feb-82Gary Morrison demoted
19-Feb-82Mark Botell demoted
19-Feb-82Greg Adams demoted
23-Feb-82Gordie Williams called up
3-Mar-82Gordie Williams demoted
3-Mar-82Pelle Lindbergh called up
5-Mar-82Reggie Leach put on waivers
24-Mar-82Reggie Leach released
7-Apr-82Reid Bailey called up
24-May-82Taras Zytynsky signed (multi-year)
24-May-82Andre Villeneuve signed (multi-year)
27-May-82Len Hachborn signed (3 yr)
24-Aug-82Bob Dailey retired
8-Sep-82Gary Morrison released
8-Sep-82Reid Bailey released
8-Sep-82Al Hill released
24-Sep-82Andy Brickley demoted
4-Oct-82Bob Hoffmeyer lost to Edmonton Oilers via waiver draft
19-Oct-82Fred Arthur demoted (conditioning assignment)
22-Oct-82Bob Hoffmeyer demoted
4-Nov-82Dave Michayluk demoted
11-Nov-82Gordie Williams called up
13-Nov-82Dave Michayluk called up
5-Dec-82Ross Fitzpatrick called up
11-Dec-82Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
18-Dec-82Dave Michalyk demoted
19-Dec-82Bob Hoffmeyer called up
3-Jan-83John Paddock called up
4-Jan-83John Paddock signed as a free agent
7-Jan-83Bob Froese called up
14-Feb-83Tom Gorence demoted
23-Feb-83John Paddock called up
7-Mar-83Tom Gorence called up
8-Mar-83Dave Poulin signed as a free agent
10-Mar-83Andy Brickley called up
12-Mar-83Dave Brown called up
15-Mar-83John Paddock demoted
15-Mar-83Dave Brown demoted
15-Mar-83Andy Brickley demoted
25-Mar-83Bob Hess signed
25-Mar-83Bernie Johnson signed
25-Mar-83Mike Busniuk signed
25-Mar-83Gordie Clarke signed
25-Mar-83Dave Poulin signed
2-Apr-83Dave Poulin called up (2 goals in 1st game)
29-Aug-83Randy Holt signed
30-Aug-83Randy Holt signed as a free agent
19-Sep-83Mark Botell demoted
19-Sep-83Brian Tutt demoted
19-Sep-83Mike Shea demoted
19-Sep-83Mike Stothers demoted
19-Sep-83Barry Tabobondung demoted
19-Sep-83Bob O'Brien demoted
19-Sep-83Michel Lanouette demoted
19-Sep-83Bobby Mormina demoted
19-Sep-83Todd Bergen demoted
19-Sep-83Gordie Williams demoted
26-Sep-83Billy Campbell sent back to juniors
26-Sep-83Paul Evans demoted (loaned to Portland AHL)
26-Sep-83Sam St. Laurent demoted (loaned to Portland AHL)
26-Sep-83Steve Smith demoted
26-Sep-83Daryl Stanley demoted
26-Sep-83Taras Zytynsky demoted
26-Sep-83Len Hachborn demoted
26-Sep-83Steve Tsujiura demoted
26-Sep-83Dave Brown demoted
2-Oct-83Andy Brickley demoted
2-Oct-83Dave Michayluk demoted
6-Oct-83Rick MacLeish signed as a free agent
20-Nov-83Len Hachborn called up
25-Nov-83Michel Larouque demoted (loaned to Sherbrooke AHL for conditioning)
29-Nov-83Michel Larouque demoted
13-Dec-83Len Hachborn demoted
20-Dec-83Michel Larouque called up
2-Jan-84Ross Fitzpatrick called up
7-Jan-84Len Hachborn called up
19-Jan-84Lindsay Carson demoted (conditioning assignment)
1-Feb-84Lindsay Carson called up
10-Feb-84Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
14-Feb-84Pelle Lindbergh demoted
14-Feb-84Gil Hudon called up
16-Feb-84Darryl Stanley called up
23-Feb-84Frank Bathe demoted (conditioning assignment)
23-Feb-84Paul Holmgren signed (2 yr)
25-Feb-84Pelle Lindbergh called up
25-Feb-84Dave Brown called up
1-May-84Darren Jensen signed as a free agent
9-May-84Dave Poulin signed (multi-year)
9-May-84Rick Tocchet signed (multi-year)
9-May-84Peter Zezel signed (multi-year)
9-May-84Todd Bergen signed (multi-year)
15-May-84Bobby Clarke retired
25-Jul-84Ed Hospodar signed as a free agent
17-Aug-84Doug Crossman signed
17-Aug-84Brad McCrimmon signed
17-Aug-84Len Hachborn signed
21-Sep-84Tim Kerr signed (multi-year)
30-Sep-84Nick Kypreos signed as a free agent
1-Oct-84Gil Hudon demoted
1-Oct-84Al Hill demoted
1-Oct-84Don Nachbaur demoted
1-Oct-84Grant Anderson demoted
1-Oct-84Bill Campbell demoted
4-Oct-84Don Nachbaur signed as a free agent
8-Oct-84Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
8-Oct-84Paul Guay demoted
8-Oct-84Todd Bergen demoted
8-Oct-84Steve Smith demoted
8-Oct-84Mike Stothers demoted
8-Oct-84Darren Jensen demoted
8-Oct-84Al Hill signed as a free agent
15-Oct-84Tim Young signed
18-Oct-84Daryl Stanley demoted
18-Oct-84Joe Paterson demoted
18-Nov-84Paul Guay called up
18-Nov-84Tim Young called up
23-Nov-84Craig Piette signed as a free agent
4-Dec-84Tim Young demoted
14-Dec-84Darren Jensen called up
23-Dec-84Ross Fitzpatrick called up
23-Dec-84Mike Stothers called up
26-Dec-84Glen Cochrane demoted (conditioning assignment)
26-Dec-84Ray Allison demoted (conditioning assignment)
7-Jan-85Ron Hextall called up
7-Jan-85Todd Bergen called up
10-Jan-85Tim Young called up
13-Jan-85Glen Cochrane called up
15-Jan-85Ron Hextall demoted
15-Jan-85Tim Young demoted
18-Jan-85Darren Jensen demoted
18-Jan-85Len Hachborn demoted
18-Jan-85Todd Bergen demoted
31-Jan-85Tim Young called up
1-Feb-85Rich Sutter demoted
2-Feb-85Bob Froese demoted (conditioning assignment)
2-Feb-85Darren Jensen called up
17-Feb-85Lindsay Carson signed
18-Feb-85Darren Jensen demoted
18-Feb-85Bob Froese called up
23-Feb-85Joe Paterson called up
3-Mar-85Rich Sutter called up
3-Mar-85Paul Guay called up
5-Mar-85Todd Bergen demoted
5-Mar-85Joe Paterson demoted
5-Mar-85Paul Guay demoted
5-Mar-85Len Hachborn called up
10-Mar-85Todd Bergen called up
11-Mar-85Ron Hextall called up
27-Mar-85Ron Hextall demoted
1-Apr-85Steve Smith called up
8-Apr-85Joe Paterson called up
8-Apr-85Darren Jensen called up
10-Jun-85Miroslav Dvorak retired
17-Jun-85Pelle Eklund signed (2 yr / $125K per yr)
11-Jul-85Tim Tookey signed as a free agent
19-Jul-85Kevin McCarthy signed as a free agent
23-Jul-85Carl Mokosak signed as a free agent
22-Aug-85Bill Barber retired
25-Sep-85Todd Bergen retired
30-Sep-85Steve Martinson signed as a free agent
7-Oct-85Dave Farrish signed as a free agent
8-Oct-85Florent Robidoux signed as a free agent
22-Oct-85Joe Paterson demoted
28-Oct-85Mike Stothers demoted
28-Oct-85Daryl Stanley demoted
13-Nov-85Darren Jensen called up
15-Nov-85Mike Stothers called up
15-Nov-85Steve Smith called up
16-Nov-85Mike Bloski called up
21-Nov-85Mike Stothers demoted
21-Nov-85Steve Smith demoted
25-Nov-85Joe Paterson called up
28-Nov-85Kevin McCarthy called up
4-Dec-85Kevin McCarthy demoted
6-Dec-85Joe Paterson demoted
8-Dec-85Don Nachbaur called up
8-Dec-85Carl Mokosak called up
10-Dec-85Don Nachbaur demoted
10-Dec-85Carl Mokosak demoted
21-Dec-85Daryl Stanley called up
26-Dec-85Daryl Stanley demoted
9-Jan-86Bo Berglund demoted
15-Jan-86Shawn MacKenzie signed as a free agent
15-Jan-86John Kemp signed
17-Jan-86Don Nachbaur called up
18-Jan-86Daryl Stanley called up
8-Feb-86Bob Dailey signed (AHL contract - comeback attempt (lasts 5 games))
11-Feb-86Ross Fitzpatrick called up
21-Feb-86Kevin McCarthy called up
4-Mar-86Kevin McCarthy demoted
11-Mar-86Darren Jensen demoted
13-Mar-86Scott Mellanby signed
19-Mar-86Craig Berube signed as a free agent
11-Apr-86Mike Stothers called up
30-May-86Mike Keenan signed (extension)
2-Jun-86Glenn Resch signed
12-Jun-86Ed Hospodar signed as a free agent
30-Jun-86Mitch Lamoureux signed as a free agent
18-Aug-86Steve Smith signed
1-Sep-86Sylvain Lajeunesse signed
20-Sep-86Darryl Gilmour sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Mark Bar sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Paul Maurice sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Gord Murphy sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Rod Williams sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Daril Holmes sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Tony Horacek sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Mark Freer sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Kent Hawley sent back to juniors
20-Sep-86Bill McCormick released
20-Sep-86Sylvain Lajeunesse released
27-Sep-86Darren Jensen demoted
27-Sep-86John Kemp demoted
27-Sep-86Mitch Lamoureaux demoted
27-Sep-86Mike Murray demoted
27-Sep-86Don Nachbaur demoted
27-Sep-86Tim Tookey demoted
27-Sep-86Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
27-Sep-86Al Hill demoted
27-Sep-86Nick Kypreos demoted
27-Sep-86Dave McLay demoted
27-Sep-86Ray Allison demoted
27-Sep-86Craig Berube demoted
27-Sep-86John Dzikowski demoted
27-Sep-86Steve Martinson demoted
27-Sep-86Kevin Maxwell demoted
27-Sep-86Steve Seguin demoted
27-Sep-86Kevin McCarthy demoted
27-Sep-86Ian Armstrong demoted
27-Sep-86Steve Smith demoted
27-Sep-86Andre Villeneuve demoted
1-Oct-86Jere Gillis signed as a free agent
3-Oct-86John Stevens demoted
7-Oct-86Glen Seabrooke sent back to juniors
7-Oct-86Jeff Chychrun demoted
7-Oct-86Mike Stothers demoted
7-Oct-86Mark Freer signed as a free agent
7-Oct-86Mike MacWilliam signed as a free agent
9-Oct-86Kerry Huffman signed
22-Oct-86Ron Hextall signed (multi-year extension)
29-Oct-86Brad McCrimmon signed
19-Nov-86Brian Dobbin demoted
20-Nov-86Al Hill called up
20-Nov-86Steve Smith called up
30-Nov-86Don Nachbaur called up
2-Dec-86Jeff Chychrun called up
13-Dec-86Mike Stothers called up
6-Jan-87Al Hill called up
7-Jan-87Al Hill demoted
8-Jan-87Brian Dobbin called up
11-Jan-87Don Nachbaur called up
11-Jan-87Tim Tookey called up
13-Jan-87Brian Dobbin demoted
13-Jan-87Don Nachbaur demoted
13-Jan-87Tim Tookey demoted
14-Jan-87Brian Dobbin called up
14-Jan-87Don Nachbaur called up
14-Jan-87Jere Gillis called up
16-Jan-87Glen Seabrooke called up (from juniors)
25-Jan-87Brian Dobbin demoted
25-Jan-87Don Nachbaur demoted
27-Jan-87Mark Freer called up (from juniors)
27-Jan-87Don Nachbaur called up
27-Jan-87John Stevens called up
28-Jan-87Ray Allison called up
30-Jan-87Ray Allison demoted
30-Jan-87Kerry Huffman called up (from juniors)
1-Feb-87Greg Smyth called up
4-Feb-87Kerry Huffman sent back to juniors
4-Feb-87Glen Seabrooke sent back to juniors
4-Feb-87Kevin McCarthy called up
4-Feb-87John Stevens called up
7-Feb-87Don Nachbaur demoted
13-Feb-87Al Hill called up
16-Feb-87Don Nachbaur called up
18-Feb-87Don Nachbaur demoted
20-Feb-87Don Nachbaur called up
1-Mar-87Don Nachbaur demoted
20-Mar-87Don Nachbaur called up
22-Mar-87Craig Berube called up
22-Mar-87Brian Dobbin called up
30-Mar-87Brian Dobbin demoted
19-Apr-87Don Nachbaur called up
19-Apr-87Brian Dobbin called up
19-Apr-87Al Hill called up
19-Apr-87John Stevens called up
19-Apr-87Tim Tookey called up
19-Apr-87Kevin McCarthy called up
19-Apr-87Mike Stothers called up
19-Apr-87Steve Smith called up
17-Jul-87Don Biggs signed as a free agent
21-Jul-87Don Biggs signed
15-Aug-87Mark Lofthouse signed as a free agent
25-Sep-87John Stevens demoted
25-Sep-87Darryl Gilmour demoted
25-Sep-87Tom Corliss demoted
25-Sep-87Steve Smith demoted
25-Sep-87Kevin McCarthy demoted
25-Sep-87Ian Armstrong demoted
25-Sep-87Gord Murphy demoted
25-Sep-87Harold Duvall demoted
25-Sep-87Tony Horacek demoted
25-Sep-87Don Biggs demoted
25-Sep-87Ed Lowney demoted
25-Sep-87David Whyte demoted
25-Sep-87Mike Murray demoted
25-Sep-87Dave McLay demoted
25-Sep-87Al Hill demoted
25-Sep-87Kevin Maxwell demoted
25-Sep-87Mark Lofthouse demoted
25-Sep-87Mitch Lamoureaux demoted
25-Sep-87Bill McDougall demoted
27-Sep-87Tim Tookey demoted
27-Sep-87Don Nachbaur demoted
27-Sep-87Steve Smith demoted
27-Sep-87Craig Berube demoted
1-Oct-87Glen Seabrooke demoted
1-Oct-87Greg Smyth demoted
1-Oct-87Jeff Chychrun demoted
5-Oct-87David Fenyves claimed from Buffalo Sabres via waiver draft
5-Oct-87Ed Hospodar lost to Buffalo Sabres via waiver draft
5-Oct-87Tim Tookey lost to Los Angeles Kings via waiver draft
22-Oct-87Brian Dobbin demoted
28-Oct-87Wendell Young demoted
30-Oct-87Nick Fotiu signed as a free agent
1-Nov-87Mike Stothers demoted
1-Nov-87Brian Dobbin called up
1-Nov-87Dave Fenyves called up
15-Nov-87Mark Laforest demoted
15-Nov-87Don Nachbaur called up
15-Nov-87Wendell Young called up
15-Nov-87Jeff Chychrun called up
15-Nov-87Craig Berube called up
16-Nov-87Wendell Young called up
16-Nov-87Jeff Chychrun called up
16-Nov-87Don Nachbaur called up
17-Nov-87Ron Hextall signed (multi-year extension)
20-Nov-87Jeff Chychrun demoted
22-Nov-87John Stevens called up
26-Nov-87Bill Root claimed from St.Louis Blues on waivers
29-Nov-87Wendell Young demoted
29-Nov-87Mark Laforest called up
3-Dec-87Don Nachbaur demoted
3-Dec-87Brian Dobbin demoted
3-Dec-87Greg Smyth demoted
5-Dec-87Brian Dobbin called up
6-Dec-87Craig Berube demoted
9-Dec-87Craig Berube called up
11-Dec-87Greg Smyth called up
16-Dec-87Brian Dobbin demoted
18-Dec-87Craig Berube demoted
28-Dec-87JJ Daigneault demoted (conditioning assignment)
7-Jan-88Glen Seabrooke called up
8-Jan-88Glen Seabrooke demoted
14-Jan-88Craig Berube demoted
21-Jan-88JJ Daigneault called up
22-Jan-88Magnus Roupe demoted
29-Jan-88Wendell Young called up
30-Jan-88Brian Dobbin called up
30-Jan-88Don Nachbaur called up
2-Feb-88Brian Dobbin demoted
2-Feb-88Don Nachbaur demoted
21-Feb-88John Stevens called up
28-Feb-88John Stevens demoted
1-Mar-88John Stevens called up
3-Mar-88Don Nachbaur called up
3-Mar-88Glen Seabrooke called up
3-Mar-88Craig Berube called up
6-Mar-88Mark Freer called up
10-Mar-88Al Hill called up
15-Mar-88Mike Murray called up
15-Mar-88Brian Dobbin called up
20-Mar-88Darryl Gilmour called up
22-Mar-88Darryl Gilmour demoted
22-Mar-88Brian Dobbin demoted
22-Mar-88Glen Seabrooke demoted
22-Mar-88Wendell Young called up
22-Mar-88Jeff Chychrun called up
24-Mar-88Jeff Chychrun demoted
28-Mar-88Magnus Roupe demoted
28-Mar-88Brian Dobbin demoted
28-Mar-88Wendell Young demoted
8-Apr-88Al Hill demoted
13-Apr-88Dave Fenyves called up
23-Sep-88Tony Horacek demoted
23-Sep-88Dave Hanson demoted
23-Sep-88Jeff Harding demoted
23-Sep-88Pat Bingham demoted
23-Sep-88Warren Harper demoted
23-Sep-88Mark Maroste demoted
23-Sep-88Mark Freer demoted
23-Sep-88Mike Murray demoted
23-Sep-88Dan Shea demoted
23-Sep-88Brock Kelly demoted
23-Sep-88Michael Boyce demoted
23-Sep-88Gord Paddock demoted
23-Sep-88Shawn Sabol demoted
23-Sep-88Mike Stothers demoted
25-Sep-88Marc D'Amour demoted
25-Sep-88Jocelyn Perrault demoted
27-Sep-88Claude Boivin sent back to juniors
27-Sep-88Dominic Roussel sent back to juniors
27-Sep-88Claude Boivin signed
30-Sep-88Marc D'Amour signed as a free agent
1-Oct-88Glen Seabrooke demoted
3-Oct-88Brad Marsh lost to Toronto Maple Leafs via waiver draft
3-Oct-88Doug Sulliman claimed from New Jersey Devils via waiver draft
3-Oct-88Steve Smith lost to Buffalo Sabres via waiver draft
4-Oct-88JJ Daigneault demoted
23-Oct-88Dave Fenyves called up
27-Oct-88Craig Berube demoted
16-Nov-88Mark Freer called up
16-Nov-88Glen Seabrooke called up
19-Nov-88Magnus Roupe demoted
26-Nov-88Mark Freer called up
1-Dec-88Kerry Huffman demoted
6-Dec-88Jeff Harding called up
6-Dec-88Kerry Huffman called up
10-Dec-88Steve Fletcher demoted
15-Dec-88Kerry Huffman demoted
15-Dec-88Don Nachbaur demoted
27-Dec-88Jeff Harding called up
4-Jan-89Steve Scheifele demoted
10-Jan-89Kerry Huffman called up
15-Jan-89Kerry Huffman demoted
20-Jan-89Kerry Huffman called up
28-Jan-89Glen Seabrooke called up
29-Jan-89Glen Seabrooke demoted
29-Jan-89Kerry Huffman demoted
5-Feb-89Brian Dobbin called up
11-Feb-89Brian Dobbin called up
14-Feb-89Kerry Huffman called up
24-Feb-89Kerry Huffman demoted
26-Feb-89Jocelyn Perreault called up (for practices only)
7-Mar-89Murray Baron signed
12-Mar-89Kerry Huffman called up
17-Mar-89Marc D'Amour called up
30-Mar-89Mark Laforest demoted
9-Apr-89Chris Jensen called up
17-Apr-89Chris Jensen demoted
1-May-89Mark Laforest called up
1-May-89Brian Dobbin called up
1-May-89Jeff Harding called up
1-May-89Nick Kypreos called up
1-May-89Mark Freer called up
1-May-89Shawn Sabol called up
16-May-89Bill Armstrong signed as a free agent
12-Jun-89Shawn Cronin signed as a free agent
15-Jun-89Bruce Hoffart signed (3 yr/ $700K)
17-Jun-89Pete Peeters signed as a free agent
17-Jun-89Pelle Eklund signed (3 yr)
30-Jun-89Bruce Hoffort signed as a free agent
30-Jun-89Tim Tookey signed as a free agent
30-Jun-89Pete Peeters signed
26-Jul-89Al Secord released
27-Aug-89Jiri Latal signed
1-Sep-89Bruce Rendall signed
1-Sep-89Jeff Harding signed
24-Sep-89Marc D'Amour demoted
24-Sep-89Mike Stothers demoted
24-Sep-89Darren Rumble demoted
24-Sep-89Paul Marshall demoted
24-Sep-89Gord Paddock demoted
24-Sep-89Shawn Sabol demoted
24-Sep-89Scott Sandelin demoted
24-Sep-89Reid Simpson demoted
24-Sep-89Tony Horacek demoted
24-Sep-89Steve Fletcher demoted
24-Sep-89Glen Seabrooke demoted
24-Sep-89Mark Bassen demoted
24-Sep-89Kent Hawley demoted
24-Sep-89Rocky Trottier demoted
24-Sep-89Don Nachbaur demoted
24-Sep-89Don Biggs demoted
24-Sep-89Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
24-Sep-89Bruce Rendall demoted
2-Oct-89Moe Mantha lost to Winnipeg Jets via waiver draft
2-Oct-89Nick Kypreos lost to Washington Capitals via waiver draft
8-Oct-89Tony Horacek called up
20-Oct-89Dave Fenyves demoted
20-Oct-89Murray Baron demoted
20-Oct-89Brian Dobbin demoted
4-Nov-89Shawn Sabol called up
5-Nov-89Bruce Hoffort called up
5-Nov-89Jiri Latal called up
8-Nov-89Mark Freer demoted
9-Nov-89Jeff Harding demoted
10-Nov-89Jiri Latal demoted
12-Nov-89Jiri Latal called up
14-Nov-89Don Biggs called up
15-Nov-89Bruce Hoffort demoted
15-Nov-89Bruce Hoffort called up
15-Nov-89Mark Freer called up
17-Nov-89Bruce Hoffort demoted
20-Nov-89Mark Freer demoted
20-Nov-89Jiri Latal demoted
21-Nov-89Claude Boivin called up (from juniors)
26-Nov-89David Fenyves called up
26-Nov-89Jeff Harding called up
26-Nov-89Don Nachbaur called up
26-Nov-89John Stevens called up
28-Nov-89Don Nachbaur called up
28-Nov-89Brian Dobbin called up
1-Dec-89Mark Howe signed (3 yr, $1.9M)
4-Dec-89David Fenyves demoted
4-Dec-89Jeff Harding demoted
4-Dec-89Don Nachbaur demoted
4-Dec-89John Stevens demoted
4-Dec-89Brian Dobbin demoted
6-Dec-89Bruce Hoffort demoted
7-Dec-89Jiri Latal called up
13-Dec-89Ron Hextall demoted (conditioning assignment)
27-Dec-89Steve Scheifele signed
2-Jan-90Kerry Huffman demoted
8-Jan-90Steve Scheifele called up
8-Jan-90Murray Baron called up
8-Jan-90Dave Fenyves called up
9-Jan-90Murray Baron demoted
23-Jan-90Chris Jensen called up
7-Feb-90Glenn Resch signed (goalie instructor)
7-Feb-90Len Barrie signed
15-Feb-90Tony Horacek demoted
18-Feb-90Tony Horacek called up
28-Feb-90Len Barrie signed as a free agent
1-Mar-90Murray Baron called up
6-Mar-90Craig Fisher signed
8-Mar-90Tony Horacek demoted
8-Mar-90Dave Fenyves demoted
20-Mar-90Tony Horacek called up
25-Mar-90Bruce Hoffort demoted
25-Mar-90Scott Sandelin called up
25-Mar-90Dave Fenyves called up
25-Mar-90Bruce Hoffort called up
28-Mar-90Dave Fenyves demoted
28-Mar-90Scott Sandelin demoted
28-Mar-90Tony Horacek demoted
28-Jun-90Paul Holmgren signed (extension)
24-Jul-90Ken Hitchcock signed (Assistant coach)
24-Jul-90Craig Hartsburg signed (Assistant coach)
29-Jul-90Bernie Parent signed (goalie instructor)
31-Jul-90Dale Kushner signed as a free agent
31-Jul-90Rod Dallman signed as a free agent
1-Aug-90Brian Dobbin signed
1-Aug-90Mark Freer signed
1-Aug-90Tony Horacek signed
1-Aug-90Rod Dallman signed
1-Aug-90Dale Kushner signed
14-Aug-90Simon Nolet signed (Scout)
14-Aug-90Bill Dineen signed (Scout)
28-Aug-90Martin Hostak signed
4-Sep-90Mike Ricci signed
5-Sep-90Lance Pitlick signed as a free agent
5-Sep-90Pat Murray signed
5-Sep-90Lance Pitlick signed
14-Sep-90Ron Hextall signed (multi-year)
14-Sep-90Rich Tocchet signed (multi-year)
30-Sep-90Claude Boivin demoted
30-Sep-90Reid Simpson demoted
30-Sep-90Bill Armstrong demoted
30-Sep-90Jeff Harding demoted
30-Sep-90Brian Dobbin demoted
30-Sep-90Chris Jensen demoted
30-Sep-90Steve Scheifel demoted
30-Sep-90Len Barrie demoted
30-Sep-90Craig Fisher demoted
30-Sep-90Mark Freer demoted
30-Sep-90Kent Hawley demoted
30-Sep-90Tim Tookey demoted
30-Sep-90Mark Bassen demoted
30-Sep-90Dave Fenyves demoted
30-Sep-90Mike Stothers demoted
30-Sep-90Shaun Sabol demoted
30-Sep-90Scott Sandelin demoted
30-Sep-90Darren Rumble demoted
30-Sep-90Lance Pattik demoted
30-Sep-90Steve Beadle demoted
30-Sep-90Bill Armstrong demoted
30-Sep-90Bruce Hoffort demoted
30-Sep-90Marc D'Amour demoted
30-Sep-90Dominic Roussel demoted
9-Oct-90Dale Kushner demoted
15-Oct-90Murray Baron demoted
24-Oct-90Dale Kushner called up
24-Oct-90Murray Baron called up
31-Oct-90Pete Peeters demoted (conditioning assignment)
31-Oct-90Murray Baron demoted
31-Oct-90Bruce Hoffart called up
3-Nov-90Bruce Hoffart demoted
3-Nov-90Pete Peeters called up
3-Nov-90Murray Baron called up
5-Nov-90Bruce Hoffart called up
8-Nov-90Pat Murray demoted
25-Nov-90Darren Rumble called up
25-Nov-90Scott Sandelin called up
11-Dec-90Kerry Huffman demoted
13-Dec-90Kerry Huffman called up
20-Dec-90Kerry Huffman demoted (conditioning assignment)
29-Dec-90Kerry Huffman called up
17-Jan-91Bruce Hoffort demoted (loaned KC of IHL)
17-Jan-91Kerry Huffman called up
17-Jan-91Chris Jensen called up
18-Jan-91Kerry Huffman demoted
18-Jan-91Chris Jensen demoted
27-Jan-91Scott Sandelin demoted
27-Jan-91Kerry Huffman called up
30-Jan-91Kerry Huffman demoted
2-Feb-91Craig Fisher called up
2-Feb-91Pat Murray called up
3-Feb-91Craig Fisher demoted
3-Feb-91Pat Murray demoted
7-Feb-91Chris Jensen called up
11-Feb-91Tony Horacek demoted
16-Feb-91Pat Murray demoted
17-Feb-91Bill Armstrong called up
17-Feb-91Scott Sandelin called up
19-Feb-91Bill Armstrong demoted
21-Feb-91Craig Fisher called up
22-Feb-91Craig Fisher demoted
2-Mar-91Martin Hostak demoted
2-Mar-91Scott Sandelin demoted
2-Mar-91Tony Horacek called up
3-Mar-91Tony Horacek demoted
4-Mar-91Dave Fenyves called up
4-Mar-91Tony Horacek called up
17-Mar-91Scott Sandelin called up
19-Mar-91Scott Sandelin demoted
28-Mar-91Kimbi Daniels called up (from juniors)
2-May-91Pelle Eklund signed
14-May-91Jiri Latal signed (multi-year)
30-May-91Tim Kerr claimed by San Jose Sharks in expansion draft
6-Aug-91Brad Jones signed as a free agent
7-Aug-91Kimbi Daniels signed
7-Aug-91Jamie Cooke signed
21-Aug-91Al Conroy signed as a free agent
13-Sep-91John Spoltore released
13-Sep-91Bruce McDonald released
13-Sep-91Glen Wisser released
13-Sep-91Bill Gall released
13-Sep-91Jamie Baker released
20-Sep-91Clayton Norris sent back to juniors
24-Sep-91Brian Dobbin demoted (loaden to New Haven AHL)
24-Sep-91Bruce Hoffort demoted (loaned to San Diego IHL)
24-Sep-91Claude Boivin demoted
24-Sep-91Pat Murray demoted
24-Sep-91Marc D'Amour demoted
24-Sep-91Yanick Degrace demoted
24-Sep-91Ray Letourneau demoted
24-Sep-91Eric Dandenault demoted
24-Sep-91Toni Porkka demoted
24-Sep-91Bill Armstrong demoted
24-Sep-91Steve Beadle demoted
24-Sep-91Dave Fenyves demoted
24-Sep-91Mike Stothers demoted
24-Sep-91Steve Morrow demoted
24-Sep-91Darren Rumble demoted
24-Sep-91Mark Freer demoted
24-Sep-91Al Conroy demoted
24-Sep-91Len Barrie demoted
24-Sep-91Chris Jensen demoted
24-Sep-91Tim Tookey demoted
24-Sep-91Rod Dallman demoted
24-Sep-91Reid Simpson demoted
24-Sep-91Bill Armstrong demoted
26-Sep-91Pete Peeters released
26-Sep-91Jamie Cooke demoted
2-Oct-91Chris Simon sent back to juniors
2-Oct-91Norman Lacombe released
2-Oct-91Dale Kushner demoted
2-Oct-91Martin Hostak demoted
4-Oct-91Andrei Lomakin signed
26-Oct-91Derrick Smith lost to Minnesota North Stars from waivers
27-Oct-91Dominic Roussel demoted
10-Nov-91Pat Murray called up
10-Nov-91Darren Rumble called up
11-Nov-91Pat Murray demoted
11-Nov-91Darren Rumble demoted
14-Nov-91Dominic Roussel called up
15-Nov-91Dominic Roussel demoted
27-Nov-91Chris Jensen called up
28-Nov-91Dominic Roussel called up
30-Nov-91Martin Hostak called up
30-Nov-91Claude Boivin called up
9-Dec-91Mark Freer called up
10-Dec-91Martin Hostak demoted
13-Dec-91Rod Dallman called up
21-Dec-91Dominic Roussel demoted
2-Jan-92Wes Walz demoted
3-Jan-92Bruce Hoffort demoted
9-Jan-92Paul Holmgren signed (Scout)
23-Jan-92Jiri Latal demoted
24-Jan-92Kimbi Daniels sent back to juniors
25-Jan-92Pat Murray called up
25-Jan-92Al Conroy called up
3-Feb-92Jiri Latal released
4-Feb-92Pat Murray demoted
6-Feb-92Wes Walz called up
7-Feb-92Ryan McGill demoted
9-Feb-92Wes Walz demoted
13-Feb-92Pat Murray called up
19-Feb-92Dominic Roussel called up
26-Feb-92Corey Foster demoted
31-Mar-92Al Conroy demoted
31-Mar-92Mark Freer demoted
31-Mar-92Dale Kushner demoted
12-Apr-92Reid Simpson called up
27-Apr-92Mike Eaves signed (Extension - Coach of Hershey)
28-Apr-92Mike Eaves signed (Coach of Hershey)
12-May-92Bill Dineen signed (Extension - Coach of Flyers)
10-Jun-92Bob Clarke signed (Senior VP)
18-Jun-92Darren Rumble claimed by Ottawa Senators in expansion draft
18-Jun-92Mark Freer claimed by Ottawa Senators in expansion draft
1-Jul-92Tommy Soderstrom signed
11-Jul-92Glenn Mulvenna signed as a free agent
14-Jul-92Eric Lindros signed (6 yrs/$3.7m)
4-Aug-92Brad Jones released
4-Aug-92Scott Lagrand signed
4-Aug-92Corey Foster signed
4-Aug-92Ryan McGill signed
4-Aug-92Mark Pederson signed
18-Aug-92Mark Piazza signed (PR director)
20-Aug-92Ric Nattress signed
21-Aug-92Ric Nattress signed as a free agent
21-Aug-92Scott LaGrand signed
25-Aug-92Gord Hynes signed as a free agent
25-Aug-92Greg Paslawski signed as a free agent
26-Aug-92Greg Paslawski signed
26-Aug-92Gord Hynes signed
10-Sep-92Dmitri Yushkevich signed
21-Sep-92Chris Herperger sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Patrice Paquin sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Claude Jutras sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Dale Kushner demoted
21-Sep-92Kimbi Daniels demoted
21-Sep-92Pat Murray demoted
21-Sep-92Dave Quinn demoted
21-Sep-92Scott LaGrand demoted
21-Sep-92Yanick Dupre demoted
21-Sep-92Viacheslav Butsayev signed
22-Sep-92Jason Bowen signed
29-Sep-92Peter Soberlak released
29-Sep-92Moe Mantha put on waivers
30-Sep-92Wes Walz demoted
3-Oct-92Corey Foster demoted
4-Oct-92Moe Mantha demoted
4-Oct-92Doug Evans claimed from Boston Bruins via waiver draft
4-Oct-92Shawn Cronin claimed from Quebec Nordiques via waiver draft
5-Oct-92Jason Bowen sent back to juniors
5-Oct-92Daryl Reaugh released
5-Oct-92Chris Jensen demoted
5-Oct-92Lance Pitlick demoted
5-Oct-92Ryan McGill demoted
5-Oct-92Andre Faust signed as a free agent
7-Oct-92Dominic Roussel signed (multi-year)
10-Oct-92Glenn Mulvenna demoted
11-Oct-92Al Conroy demoted
16-Oct-92Dan Kordic demoted
17-Oct-92Ryan McGill called up
18-Nov-92Tommy Soderstrom demoted (conditioning assignment)
22-Nov-92Len Barrie called up
2-Dec-92Viacheslav Butsayev demoted
3-Dec-92Tommy Soderstrom called up
6-Dec-92Viacheslav Butsayev called up
8-Dec-92Tommy Soderstrom demoted
8-Dec-92Viacheslav Butsayev demoted
9-Dec-92Kevin Dineen signed
13-Dec-92Tommy Soderstrom called up
14-Dec-92Daniel Dore signed as a free agent
19-Dec-92Len Barrie demoted
11-Jan-93Dominic Roussel demoted (conditioning assignment)
17-Jan-93Andre Faust called up
17-Jan-93Viacheslav Butsayev called up
20-Jan-93Russ Farwell signed (Extension, multi-year - GM)
21-Jan-93Tim Kerr retired (as a member of the Hartford Whalers)
25-Jan-93Kimbi Daniels released
26-Jan-93Dominic Roussel called up
30-Jan-93Dale Kushner called up
31-Jan-93Dave Snuggerud demoted
2-Feb-93Bob Wilkie demoted
10-Feb-93Andre Faust demoted
11-Feb-93Shawn Cronin demoted (conditioning assignment)
12-Feb-93Dave Snuggerud retired
16-Feb-93Stephane Beauregard demoted (conditioning assignment)
22-Feb-93Andre Faust called up
25-Feb-93Shawn Cronin called up
26-Feb-93Andre Faust demoted
1-Mar-93Stephane Beauregard called up
2-Mar-93Al Conroy called up
3-Mar-93Al Conroy demoted
4-Mar-93Al Conroy called up
4-Mar-93Greg Hawgood signed (multi-year)
18-Mar-93Gord Hynes demoted
21-Mar-93Dale Kushner released
28-Mar-93Stephane Beauregard demoted (conditioning assignment)
1-Apr-93Andre Faust called up
2-Apr-93Andre Faust demoted
3-Apr-93Andre Faust called up
4-Apr-93Andre Faust demoted
4-Apr-93Jason Bowen called up (from juniors)
6-Apr-93Aris Brimanis demoted
6-Apr-93Aris Brimanis signed
16-Apr-93Andre Faust called up
8-Jun-93Craig Hartsburg signed (Assistant coach)
8-Jun-93Mike Eaves signed (Assistant coach)
24-Jun-93Gord Hynes claimed by Florida Panthers in expansion draft
24-Jun-93Andrei Lomakin claimed by Florida Panthers in expansion draft
14-Jul-93Terry Carkner signed (multi-year)
28-Jul-93Jay Leach signed (Coach of Hershey)
30-Jul-93Jeff Finley signed as a free agent
2-Aug-93Dave Tippett signed
2-Aug-93Jeff Finley signed
3-Aug-93Wes Walz released
3-Aug-93Claude Vilgrain signed as a free agent
3-Aug-93Claude Vilgrain signed
4-Aug-93Chris Winnes signed as a free agent
4-Aug-93Norm Foster signed as a free agent
4-Aug-93Tracy Egeland signed
4-Aug-93Chris Winnes signed
4-Aug-93Norm Foster signed
30-Aug-93Dave Tippett signed as a free agent
3-Sep-93Zack Hill signed (media relations manager)
3-Sep-93Jill Vogel signed (publications manager)
3-Sep-93Joe Klueg signed (assistant public relations director)
3-Sep-93Jennifer Corey signed (public relations assistant)
7-Sep-93Mark Recchi signed (6 yrs)
13-Sep-93Milos Holan signed (3 yrs)
13-Sep-93Stewart Malgunas signed (2 yrs)
13-Sep-93Ryan McGill signed (2 yrs)
13-Sep-93Andre Faust signed (2 yrs)
17-Sep-93Paul Healey sent back to juniors
17-Sep-93Chris Herperger sent back to juniors
17-Sep-93Jeff Staples sent back to juniors
17-Sep-93Shannon Briske sent back to juniors
17-Sep-93Patrice Paquin sent back to juniors
18-Sep-93Vladimir Krechin released
18-Sep-93Mike Maneluk released
18-Sep-93Claude Vilgrain demoted
18-Sep-93Denis Metlyuk demoted
18-Sep-93Yanick Dupre demoted
18-Sep-93Tracy Egeland demoted
18-Sep-93Corey Foster demoted
18-Sep-93Aris Brimanis demoted
18-Sep-93Terran Sandwith demoted
18-Sep-93Scott LaGrand demoted
18-Sep-93Yanick Degrace demoted
20-Sep-93Dan Kordic demoted
20-Sep-93Sverre Sears demoted
23-Sep-93Jarrod Daniel sent back to juniors
23-Sep-93Bob Wilkie demoted
23-Sep-93Denis Metlyuk called up
23-Sep-93Tommy Soderstrom signed (4 yrs)
25-Sep-93Vaclav Prospal demoted
27-Sep-93Norm Foster demoted
4-Oct-93Chris Winnes demoted
4-Oct-93Andre Faust demoted
8-Oct-93Ric Nattress retired
13-Oct-93Claude Boivin demoted (conditioning assignment)
24-Oct-93Claude Boivin called up
26-Oct-93Milos Holan demoted
26-Oct-93Jim Cummins demoted
28-Oct-93Norm Foster called up
30-Oct-93Vaclav Prospal signed (5 yrs)
8-Nov-93Norm Foster demoted
15-Nov-93Chris Winnes called up
20-Nov-93Yves Racine signed (4 yrs)
25-Nov-93Chris Winnes demoted
25-Nov-93Jim Cummins called up
3-Jan-94Milos Holan called up
11-Jan-94Andre Faust called up
4-Feb-94Milos Holan demoted (returned to Slovak Elite League)
8-Feb-94Bob Wilkie called up
20-Feb-94Jim Cummins demoted
22-Feb-94Tommy Soderstrom demoted
22-Feb-94 Frederic Chabot called up
22-Feb-94Dan Kordic called up
1-Mar-94Bob Wilkie demoted
7-Mar-94Todd Hlushko signed as a free agent
11-Mar-94Dan Kordic demoted
11-Mar-94Claude Vilgrain called up
13-Mar-94Frederic Chabot demoted
13-Mar-94Claude Vilgrain demoted
13-Mar-94Tommy Soderstrom called up
15-Mar-94Chris Therien demoted
15-Mar-94Chris Therien signed (4 yrs)
20-Mar-94Todd Hlushko demoted
23-Mar-94Andre Faust called up
24-Mar-94Frederic Chabot called up
2-Apr-94Frederic Chabot demoted
6-Apr-94Neil Little demoted
6-Apr-94Neil Little signed (2 yrs)
9-Apr-94Claude Vilgrain demoted
14-Apr-94Aris Brimanis called up
11-May-94Aaron Israel signed (4 yr)
11-May-94Chris Herperger signed (3 yr)
14-Jun-94Bobby Clarke signed (President)
23-Jun-94Terry Murray signed (Head coach)
6-Jul-94Craig MacTavish signed as a free agent
6-Jul-94Craig MacTavish signed (2 yrs, $1.6M)
12-Jul-94Keith Acton signed (Assistant coach)
12-Jul-94Tom Webster signed (Assistant coach)
19-Jul-94Phil Crowe signed as a free agent
27-Jul-94Shjon Podein signed as a free agent
27-Jul-94Shjon Podein signed
10-Aug-94Mike Stothers signed (Assistant coach - Hershey Bears)
16-Aug-94Shawn Anderson signed as a free agent
16-Aug-94Brent Fedyk signed
16-Aug-94Shawn Anderson signed
23-Aug-94Dan Kordic signed
2-Sep-94Ryan Sittler signed (multi-year)
8-Sep-94Reggie Lemelin signed (goalie instructor)
17-Sep-94Ryan Sittler demoted
17-Sep-94Aris Brimanis demoted
17-Sep-94Milos Holan demoted
17-Sep-94Terran Sandwith demoted
17-Sep-94Bob Wilkie demoted
25-Sep-94Scott LaGrand demoted
25-Sep-94Andre Faust demoted
25-Sep-94Vaclav Prospal demoted
25-Sep-94Jan Lipiansky demoted
29-Sep-94Vladislav Boulin demoted
29-Sep-94Chris Therien demoted
29-Sep-94Jason Bowen demoted
30-Sep-94Dan Kordic demoted (conditioning assignment)
14-Oct-94Phil Crowe demoted
1-Nov-94Keith Acton demoted (25 gm tryout contract)
1-Nov-94Keith Acton signed (25 gm tryout contract w/Hershey)
19-Jan-95Stewart Malgunas demoted
19-Jan-95Jeff Finley demoted
19-Jan-95Chris Therien called up
4-Feb-95Shawn Anderson put on waivers
4-Feb-95Jason Bowen called up
4-Feb-95Yanick Dupre called up
10-Feb-95Jim Montgomery claimed from Montreal Canadiens on waivers
19-Feb-95Karl Dykhuis called up
1-Mar-95Mike Greenlay called up
5-Mar-95Mike Greenlay demoted
5-Mar-95Les Kuntar called up
5-Mar-95Les Kuntar signed
11-Mar-95Dominic Roussel demoted (conditioning assignment)
15-Mar-95Dominic Rousell called up
24-Mar-95Jason Bowen called up
30-Mar-95Stewart Malgunas demoted
3-Apr-95Aaron Israel demoted ((From Johnstown ECHL to Hershey))
9-Apr-95Jason Bowen demoted
30-Jun-95Les Kuntar signed as a free agent
30-Jun-95Yanick Dupre signed
30-Jun-95Rob DiMaio signed
7-Jul-95Kjell Samuelsson signed
10-Jul-95Kevin Dineen signed
17-Jul-95Tony Horacek signed as a free agent
20-Jul-95Joel Otto signed
31-Jul-95Darren Rumble signed as a free agent
31-Jul-95Joel Otto signed as a free agent
31-Jul-95Scott Morrow signed as a free agent
31-Jul-95Shawn McCosh signed as a free agent
1-Aug-95Todd Nelson signed as a free agent
1-Aug-95Dominic Roussel signed
3-Aug-95Shjon Podein signed
7-Aug-95Shawn Antoski signed
14-Aug-95Rod Brind'Amour signed
31-Aug-95Kjell Samuelsson signed as a free agent
11-Sep-95John LeClair signed
5-Oct-95Eric Desjardins signed (multi-year)
6-Oct-95Kevin Haller signed (multi-year)
15-Oct-95Mikael Renberg signed (multi-year)
29-Oct-95Gilbert Dionne put on waivers
31-Oct-95Darren Rumble demoted (conditioning assignment)
31-Oct-95Dan Kordic demoted (conditioning assignment)
1-Nov-95Darren Rumble called up
3-Nov-95Jim Montgomery called up
14-Nov-95Jim Montgomery demoted
14-Nov-95Russ Romaniuk called up
16-Nov-95Brad Zavisha demoted (Michigan of IHL)
16-Nov-95Ryan Sittler demoted (Raleigh of ECHL)
20-Dec-95Aris Brimanis called up
20-Dec-95Jason Bowen called up
24-Dec-95Darren Rumble called up
30-Dec-95Bill Barber signed (Coach of Hershey)
30-Jan-96Ryan Sittler demoted (Mobile of ECHL)
30-Jan-96Russ Romaniuk demoted
2-Feb-96Aris Brimanis called up
6-Feb-96Yanick Dupre demoted
6-Feb-96Aris Brimanis called up
9-Feb-96Aris Brimanis demoted
13-Feb-96Aris Brimanis called up
19-Feb-96Russ Romaniuk called up
21-Feb-96Aris Brimanis demoted
21-Feb-96Aaron Israel called up
21-Feb-96Yanick Dupre called up
22-Feb-96Dominic Roussel called up
23-Feb-96Dominic Roussel demoted (conditioning assignment)
23-Feb-96Dan Kordic called up
27-Feb-96Tim Cheveldae demoted
27-Feb-96Yanick Dupre demoted
27-Feb-96John Wentzell signed (Executive VP & COO of soon-to-be AHL affiliate in Philadelphia)
28-Feb-96Aaron Israel demoted (Jacksonville ECHL)
20-Mar-96Patrik Juhlin demoted (conditioning assignment)
26-Mar-96Aris Brimanis called up
1-Apr-96Dan Kordic called up
2-Apr-96Aris Brimanis demoted
5-Apr-96Aris Brimanis called up
28-May-96Andre Payette signed
4-Jun-96Craig Darby claimed from New York Islanders on waivers
5-Jun-96Jason Bowen signed
18-Jun-96Janne Niinimaa signed
18-Jun-96Dave Brown signed (Assistant coach)
18-Jun-96Scott Daniels signed
27-Jun-96Scott Daniels signed as a free agent
3-Jul-96Dominic Roussel signed as a free agent
10-Jul-96Dominic Roussel signed
10-Jul-96John Stevens signed
15-Jul-96Daniel Lacroix signed
17-Jul-96Peter White signed
18-Jul-96Daniel Lacroix signed as a free agent
18-Jul-96Trent Klatt signed
23-Jul-96Steven King signed
31-Jul-96Steven King signed as a free agent
31-Jul-96Brian Wesenberg signed
6-Aug-96John Stevens signed as a free agent
6-Aug-96Karl Dykhuis signed
19-Aug-96Peter White signed as a free agent
10-Sep-96Petr Svoboda signed (4 yr)
20-Sep-96Josh Bartell released
20-Sep-96Ryan Mulhern released
21-Sep-96Brian Boucher sent back to juniors
21-Sep-96Brian Wesenberg sent back to juniors
21-Sep-96Chester Gallant sent back to juniors
25-Sep-96Frank Bialowas demoted
25-Sep-96Brett Briuninks demoted
25-Sep-96Bruce Coles demoted
25-Sep-96Craig Darby demoted
25-Sep-96Colin Forbes demoted
25-Sep-96Paul Healey demoted
25-Sep-96Tony Horacek demoted
25-Sep-96Patrik Juhlin demoted
25-Sep-96Steven King demoted
25-Sep-96Shawn McCosh demoted
25-Sep-96Clayton Norris demoted
25-Sep-96Andre Payette demoted
25-Sep-96Vaclav Prospal demoted
25-Sep-96Ryan Sittler demoted
25-Sep-96Peter White demoted
25-Sep-96Vladislav Boulin demoted
25-Sep-96Brian Curran demoted
25-Sep-96Jeff Lank demoted
25-Sep-96Dave MacIssac demoted
25-Sep-96Darren Rumble demoted
25-Sep-96Jeff Staples demoted
25-Sep-96John Stevens demoted
25-Sep-96Les Kuntar demoted
25-Sep-96Neil Little demoted
25-Sep-96Dominic Roussel demoted
30-Sep-96Bob Corkum lost to Phoenix Coyotes via waiver draft
30-Sep-96Rob DiMaio lost to San Jose Sharks via waiver draft
1-Oct-96Brett Bruininks signed (1 yr)
10-Oct-96Dominic Roussel called up
10-Oct-96Brian Boucher signed
16-Oct-96Patrik Juhlin demoted
25-Oct-96Aris Brimanis called up
15-Nov-96Craig Darby demoted
29-Dec-96Jason Bowen called up
2-Jan-97Darren Rumble called up
2-Jan-97Aris Brimanis called up
5-Jan-97Darren Rumble demoted
5-Jan-97Aris Brimanis demoted
5-Jan-97Jason Bowen demoted
10-Jan-97Darren Rumble demoted
17-Jan-97Michel Petit claimed from Edmonton Oilers on waivers
29-Jan-97Darren Rumble called up
6-Feb-97Darren Rumble called up
10-Feb-97Darren Rumble demoted
18-Feb-97Jason Bowen demoted
4-Mar-97Neil Little demoted
6-Mar-97Vaclav Propal called up
11-Apr-97Brian Boucher demoted
28-May-97Andy Delmore signed (multi-year)
9-Jun-97Andy Delmore signed as a free agent
12-Jun-97Jim Montgomery signed (3 yr)
18-Jun-97Kjell Samuelsson signed (1 yr)
7-Jul-97Wayne Cashman signed (Head coach)
9-Jul-97Jean-Marc Pelletier signed
10-Jul-97Martin Cerven signed
10-Jul-97Jamie Heward signed
14-Jul-97Luke Richardson signed (5 yr/$12.6M)
15-Jul-97Neil Little signed (1 yr)
15-Jul-97Craig Darby signed (2 yr)
16-Jul-97Travis Van Tighem signed (1 yr)
17-Jul-97Brett Bruininks signed (1 yr)
23-Jul-97Luke Richardson signed as a free agent
31-Jul-97Jamie Heward signed as a free agent
3-Aug-97Dan Kordic signed (2 yr)
6-Aug-97Paul Holmgren signed (Director of player personnel)
14-Aug-97Chris Gratton signed as a free agent
14-Aug-97Chris Gratton signed (5 yr/$16.5M)
19-Aug-97Garth Snow signed (1 yr/$675K)
25-Aug-97Dale Hawerchuk retired
1-Sep-97Chris Joseph signed as a free agent
3-Sep-97Dan Kordic signed (2 yr)
4-Sep-97Chris Joseph signed (1 yr)
12-Sep-97Chris Therien signed (3 yr)
28-Sep-97Scott Daniels lost to New Jersey Devils via waiver draft
10-Oct-97Colin Forbes called up
16-Oct-97Brantt Myhres demoted
16-Oct-97Brantt Myhres signed (1 yr)
17-Oct-97John LeClair signed
30-Oct-97Neil Little demoted
30-Oct-97Colin Forbes demoted
30-Oct-97Mike Maneluk demoted
3-Nov-97Neil Little called up
3-Nov-97Brantt Myhres called up
5-Nov-97John Druce demoted
5-Nov-97Neil Little demoted
24-Nov-97Paul Healey called up
24-Nov-97Colin Forbes called up
4-Dec-97Chris Joseph demoted (conditioning assignment)
10-Dec-97Paul Healey demoted
17-Dec-97Eric Lindros signed (2 yr)
14-Jan-98John Druce demoted
14-Jan-98John Druce called up
5-Mar-98John Druce called up
9-Mar-98Brantt Myhres demoted
9-Mar-98Craig Darby called up
9-Mar-98Neil Little called up
10-Mar-98John Druce demoted
10-Mar-98Craig Darby demoted
10-Mar-98Roger Neilson signed (Head coach)
16-Mar-98Neil Little called up
16-Mar-98Craig Darby called up
20-Mar-98Neil Little demoted
26-Mar-98John Druce demoted
26-Mar-98John Druce called up
31-Mar-98Neil Little called up
1-Apr-98Neil Little demoted
2-Apr-98Neil Little called up
3-Apr-98Neil Little demoted
3-Apr-98Paul Healey demoted
18-May-98Ryan Bast signed (2 yr/$1.85M)
22-Jun-98Neil Little signed (1 yr)
25-Jun-98Eric Lindros signed (1 yr/$8.5M)
26-Jun-98Craig Darby claimed by Nashville Predators in expansion draft
1-Jul-98Al Hill signed (Scout)
6-Jul-98Marc Bureau signed (3 yr)
7-Jul-98Craig Ramsay signed (Assistant coach)
7-Jul-98John Vanbiesbrouck signed (2 yr)
9-Jul-98Segei Klimentiev signed as a free agent
9-Jul-98Sergei Klimentiev signed (2 yr + 1 option)
15-Jul-98Ron Hextall signed (1 yr)
15-Jul-98Paul Healey signed (2 yr)
15-Jul-98Jeff Lank signed (2 yr)
16-Jul-98John Vanbiesbrouck signed as a free agent
16-Jul-98Dimitri Tertyshny signed (2 yr)
20-Jul-98Marc Bureau signed as a free agent
28-Jul-98Jason Zent signed as a free agent
28-Jul-98Mark Greig signed as a free agent
28-Jul-98Mark Eaton signed (3 yr)
3-Aug-98Mike Maneluk signed (1 yr)
3-Aug-98Dave MacIsaac signed (1 yr)
3-Aug-98John Stevens signed (2 yr)
4-Aug-98Mark Eaton signed as a free agent
4-Aug-98Mark Greig signed (2 yr)
14-Aug-98Rod Brind'Amour signed (3 yr)
17-Aug-98Steve McLaren signed as a free agent
17-Aug-98Peter White signed (3 yr)
17-Aug-98Steve McLaren signed (1 yr)
24-Aug-98Richard Park signed as a free agent
24-Aug-98Richard Park signed (1 yr)
18-Sep-98Todd Fedoruk sent back to juniors
18-Sep-98Kris Mallette sent back to juniors
18-Sep-98Jordon Flodell sent back to juniors
18-Sep-98Pat Kavanagh sent back to juniors
19-Sep-98Neil Little demoted (loaned to Grand Rapids of IHL)
23-Sep-98Gary Coupal released
29-Sep-98Bill Barber signed (1 yr extension as AHL coach)
29-Sep-98Mike Stothers signed (1 yr extension as AHL assistant coach)
5-Oct-98Chris Joseph demoted (Cincinnati of IHL)
7-Oct-98Jeff Lank demoted
7-Oct-98Jody Hull signed as a free agent
7-Oct-98Jody Hull signed (2 yr)
14-Oct-98Francis Belanger demoted
15-Oct-98Ryan Bast demoted
1-Nov-98Andy Delmore called up
1-Nov-98Ryan Bast called up
6-Nov-98Andy Delmore demoted
6-Nov-98Ryan Bast demoted
10-Nov-98Dan Kordic demoted
12-Nov-98Jason Zent called up
9-Dec-98Dan Kordic demoted (loaned to Grand Rapids of IHL)
11-Dec-98Chris Joseph called up
30-Dec-98Peter White called up
7-Jan-99Mark Greig called up
11-Jan-99Jean- Marc Pelletier called up
12-Jan-99Mark Greig demoted
12-Jan-99Peter White called up
13-Jan-99Dennis Bonvie demoted
27-Jan-99Shawn McCosh demoted (loaned to Michigan K-Wings of IHL)
27-Jan-99Chris Albert signed (1 yr)
11-Feb-99Sean O'Brien demoted
3-Mar-99Jean- Marc Pelletier called up
18-Mar-99Mark Greig demoted
30-Mar-99Richard Park called up
30-Mar-99Eric Desjardins signed (4 yr)
6-Apr-99Richard Park demoted
30-Apr-99Mark Greig demoted
10-May-99Mark Recchi signed (5 yr)
1-Jun-99Ron Hextall put on waivers
25-Jun-99Jody Hull claimed by Atlanta Thrashers in expansion draft
30-Jun-99Eric Lindros signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-99Chris Albert signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-99Neil Little signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-99Jeff Tory signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-99Dean Melanson signed (2 yr)
18-Jul-99Keith Jones signed (3 yr)
22-Jul-99Dean Melanson signed as a free agent
29-Jul-99Mikael Renberg signed (1 yr)
29-Jul-99Sandy McCarthy signed (1 yr)
2-Aug-99Mike Maneluk signed as a free agent
2-Aug-99Mike Maneluk signed (1 yr)
3-Aug-99Ruslan Fedotenko signed as a free agent
3-Aug-99Sean O'Brien signed (1 yr)
5-Aug-99Dan McGillis signed (2 yr)
12-Aug-99Ruslan Fedotenko signed
18-Aug-99Karl Dykhuis signed (3 yr)
20-Aug-99Simon Gagne signed (3 yr)
3-Sep-99Daymond Langkow signed (2 yr)
6-Sep-99Ron Hextall retired
6-Sep-99Valeri Zelepukin signed (1 yr)
6-Sep-99Craig Berube signed (1 yr)
14-Sep-99Bujar Amidovski demoted
14-Sep-99Neil Little demoted
14-Sep-99Jean-Marc Pelletier demoted
14-Sep-99Ryan Bast demoted
14-Sep-99Mikhail Chernov demoted
14-Sep-99Andy Delmore demoted
14-Sep-99Francis Lessard demoted
14-Sep-99Sergei Skrobot demoted
14-Sep-99Jeff Tory demoted
14-Sep-99Kam White demoted
14-Sep-99Chris Albert demoted
14-Sep-99Francis Belanger demoted
14-Sep-99Jesse Boulerice demoted
14-Sep-99Martin Cerven demoted
14-Sep-99Tomas Divisek demoted
14-Sep-99Todd Fedoruk demoted
14-Sep-99Ruslan Fedotenko demoted
14-Sep-99Paul Healey demoted
14-Sep-99Mark Greig demoted
14-Sep-99Steve McLaren demoted
14-Sep-99Jim Montgomery demoted
14-Sep-99Sean O'Brien demoted
14-Sep-99Peter White demoted
14-Sep-99Jason Zent demoted
30-Sep-99Kam White released
30-Sep-99Bujar Amidovski demoted
30-Sep-99Martin Cerven demoted
30-Sep-99Sergei Skrobot demoted
18-Oct-99Mark Greig demoted
19-Oct-99Karl Dykhuis put on waivers
19-Oct-99Ulf Samuelsson signed as a free agent
19-Oct-99Ulf Samuelsson signed (2 yr)
20-Oct-99Luke Richardson put on waivers
20-Oct-99Mark Greig demoted
28-Oct-99Mark Greig called up
29-Oct-99Mark Eaton demoted
1-Nov-99Jim Montgomery demoted (Manitoba - IHL)
1-Nov-99Andy Delmore called up
2-Nov-99Francis Belanger demoted (Trenton ECHL)
5-Nov-99Andy Delmore demoted
8-Nov-99Jesse Boulerice called up
9-Nov-99Mark Greig demoted
23-Nov-99Andy Delmore called up
24-Nov-99Roman Vopat called up
28-Nov-99Martin Cerven demoted (Trenton ECHL)
28-Nov-99Sergei Skrobot called up
30-Nov-99Rastislav Pavlikovsky demoted (On loan from Ottawa (to Phantoms))
30-Nov-99Sergei Skrobot demoted (Trenton ECHL)
1-Dec-99Jason Zent called up
5-Dec-99Martin Cerven demoted (Trenton ECHL)
5-Dec-99Sergei Skrobot called up
10-Dec-99Martin Cerven demoted (Trenton ECHL)
10-Dec-99Eric Bertrand demoted
10-Dec-99Mark Eaton called up
13-Dec-99Todd Fedoruk called up (from ECHL)
2-Jan-00Andy Delmore demoted
23-Jan-00Keith Primeau signed (3 yr/$22.7M)
26-Jan-00Steve Washburn demoted
26-Jan-00Peter White demoted
27-Jan-00Rastislay Pavlirovsky demoted (Cincinnati of AHL)
27-Jan-00Todd White demoted
28-Jan-00Martin Cerven demoted (Charlotte ECHL)
2-Feb-00Jeff Lank demoted
13-Feb-00Zarley Zalapski signed (remainder of season)
15-Feb-00Zarley Zalapski signed as a free agent
22-Feb-00Jesse Boulerice demoted (Trenton ECHL)
22-Feb-00Todd Fedoruk demoted (Trenton ECHL)
22-Feb-00Francis Belanger demoted (Trenton ECHL)
22-Feb-00Peter White called up
24-Feb-00Andy Delmore called up
24-Feb-00Todd White called up
25-Feb-00Andy Delmore demoted
25-Feb-00Peter White demoted
25-Feb-00Todd White demoted
26-Feb-00Mark Eaton called up
26-Feb-00Mark Greig called up
26-Feb-00Steve Washburn called up
3-Mar-00Mark Eaton demoted
3-Mar-00Peter White demoted
6-Mar-00Travis Brigley demoted
6-Mar-00Peter White called up
6-Mar-00Mark Eaton called up
16-Mar-00Zarley Zalapski demoted (loaned to Utah of IHL)
6-Jun-00Dan Peters signed as a free agent
6-Jun-00Vaclav Pletka signed
6-Jun-00Petr Hubacek signed
6-Jun-00Dan Peters signed
23-Jun-00Artem Anisimov claimed by Minnesota Wild in expansion draft
23-Jun-00Martin Streit claimed by Columbus Blue Jackets in expansion draft
6-Jul-00Mark Janssens lost to Chicago Blackhawks from waivers
6-Jul-00Michal Sykora signed as a free agent
6-Jul-00Rick Tocchet signed as a free agent
6-Jul-00Rick Tocchet signed (2 yr)
6-Jul-00Michael Sykora signed (multi-year)
7-Jul-00Kevin Stevens signed as a free agent
7-Jul-00Kevin Stevens signed (1 yr)
13-Jul-00Jody Hull signed as a free agent
13-Jul-00Jody Hull signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-00Brad Tiley signed as a free agent
14-Jul-00Brad Tiley signed (multi-year)
17-Jul-00Roman Cechmanek signed (1 yr)
18-Jul-00Valeri Zelepukin signed
24-Jul-00Rob Murray signed as a free agent
24-Jul-00Rob Murray signed
25-Jul-00Andy Delmore signed (2 yr)
26-Jul-00Derek Plante signed as a free agent
26-Jul-00Derek Plante signed (1 yr)
1-Aug-00Joe DiPenta signed as a free agent
14-Aug-00Michel Picard signed as a free agent
14-Aug-00Michel Picard signed (2 yr)
28-Aug-00Brian Regan signed as a free agent
28-Aug-00Brian Regan signed
31-Aug-00Brian Boucher signed (2 yr)
10-Sep-00Chris Therien signed (4 yr)
13-Sep-00Maxime Ouellet signed (3 yr)
3-Oct-00Roman Cechmanek demoted
17-Oct-00Maxime Ouellet demoted (conditioning assignment)
17-Oct-00Roman Cechmanek called up
17-Oct-00Mark Greig called up
19-Oct-00Petr Hubacek demoted
21-Oct-00Mark Greig demoted
24-Oct-00Ruslan Fedotenko called up
27-Oct-00Maxime Ouellet sent back to juniors
1-Nov-00Mark Greig called up
1-Nov-00Todd Fedoruk called up
2-Nov-00Mark Greig demoted
2-Nov-00Petr Hubacek called up
6-Nov-00Petr Hubacek demoted
15-Nov-00Brad Tiley demoted
15-Nov-00Brad Tiley called up
21-Nov-00Keith Jones retired
28-Nov-00Brad Tiley called up
9-Dec-00Francis Belanger put on waivers
11-Dec-00P.J. Stock demoted
11-Dec-00Todd Fedoruk called up
11-Dec-00Brad Tiley called up
19-Dec-00Steve Washburn called up
20-Dec-00Steve Washburn demoted
21-Dec-00Jim Vandermeer signed as a free agent
21-Dec-00Jim Vandermeer signed
23-Dec-00Brad Tiley called up
29-Dec-00Brad Tiley demoted
2-Jan-01P.J. Stock called up
14-Jan-01John Slaney demoted
16-Jan-01Neil Little called up
17-Jan-01Neil Little demoted
23-Feb-01Matt Zultek demoted
23-Feb-01Tomas Divisek called up
25-Feb-01Mark Greig called up
26-Feb-01Tomas Divisek demoted
26-Feb-01Steve Washburn called up
5-Mar-01Mark Greig demoted
5-Mar-01Steve Washburn demoted
5-Mar-01Michel Picard called up
5-Mar-01Kirby Law called up
6-Mar-01Paul Ranheim signed (2 yr)
7-Mar-01Derek Plante called up
9-Mar-01Kirby Law demoted
24-Mar-01Michel Picard demoted
24-Mar-01Derek Plante demoted
30-Mar-01Derek Plante called up
22-May-01E.J. McGuire signed (asst coach - multi-year)
22-May-01Bill Barber signed (coach - multi-year)
5-Jun-01Chris McAllister signed (3 yr)
11-Jun-01Mike Lephart signed as a free agent
14-Jun-01James Chalmers signed as a free agent
14-Jun-01John LeClair signed (5 yr)
28-Jun-01Jeremy Roenick signed (5 yr)
2-Jul-01Jeremy Roenick signed as a free agent
4-Jul-01Jiri Dopita signed (2 yr)
5-Jul-01Eric Weinrich signed as a free agent
5-Jul-01Eric Weinrich signed (3 yr)
6-Jul-01Dan McGillis signed (3 yr)
9-Jul-01Marty Murray signed as a free agent
9-Jul-01Marty Murray signed (1 yr)
18-Jul-01Peter Vandermeer signed as a free agent
27-Aug-01Kim Johnsson signed (3 yr)
4-Sep-01Jan Hlavac signed (2 yr)
10-Oct-01Marty Murray called up
20-Oct-01Vaclav Pletka called up
21-Oct-01Vaclav Pletka demoted
22-Oct-01Vaclav Pletka called up
23-Oct-01Vaclav Pletka demoted
25-Oct-01Jesse Boulerice demoted
31-Oct-01Bruno St.Jacques called up
5-Nov-01Bruno St.Jacques demoted
5-Nov-01Tomas Divisek called up
12-Nov-01Tomas Divisek demoted
13-Nov-01Francis Lessard called up
16-Nov-01Pavel Brendl demoted
16-Nov-01Bruno St.Jacques called up
17-Nov-01Neil Little called up
19-Nov-01Francis Lessard demoted
19-Nov-01Neil Little called up
2-Dec-01Bruno St.Jacques demoted
2-Dec-01Neil Little called up
8-Dec-01Neil Little demoted
10-Dec-01Neil Little demoted
26-Dec-01Francis Lessard called up
3-Jan-02Francis Lessard demoted
7-Jan-02Ben Stafford demoted (Trenton ECHL)
9-Jan-02Roman Cechmanek signed (3 yr)
25-Jan-02Neil Little called up
25-Jan-02Marty Murray signed (3 yr)
28-Jan-02Neil Little demoted
3-Mar-02Neil Little called up
6-Mar-02Jarrod Skalde demoted
18-Mar-02Todd Fedoruk demoted
19-Mar-02Neil Little demoted
25-Mar-02Neil Little called up
29-Mar-02Neil Little demoted
29-Mar-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
29-Mar-02Todd Fedoruk called up
1-Apr-02Jarrod Skalde called up
2-Apr-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
2-Apr-02Jarrod Skalde demoted
7-Apr-02John Slaney called up
8-Apr-02Billy Tibbetts put on waivers
8-Apr-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
9-Apr-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
9-Apr-02John Slaney demoted
10-Apr-02Todd Fedoruk called up
14-Apr-02Pavel Brendl called up
22-Apr-02Pavel Brendl called up
22-Apr-02Neil Little called up
22-Apr-02John Slaney called up
20-May-02Wade Skolney signed as a free agent
21-May-02Patrick Sharp signed (3 yr)
25-Jun-02Jeff Woywitka signed (3 yr)
2-Jul-02Ian MacNeil signed as a free agent
2-Jul-02Ian MacNeil signed
12-Jul-02Donald Brashear signed (4 yr)
12-Jul-02Todd Fedoruk signed (2 yr)
14-Jul-02Andre Savage signed as a free agent
14-Jul-02Jeff Smith signed as a free agent
8-Aug-02Neil Little signed as a free agent
8-Aug-02John Slaney signed as a free agent
8-Aug-02John Slaney signed (multi-year)
8-Aug-02Neil Little signed (multi-year)
11-Sep-02Simon Gagne signed (2 yr)
23-Sep-02Thierry Douville sent back to juniors
23-Sep-02Martin St. Pierre released
23-Sep-02Antero Niittymaki demoted
23-Sep-02Dave Stathos demoted
23-Sep-02Ian Forbes demoted
23-Sep-02David Harlock demoted
23-Sep-02Dan Peters demoted
23-Sep-02Wade Skolney demoted
23-Sep-02Brad Tiley demoted
23-Sep-02Jim Vandermeer demoted
23-Sep-02Jack Baker demoted
23-Sep-02Landon Bathe demoted
23-Sep-02Eric Betournay demoted
23-Sep-02Craig Brunel demoted
23-Sep-02Kirby Law demoted
23-Sep-02Mike Lephart demoted
23-Sep-02Ian MacNeil demoted
23-Sep-02Mike Siklenka demoted
23-Sep-02Jeff Smith demoted
23-Sep-02Ben Stafford demoted
23-Sep-02Pete Vandermeer demoted
23-Sep-02Matt Zultek demoted
27-Sep-02Mathieu Brunelle signed
27-Sep-02Joey Hope signed
27-Sep-02Boyd Kane signed
27-Sep-02Peter White signed
27-Sep-02Peter Vandermeer signed
27-Sep-02Mike Siklenka signed
30-Sep-02Jeff Woywitka sent back to juniors
4-Oct-02Mark Greig demoted
4-Oct-02Andre Savage demoted
4-Oct-02Mike Siklenka demoted
4-Oct-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
4-Oct-02Bruno St.Jacques demoted
4-Oct-02John Slaney demoted
17-Oct-02Patrick Sharp demoted
25-Oct-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
25-Oct-02Andre Savage called up
27-Oct-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
27-Oct-02Andre Savage demoted
28-Oct-02Andre Savage called up
28-Oct-02Kirby Law called up
30-Oct-02Andre Savage demoted
30-Oct-02Kirby Law demoted
31-Oct-02Patrick Sharp called up
1-Nov-02Patrick Sharp demoted
8-Nov-02Chris McAllister demoted (conditioning purposes)
11-Nov-02Chris McAllister called up
14-Nov-02Mark Greig called up
22-Nov-02Mark Greig demoted
22-Nov-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
25-Nov-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
26-Nov-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
28-Nov-02Bruno St.Jacques called up
9-Dec-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
9-Dec-02Bruno St.Jacques demoted
9-Dec-02Andre Savage called up
18-Dec-02Ian MacNeil called up
18-Dec-02Bruno St.Jacques called up
19-Dec-02Bruno St.Jacques demoted
22-Dec-02Ian MacNeil demoted
22-Dec-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
24-Dec-02Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
26-Dec-02Guillaume Lefebvre called up
1-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer called up
1-Jan-03Tomi Kallio claimed from Columbus Blue Jackets on waivers
3-Jan-03Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
4-Jan-03Mark Greig called up
7-Jan-03Mark Greig demoted
12-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
15-Jan-03Tomi Kallio put on waivers
15-Jan-03Andre Savage demoted
15-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer called up
15-Jan-03Joe Sacco signed as a free agent
15-Jan-03Joe Sacco signed (1 yr)
19-Jan-03Mark Greig called up
22-Jan-03Mark Greig demoted
25-Jan-03Andre Savage called up
26-Jan-03Andre Savage demoted
27-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
27-Jan-03Mike Siklenka signed as a free agent
29-Jan-03Chris McAllister demoted (conditioning purposes)
29-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer called up
30-Jan-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
30-Jan-03Jamie Wright demoted
3-Feb-03Chris McAllister called up
3-Feb-03Jim Vandermeer called up
4-Feb-03Mike Siklenka demoted
15-Feb-03Marcus Ragnarsson signed (2 yr)
26-Feb-03Guillaume Lefebvre called up
1-Mar-03Guillaume Lefebvre demoted
3-Mar-03Guillaume Lefebvre called up
4-Mar-03Dennis Seidenberg demoted
4-Mar-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
11-Mar-03Peter White demoted (loaned to AHL Norfolk)
11-Mar-03Todd Warriner lost to Nashville Predators from waivers
20-Mar-03Neil Little called up
20-Mar-03Kirby Law called up
21-Mar-03Neil Little demoted
21-Mar-03Kirby Law demoted
22-Mar-03Neil Little called up
23-Mar-03Neil Little demoted
24-Mar-03Jim Vandermeer called up
24-Mar-03Patrick Sharp called up
24-Mar-03Neil Little called up
25-Mar-03Neil Little demoted
25-Mar-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
26-Mar-03Patrick Sharp demoted
1-Apr-03Jim Vandermeer called up
7-Apr-03John Slaney called up
7-Apr-03Dennis Seidenberg called up
7-Apr-03Jim Vandermeer called up
7-Apr-03Neil Little called up
21-May-03Nick Deschenes signed as a free agent
21-May-03Freddy Meyer signed as a free agent
21-May-03Nick Deschenes signed
21-May-03Freddy Meyer signed
10-Jun-03Eric Chouinard signed (2 yr)
10-Jun-03Sami Kapanen signed (2 yr)
30-Jun-03Eric Desjardins signed (2 yr)
30-Jun-03Claude Lapointe signed (2 yr)
1-Jul-03Jeff Hackett signed as a free agent
1-Jul-03Jeff Hackett signed (2 yr)
14-Jul-03Joey Hope signed as a free agent
14-Jul-03Boyd Kane signed as a free agent
14-Jul-03Peter White signed as a free agent
14-Jul-03Peter Vandermeer signed as a free agent
14-Jul-03Mike Siklenka signed
14-Jul-03Peter White signed
14-Jul-03Peter Vandermeer signed
14-Jul-03Mathieu Brunelle signed
14-Jul-03Boyd Kane signed
14-Jul-03Joey Hope signed
15-Jul-03Joni Pitkanen signed (3 yr)
24-Jul-03Randy Jones signed as a free agent
24-Jul-03Mike Peluso signed as a free agent
24-Jul-03Mark Murphy signed as a free agent
24-Jul-03Randy Jones signed
24-Jul-03Mark Murphy signed
24-Jul-03Mike Peluso signed
30-Jul-03Radovan Somik signed (2 yr)
30-Jul-03Justin Williams signed (1 yr)
17-Sep-03Alexandre Picard sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Colin Fraser sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03David Tremblay sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Nikita Korovkin sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Rejean Beauchemin sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Rick Kozak sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Steffan Ruzicka sent back to juniors
17-Sep-03Karl Gagne released
21-Sep-03Jeff Carter sent back to juniors
21-Sep-03Mike Richards sent back to juniors
25-Sep-03Rosario Ruggeri sent back to juniors
1-Oct-03Les Borsheim released
3-Oct-03Antero Niittymaki demoted
3-Oct-03Dennis Seidenberg demoted
3-Oct-03Freddy Meyer demoted
3-Oct-03Jeff Smith demoted
3-Oct-03Jeff Woywitka demoted
3-Oct-03Joey Hope demoted
3-Oct-03Mathieu Brunelle demoted
3-Oct-03Nick Deschense demoted
3-Oct-03Patrick Sharp demoted
3-Oct-03Randy Jones demoted
3-Oct-03Wade Skolney demoted
3-Oct-03Mike Siklenka lost to New York Rangers via waiver draft
7-Oct-03Robert Snowball released
7-Oct-03Andre Savage demoted
7-Oct-03Boyd Kane demoted
7-Oct-03Ian MacNeil demoted
7-Oct-03John Slaney demoted
7-Oct-03Kirby Law demoted
7-Oct-03Mark Murphy demoted
7-Oct-03Mike Peluso demoted
7-Oct-03Neil Little demoted
7-Oct-03Pete Vandermeer demoted
7-Oct-03Peter White demoted
14-Oct-03Boyd Kane called up
18-Oct-03Peter White called up
20-Oct-03Steve Webb signed as a free agent
22-Oct-03Steve Webb lost to Pittsburgh Penguins from waivers
24-Oct-03Chris Therien demoted
24-Oct-03Peter White demoted
24-Oct-03Mike Peluso called up
25-Oct-03Boyd Kane demoted
26-Oct-03Chris Therien called up
27-Oct-03Mike Peluso demoted
31-Oct-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
3-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer called up
5-Nov-03Peter White called up
5-Nov-03Mike Siklenka claimed from New York Rangers via waiver draft
7-Nov-03Peter White demoted
12-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
16-Nov-03Radovan Somik demoted
17-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer called up
17-Nov-03Radovan Somik called up
23-Nov-03Eric Chouinard demoted
23-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
24-Nov-03Eric Chouinard called up
24-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer called up
28-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
28-Nov-03Todd Fedoruk demoted
29-Nov-03Jim Vandermeer called up
30-Nov-03Todd Fedoruk called up
6-Dec-03Dennis Seidenberg called up
7-Dec-03Antero Niittymaki called up
12-Dec-03Dennis Seidenberg demoted
14-Dec-03Antero Niittymaki demoted
14-Dec-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
15-Dec-03Antero Niitymaki called up
15-Dec-03Jim Vandermeer called up
15-Dec-03Patrick Sharp called up
16-Dec-03Eric Chouinard demoted
19-Dec-03Antero Niittymaki demoted
20-Dec-03Mike Comrie signed (1 yr)
23-Dec-03Antero Niitymaki called up
24-Dec-03Antero Niitymaki demoted
24-Dec-03Jim Vandermeer demoted
24-Dec-03Patrick Sharp demoted
26-Dec-03Dennis Seidenberg called up
3-Jan-04Boyd Kane called up
4-Jan-04Boyd Kane demoted
4-Jan-04Dennis Seidenberg demoted
5-Jan-04Dennis Seidenberg called up
5-Jan-04Patrick Sharp called up
7-Jan-04Dennis Seidenberg demoted
8-Jan-04Dennis Seidenberg called up
18-Jan-04Patrick Sharp demoted
19-Jan-04Antero Niittymaki called up
19-Jan-04Jim Vandermeer called up
19-Jan-04John Slaney called up
21-Jan-04Patrick Sharp called up
23-Jan-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
23-Jan-04John Slaney demoted
23-Jan-04Neil Little called up
24-Jan-04Neil Little demoted
24-Jan-04Antero Niittymaki called up
27-Jan-04Kirby Law called up
30-Jan-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
30-Jan-04Kirby Law demoted
30-Jan-04Neil Little called up
3-Feb-04Claude Lapointe demoted (conditioning purposes)
3-Feb-04Jim Vandermeer demoted
3-Feb-04Neil Little demoted
3-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki called up
4-Feb-04Neil Little called up
6-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
6-Feb-04Jeff Hackett demoted
6-Feb-04Neil Little demoted
9-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki called up
9-Feb-04Claude Lapointe called up
9-Feb-04Jeff Hackett retired
11-Feb-04Boyd Kane called up
15-Feb-04Boyd Kane demoted
17-Feb-04Boyd Kane called up
18-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
18-Feb-04Kirby Law called up
19-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki called up
20-Feb-04Boyd Kane demoted
23-Feb-04Freddy Meyer called up
24-Feb-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
24-Feb-04Freddy Meyer demoted
29-Feb-04Kirby Law demoted
2-Mar-04John Slaney called up
6-Mar-04Freddy Meyer called up
6-Mar-04Randy Jones called up
7-Mar-04Freddy Meyer demoted
7-Mar-04John Slaney demoted
7-Mar-04Randy Jones demoted
9-Mar-04Dennis Seidenberg demoted
9-Mar-04John Slaney called up
10-Mar-04John Slaney demoted
10-Mar-04Randy Jones called up
16-Mar-04Randy Jones demoted
19-Mar-04Randy Jones called up
20-Mar-04Stephen Wood signed as a free agent
20-Mar-04Stephen Wood signed
22-Mar-04Brett Engelhardt signed as a free agent
2-Apr-04Randy Jones demoted
7-Apr-04Ben Eager signed (3 yr)
14-Apr-04Randy Jones called up
21-Apr-04Randy Jones demoted
26-Apr-04Dennis Seidenberg called up
4-May-04Antero Niittymaki called up
5-May-04Antero Niittymaki demoted
5-May-04Dennis Seidenberg demoted
5-May-04Patrick Sharp demoted
6-May-04Patrick Sharp called up
14-May-04Antero Niittymaki called up
14-May-04Boyd Kane called up
14-May-04Dennis Seidenberg called up
14-May-04John Slaney called up
14-May-04Kirby Law called up
14-May-04Randy Jones called up
14-Jun-04R.J. Umberger signed as a free agent
14-Jun-04Keith Primeau signed (4 yr)
16-Jun-04R.J. Umberger signed (2 yr)
23-Jun-04Brent Robinson signed as a free agent
23-Jun-04Brent Robinson signed (2 yr)
3-Jul-04Mike Knuble signed as a free agent
3-Jul-04Turner Stevenson signed as a free agent
3-Jul-04Mike Knuble signed
3-Jul-04Turner Stevenson signed
13-Jul-04Tony Voce signed as a free agent
13-Jul-04Tony Voce signed
14-Jul-04Eric Meloche signed as a free agent
14-Jul-04Eric Meloche signed
27-Jul-04Josh Gratton signed as a free agent
27-Jul-04Josh Gratton signed (2 yr)
2-Aug-04Simon Gagne signed (1 yr)
2-Aug-04Branko Radivojevic signed (1 yr)
6-Aug-04Michal Handzus signed (3 yr)
12-Aug-04Mattias Timander signed (2 yr)
19-Aug-04Sami Kapanen signed (2 yr)
23-Aug-04Ryan Ready signed as a free agent
23-Aug-04Ryan Ready signed (1 yr)
8-Sep-04Mark Murphy signed (2 yr)
8-Sep-04Nick Deschenes signed (1 yr)
8-Sep-04David Printz signed (1 yr)
27-Jan-05Mike Siklenka signed (1 yr)
23-Jul-05John LeClair bought out
23-Jul-05Tony Amonte bought out
27-Jul-05Jeff Carter signed (3 yr)
27-Jul-05Mike Richards signed (3 yr)
27-Jul-05Triston Grant signed (3 yr)
27-Jul-05Alexandre Picard signed (3 yr)
29-Jul-05Rejean Beauchemin signed (3 yr)
30-Jul-05Stefan Ruzicka signed (3 yr)
2-Aug-05Derian Hatcher signed as a free agent
2-Aug-05Mike Rathje signed as a free agent
2-Aug-05Chris Therien signed as a free agent
2-Aug-05Jon Sim signed as a free agent
2-Aug-05Derian Hatcher signed (4 yr / $14M)
2-Aug-05Mike Rathje signed (5 yr / $17.5M)
2-Aug-05Chris Therien signed (1 yr / $500K)
2-Aug-05Jon Sim signed (1 yr)
3-Aug-05Peter Forsberg signed as a free agent
3-Aug-05Peter Forsberg signed (2 yr / $11.5M)
9-Aug-05Simon Gagne signed (1 yr)
9-Aug-05Branko Radivojevic signed (1 yr)
9-Aug-05Patrick Sharp signed (1 yr)
9-Aug-05Kim Johnsson signed (1 yr)
10-Aug-05Robert Esche signed (2 yr)
10-Aug-05Dennis Seidenberg signed (1 yr)
22-Aug-05Eric Chouinard signed as a free agent
22-Aug-05Jamie Storr signed as a free agent
22-Aug-05Ryan Ready signed as a free agent
22-Aug-05Pat Kavanaugh signed as a free agent
23-Aug-05Jamie Storr signed (1 yr)
23-Aug-05Eric Chouinard signed (1 yr)
23-Aug-05Pat Kavanagh signed (1 yr)
23-Aug-05Ryan Ready signed (1 yr)
23-Aug-05Riley Cote signed as a free agent
15-Sep-05Brian Savage signed as a free agent
16-Sep-05Brian Savage signed (1 yr)
4-Oct-05R.J. Umberger demoted
6-Oct-05Randy Jones called up
8-Oct-05Randy Jones demoted
10-Oct-05Randy Jones called up
11-Oct-05Wade Skolney called up
12-Oct-05Wade Skolney demoted
13-Oct-05Randy Jones demoted
30-Oct-05R.J. Umberger called up
31-Oct-05R.J. Umberger demoted
2-Nov-05R.J. Umberger called up
15-Nov-05Freddy Meyer demoted
22-Nov-05Pat Kavanagh called up
23-Nov-05Pat Kavanagh demoted
29-Nov-05Ryan Ready called up
30-Nov-05Ben Eager called up
1-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
3-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
3-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
4-Dec-05Rejean Beauchemin demoted (Trenton - ECHL)
4-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
4-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
6-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
6-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
6-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
7-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
7-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
7-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
8-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
8-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
9-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
9-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
10-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
10-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
11-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
11-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
12-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
12-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
12-Dec-05Eric Chouinard called up
14-Dec-05Eric Chouinard demoted
14-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
14-Dec-05Matt Ellison demoted
15-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
15-Dec-05Pat Kavanagh called up
15-Dec-05Josh Gratton called up
16-Dec-05Josh Gratton demoted
16-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
16-Dec-05Pat Kavanagh demoted
17-Dec-05Josh Gratton called up
17-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
17-Dec-05Pat Kavanagh called up
17-Dec-05Matt Ellison called up
17-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
18-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
18-Dec-05Pat Kavanagh demoted
18-Dec-05Matt Ellison demoted
18-Dec-05Josh Gratton demoted
18-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
18-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
19-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
19-Dec-05Josh Gratton called up
19-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
19-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
20-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
20-Dec-05Josh Gratton demoted
20-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
20-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
21-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
21-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
22-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
23-Dec-05Ben Eager demoted
23-Dec-05Freddy Meyer demoted
23-Dec-05Jamie Storr demoted
26-Dec-05Ben Eager called up
26-Dec-05Freddy Meyer called up
26-Dec-05Jamie Storr called up
29-Dec-05Ryan Ready demoted
6-Jan-06Randy Jones called up
7-Jan-06Randy Jones demoted
8-Jan-06Randy Jones called up
14-Jan-06Ben Eager demoted
20-Jan-06Jamie Storr demoted
23-Jan-06Alexandre Picard called up
24-Jan-06Alexandre Picard demoted
25-Jan-06Alexandre Picard called up
26-Jan-06Freddy Meyer demoted
26-Jan-06Alexandre Picard demoted
27-Jan-06Ben Eager called up
28-Jan-06Freddy Meyer called up
2-Feb-06Josh Gratton called up
3-Feb-06Josh Gratton demoted
3-Feb-06Ben Eager demoted
4-Feb-06Pat Kavanagh called up
4-Feb-06Alexandre Picard called up
4-Feb-06Ben Eager called up
4-Feb-06Freddy Meyer signed (2 yr)
6-Feb-06Pat Kavanagh demoted
6-Feb-06Ben Eager demoted
6-Feb-06Alexandre Picard demoted
7-Feb-06Alexandre Picard called up
8-Feb-06Stefan Ruzicka called up
8-Feb-06Ryan Ready called up
8-Feb-06Randy Jones signed (2 yr)
9-Feb-06Stefan Ruzicka demoted
10-Feb-06Pat Kavanagh called up
12-Feb-06Pat Kavanagh demoted
12-Feb-06Ryan Ready demoted
12-Feb-06Alexandre Picard demoted
28-Feb-06Ryan Ready called up
3-Mar-06Pat Kavanagh called up
5-Mar-06Pat Kavanagh demoted
6-Mar-06Ryan Ready demoted
8-Mar-06Turner Stevenson put on waivers
9-Mar-06Randy Jones demoted
9-Mar-06Freddy Meyer demoted
10-Mar-06Freddy Meyer called up
10-Mar-06Randy Jones called up
23-Mar-06Randy Jones demoted
23-Mar-06Denis Gauthier signed (3 yr)
29-Mar-06Ryan Potulny signed (2 yr)
11-Apr-06David Printz called up
12-Apr-06Randy Jones called up
12-Apr-06David Printz demoted
15-Apr-06Randy Jones demoted
15-Apr-06Jamie Storr called up
16-Apr-06Scott Monroe signed as a free agent
17-Apr-06Ben Eager called up
20-Apr-06Matt Ellison called up
20-Apr-06Pat Kavanagh called up
20-Apr-06Ryan Ready called up
20-Apr-06Stefan Ruzicka called up
20-Apr-06Alexandre Picard called up
20-Apr-06David Prinz called up
20-Apr-06Martin Houle called up
27-Apr-06Gino Pisellini signed
28-May-06Frederik Cabana signed (3 yr)
30-May-06Steve Downie signed (3 yr)
30-May-06Jussi Timonen signed (2 yr)
13-Jun-06Dave Brown signed (Director of player personnel)
14-Jun-06Craig Berube signed (Head coach - Philadelphia Phantoms)
15-Jun-06Marty Murray signed as a free agent
26-Jun-06Brad Tapper signed as a free agent
30-Jun-06Turner Stevenson bought out
1-Jul-06Lars Jonsson signed as a free agent
1-Jul-06Nolan Baumgartner signed as a free agent
4-Jul-06Randy Robitaille signed as a free agent
5-Jul-06Antero Niittymaki signed (1 yr)
5-Jul-06Mark Cullen signed as a free agent
5-Jul-06Denis Tolpeko signed as a free agent
6-Jul-06R.J. Umberger signed (2 yr)
13-Jul-06Martin Grenier signed as a free agent
13-Jul-06Dan Corso signed as a free agent
13-Jul-06Boyd Kane signed as a free agent
13-Jul-06Matt Ellison signed (1 yr)
14-Jul-06Joni Pitkanen signed (1 yr)
19-Jul-06Geoff Sanderson signed as a free agent
10-Aug-06Eric Desjardins retired
16-Aug-06Nate Guenin signed as a free agent
11-Sep-06Simon Gagne signed (5 yr/$5.25M per)
13-Sep-06Ryan Kesler (offer sheet - matched by VAN) signed as a free agent
14-Sep-06Keith Primeau retired
18-Sep-06Ken Hitchcock signed (3 yr)
21-Sep-06Brian Savage retired
23-Sep-06Oskars Bartulis signed (3 yr)
25-Sep-06Frederick Cabana demoted
25-Sep-06Daniel Corso demoted
25-Sep-06Riley Cote demoted
25-Sep-06Ben Eager demoted
25-Sep-06Matt Ellison demoted
25-Sep-06Triston Grant demoted
25-Sep-06Eric Meloche demoted
25-Sep-06Gino Pisellini demoted
25-Sep-06Ryan Potulny demoted
25-Sep-06Stefan Ruzicka demoted
25-Sep-06Denis Tolpeko demoted
25-Sep-06Martin Grenier demoted
25-Sep-06Nate Guenin demoted
25-Sep-06Alexandre Picard demoted
25-Sep-06David Printz demoted
25-Sep-06Rosario Ruggeri demoted
25-Sep-06Jussi Timonen demoted
25-Sep-06Rejean Beauchemin demoted
25-Sep-06Martin Houle demoted
25-Sep-06Scott Munroe demoted
25-Sep-06Steve Downie sent back to juniors
25-Sep-06Oskars Bartulis sent back to juniors
25-Sep-06Josh Beaulieu sent back to juniors
27-Sep-06Marty Murray put on waivers
2-Oct-06Mark Cullen put on waivers
12-Oct-06Riley Cote demoted
18-Oct-06Nolan Baumgartner put on waivers
18-Oct-06Niko Dmitrakos put on waivers
18-Oct-06Petr Nedved put on waivers
18-Oct-06Stefan Ruzicka called up
18-Oct-06Ben Eager called up
18-Oct-06Alexandre Picard called up
22-Oct-06John Stevens signed (Flyers Head Coach)
22-Oct-06Paul Holmgren signed (Flyers Interim GM)
23-Oct-06Craig Berube signed (Flyers Assistant Coach)
23-Oct-06Kjell Samuelsson signed (Phantoms Head Coach)
24-Oct-06Nolan Baumgartner demoted
24-Oct-06Triston Grant called up
26-Oct-06Joe Mullen signed (Phantoms Assistant coach)
1-Nov-06Ken Hitchcock signed (Pro-scout)
2-Nov-06Alexandre Picard demoted
2-Nov-06Lars Jonsson demoted
3-Nov-06Eric Meloche called up
4-Nov-06Alexandre Picard called up
4-Nov-06Mark Cullen called up
4-Nov-06Martin Grenier called up
4-Nov-06Triston Grant demoted
5-Nov-06Alexandre Picard demoted
7-Nov-06Martin Grenier demoted
7-Nov-06Stefan Ruzicka demoted
7-Nov-06Petr Nedved called up
8-Nov-06Martin Grenier called up
8-Nov-06Matt Ellison called up
8-Nov-06Ryan Potulny called up
9-Nov-06Matt Ellison demoted
9-Nov-06Ryan Potulny demoted
10-Nov-06Triston Grant called up
10-Nov-06Martin Grenier demoted
10-Nov-06Mark Cullen demoted
10-Nov-06Alexandre Picard called up
11-Nov-06Ryan Potulny called up
11-Nov-06Marty Murray lost to Los Angeles Kings from waivers
11-Nov-06Paul Holmgren signed (Flyers GM)
12-Nov-06Eric Meloche demoted
20-Nov-06Ryan Potulny demoted
20-Nov-06Jussi Timonen called up
20-Nov-06John Stevens signed (2 yr extension)
21-Nov-06Lars Jonsson called up
22-Nov-06Eric Meloche called up
22-Nov-06Triston Grant demoted
24-Nov-06Lars Jonsson demoted
29-Nov-06Martin Houle called up
29-Nov-06Mike Knuble signed (2 yr extension - $2.8M/yr)
30-Nov-06Lars Jonsson called up
1-Dec-06Eric Meloche demoted
2-Dec-06Ryan Potulny called up
2-Dec-06Chris Pryor signed (Director of hockey operations)
3-Dec-06Lars JonssoN demoted
3-Dec-06Martin Houle demoted
3-Dec-06Rejean Beauchemin called up
3-Dec-06Ryan Potulny demoted
4-Dec-06Martin Houle called up
4-Dec-06Rejean Beauchemin demoted
4-Dec-06Bobby Clarke signed (Senior VP)
6-Dec-06Brad Tapper demoted (To Hannover Germany)
7-Dec-06Boyd Kane put on waivers
7-Dec-06Ryan Potulny called up
8-Dec-06Boyd Kane demoted
9-Dec-06Stefan Ruzicka called up
9-Dec-06Lars Jonsson called up
10-Dec-06Petr Nedved put on waivers
11-Dec-06Matt Ellison called up
11-Dec-06Tony Voce called up
11-Dec-06Lars Jonsson demoted
12-Dec-06Lars Jonsson called up
12-Dec-06Niko Dmitrakos called up
13-Dec-06Boyd Kane called up
14-Dec-06Lars Jonsson demoted
14-Dec-06Boyd Kane demoted
15-Dec-06Scott Munroe called up
15-Dec-06Martin Houle demoted
15-Dec-06David Printz called up
15-Dec-06Darren Reid called up
16-Dec-06Scott Munroe called up
16-Dec-06Rejean Beauchemin demoted
16-Dec-06Matt Ellison demoted
17-Dec-06Scott Munroe demoted
17-Dec-06Rejean Beauchemin called up
17-Dec-06David Printz demoted
18-Dec-06Stefan Ruzicka demoted
18-Dec-06Rejean Beauchemin demoted
18-Dec-06Martin Houle called up
19-Dec-06Stefan Ruzicka called up
19-Dec-06Niko Dimitrakos demoted
19-Dec-06Eric Meloche called up
20-Dec-06David Printz called up
23-Dec-06David Printz demoted
26-Dec-06David Printz called up
26-Dec-06Martin Houle demoted
28-Dec-06Darren Reid demoted
28-Dec-06Scott Munroe called up
29-Dec-06Jussi Timonen demoted
30-Dec-06Dimitry Afanasenkov claimed from Tampa Bay Lightning on waivers
2-Jan-07Petr Nedved lost to Edmonton Oilers from waivers
4-Jan-07Scott Munroe demoted
9-Jan-07Jussi Timonen called up
11-Jan-07Michael Leighton claimed from Nashville Predators on waivers
11-Jan-07Eric Meloche demoted
11-Jan-07Jussi Timonen demoted
11-Jan-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
16-Jan-07David Printz demoted
16-Jan-07Nate Guenin called up
20-Jan-07Nate Guenin demoted
24-Jan-07Michael Leighton demoted (conditioning assignment)
27-Jan-07Nate Guenin called up
1-Feb-07Ryan Potulny demoted
4-Feb-07Michael Leighton called up
7-Feb-07Nate Guenin demoted
13-Feb-07Sami Kapanen signed (2 yr, $2.5M)
19-Feb-07Darren Reid called up
20-Feb-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
24-Feb-07Nolan Baumgartner lost to Dallas Stars from waivers
26-Feb-07Michael Leighton put on waivers
27-Feb-07Michael Leighton lost to Montreal Canadiens from waivers
27-Feb-07Denis Hamel claimed from Atlanta Thrashers on waivers
27-Feb-07Darren Reid demoted
27-Feb-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
27-Feb-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
14-Mar-07Paul Holmgren signed (2 yr extension as GM)
15-Mar-07Kyle Greentree signed as a free agent
15-Mar-07Jonathan Matsumoto signed (2 yr)
15-Mar-07Darren Reid demoted
19-Mar-07Ryan Potulny called up
21-Mar-07Darren Reid called up
22-Mar-07Darren Reid demoted
22-Mar-07Riley Cote called up
27-Mar-07Martin Biron signed (2 yr - $3.5M/yr)
31-Mar-07Nate Guenin called up
4-Apr-07Ryan Parent demoted
5-Apr-07Ryan Parent called up
6-Apr-07Ryan Parent demoted
6-Apr-07Nate Guenin demoted
9-Apr-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
9-Apr-07Riley Cote demoted
9-Apr-07Ryan Potulny demoted
11-May-07Scottie Upshall signed (2 yr $1.225M/yr)
14-May-07Ben Eager signed (2 yr $600K/yr)
17-May-07David Laliberte signed as a free agent
17-May-07Lasse Kukkonen signed (2 yr $1.75M)
1-Jun-07Josh Beaulieu signed (3 yr entry level)
1-Jun-07Jeremy Duchesne signed (3 yr entry level)
Matt Ellison
6-Jun-07Craig Berube signed (Phantoms Head Coach)
6-Jun-07Joe Mullen signed (Flyers Assistant Coach)
6-Jun-07Jack McIlhargey signed (Flyers Assistant Coach)
6-Jun-07Kjell Samuelsson signed (Phantoms Associate Coach)
6-Jun-07Neil Little signed (Phantoms Goaltending Coach)
8-Jun-07Lars Jonsson signed (1 yr)
8-Jun-07Riley Cote signed
14-Jun-07Antero Niittymaki signed (2 yr/ $2.54M)
18-Jun-07Kimmo Timonen signed (6 yr, $6.3M/yr)
18-Jun-07Scott Hartnell signed (6 yr, $4.2M/yr)
1-Jul-07Daniel Briere signed as a free agent
23-Jul-07Claude Giroux signed
23-Jul-07Brian Boucher signed (Contract with Phantoms)
25-Jul-07Boyd Kane signed (2 yr)
25-Jul-07Riley Cote signed (1 yr)
26-Jul-07Jared Ross signed (Contract with Phantoms)
26-Jul-07Pete Zingoni signed (Contract with Phantoms)
11-Sep-07Mike Vannelli signed as a free agent
14-Sep-07Adam Bourque-LeBlanc released
14-Sep-07Tysen Dowzak released
14-Sep-07Maxime Ouimet-Desjardins released
14-Sep-07Patrick Lebeau released
18-Sep-07Kevin Marshall sent back to juniors
18-Sep-07Mario Kempe sent back to juniors
18-Sep-07Garrett Klotz sent back to juniors
18-Sep-07Patrick Maroon sent back to juniors
18-Sep-07David Tuniz sent back to juniors
18-Sep-07Matt Stefanishion released
18-Sep-07Ryan Wilson released
22-Sep-07Martin Grenier put on waivers
22-Sep-07Darren Reid put on waivers
25-Sep-07Claude Giroux sent back to juniors
25-Sep-07Adam Henrich released
25-Sep-07Brad Schell released
27-Sep-07Josh Beaulieu demoted
27-Sep-07Frederik Cabana demoted
27-Sep-07Triston Grant demoted
27-Sep-07Kyle Greentree demoted
27-Sep-07David Laliberte demoted
27-Sep-07Jon Matsumoto demoted
27-Sep-07Gino Pisellini demoted
27-Sep-07Darren Reid demoted
27-Sep-07Denis Tolpeko demoted
27-Sep-07Oskars Bartulis demoted
27-Sep-07Martin Grenier demoted
27-Sep-07Lars Jonsson demoted
27-Sep-07Ryan Parent demoted
27-Sep-07Jussi Timonen demoted
27-Sep-07Rejean Beauchemin demoted
27-Sep-07Jeremy Duchesne demoted
27-Sep-07Martin Houle demoted
27-Sep-07Scott Munroe demoted
29-Sep-07Steve Downie demoted
1-Oct-07Denis Gauthier put on waivers
2-Oct-07Boyd Kane demoted
2-Oct-07Ryan Potulny demoted
2-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
2-Oct-07Alexandre Picard demoted
2-Oct-07Denis Gauthier demoted
2-Oct-07Jim Dowd signed as a free agent
2-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice signed as a free agent
2-Oct-07Denis Tolpeko called up
2-Oct-07Nate Guenin called up
4-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
5-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
6-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
7-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
9-Oct-07Rory Fitzpatrick signed as a free agent
10-Oct-07Denis Tolpeko demoted
11-Oct-07Nate Guenin demoted
13-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
14-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
15-Oct-08Stefan Ruzicka called up
15-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice put on waivers
16-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
17-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
17-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
17-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
18-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
18-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice called up
18-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
19-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
19-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
19-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
20-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
20-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice called up
20-Oct-07Ryan Potulny called up
21-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
21-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
21-Oct-07Ryan Potulny demoted
24-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
24-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice called up
25-Oct-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
25-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
26-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
27-Oct-07Steve Downie called up
28-Oct-07Steve Downie demoted
28-Oct-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
31-Oct-07Nate Guenin called up
1-Nov-07Patrick Maroon signed
1-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
1-Nov-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
2-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
2-Nov-07Alexandre Picard called up
3-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
3-Nov-07Nate Guenin demoted
3-Nov-07Alexandre Picard demoted
5-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
6-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
7-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
7-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
8-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
8-Nov-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
9-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
10-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
10-Nov-07Denis Tolpeko called up
11-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
11-Nov-07Denis Tolpeko demoted
12-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
12-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
13-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
13-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
13-Nov-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
15-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
15-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
15-Nov-07Denis Tolpeko called up
16-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
16-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
16-Nov-07Denis Tolpeko demoted
17-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
17-Nov-07Denis Tolpeko called up
18-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
21-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
22-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
23-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
23-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
24-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
25-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
26-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice called up
26-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
27-Nov-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
27-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
28-Nov-07Steve Downie called up
28-Nov-07Bradon Coburn signed (2 yrs extension - $2.6M)
29-Nov-07Steve Downie demoted
1-Dec-07Jesse Boulerice called up
2-Dec-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
4-Dec-07Steve Downie called up
9-Dec-07Steve Downie demoted
9-Dec-07Ryan Potulny called up
13-Dec-07Mike Richards signed (12-yr extension/ $69M)
14-Dec-07Alexandre Picard called up
14-Dec-07Ryan Potulny demoted
19-Dec-07Alexandre Picard demoted
21-Dec-07Jesse Boulerice called up
21-Dec-07John Stevens signed (1 yr extension)
22-Dec-07Alexandre Picard called up
22-Dec-07Jesse Boulerice demoted
23-Dec-07Alexandre Picard demoted
26-Dec-07Ryan Potulny called up
28-Dec-07Stefan Ruzicka called up
31-Dec-07Ryan Potulny demoted
31-Dec-07Stefan Ruzicka demoted
2-Jan-08Steve Downie called up
3-Jan-08Stefan Ruzicka called up
7-Jan-08Ryan Potulny called up
9-Jan-08Ryan Potulny demoted
11-Jan-08Stefan Ruzicka demoted
22-Jan-08Denis Tolpeko demoted
22-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice called up
23-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
24-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice called up
23-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
24-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice called up
25-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
29-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice called up
30-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
31-Jan-08Jesse Boulerice called up
1-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
5-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
6-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
9-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
9-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
10-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
10-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
11-Feb-08Kyle Greentree called up
13-Feb-08Ryan Parent called up
15-Feb-08Kyle Greentree demoted
15-Feb-08Kyle Greentree called up
17-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
17-Feb-08Denis Tolpeko called up
17-Feb-08Kyle Greentree demoted
18-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
18-Feb-08Claude Giroux called up (from juniors)
18-Feb-08Stefan Ruzicka called up
21-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
22-Feb-08Claude Giroux sent back to juniors
22-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
22-Feb-08Patrick Thoresen claimed from Edmonton Oilers on waivers
24-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
24-Feb-08Rory Fitzpatrick demoted
26-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
26-Feb-08Steve Downie demoted
26-Feb-08Stefan Ruzicka demoted
26-Feb-08Ryan Parent demoted
27-Feb-08Jesse Boulerice called up
27-Feb-08Steve Downie called up
27-Feb-08Ryan Parent called up
5-Mar-08Stefan Ruzicka called up
9-Mar-08Stefan Ruzicka demoted
15-Mar-08Jesse Boulerice demoted
19-Mar-08Michael-Lee Teslak signed as a free agent
19-Mar-08Rob Bellamy signed as a free agent
19-Mar-08Matt Clackson signed as a free agent
29-Mar-08Jon Kalinski signed
4-Apr-08Andreas Nodl signed
4-Apr-08Michael Ratchuk signed
10-Apr-08Nate Guenin called up
11-Apr-08Nate Guenin demoted
10-May-08Ryan Potulny called up
10-May-08Nate Guenin called up
10-May-08Scott Munroe called up
12-May-08Stefan Ruzicka called up
12-May-08Kyle Greentree called up
3-Jun-08Sami Kapanen retired
27-Jun-08Jeff Carter signed (3 yr, $15M)
29-Jun-08Steve Eminger signed (1 Yr, $1.2M)
30-Jun-08Denis Gauthier put on waivers
1-Jul-08Ossi Vaananen signed as a free agent
1-Jul-08Glen Metropolit signed as a free agent
1-Jul-08Nate Raduns signed as a free agent
1-Jul-08Sean Curry signed as a free agent
1-Jul-08Randy Jones signed (2 yr $5.5M)
1-Jul-08Riley Cote signed (3 yr $1.65M)
7-Jul-08Arron Asham signed as a free agent
7-Jul-08Paul Holmgren signed (3 year extension as GM)
15-Jul-08Eric Desjardins signed (Player Development Coach)
21-Jul-08Joffrey Lupul signed (4 year extension)
22-Jul-08Kevin Marshall signed (Entry level contract)
7-Aug-08Chris Zarb signed (Entry level contract)
7-Aug-08Craig Berube signed (Assistant coach)
7-Aug-08John Paddock signed (Head coach Phantoms)
14-Aug-08John Stevens signed (Two year extension)
18-Sep-08Jean-Sebastien Aubin signed (1 yr)
24-Sep-08Zac Rinaldo sent back to juniors
24-Sep-08Marc-Andre Bourdon sent back to juniors
24-Sep-08Jacob DeSerres sent back to juniors
30-Sep-08Oskars Bartulis demoted
30-Sep-08Tim Ramholt demoted
30-Sep-08Mike Ratchuk demoted
30-Sep-08Rob Bellamy demoted
30-Sep-08Frederik Cabana demoted
30-Sep-08Matt Clackson demoted
30-Sep-08Garrett Klotz demoted
30-Sep-08David Laliberte demoted
30-Sep-08Ned Lukacevic demoted
30-Sep-08Patrick Maroon demoted
30-Sep-08Jon Matsumoto demoted
30-Sep-08Nate Raduns demoted
30-Sep-08Jeremy Duchesne demoted
30-Sep-08Tim Branham released
30-Sep-08Brad Brown released
30-Sep-08Igor Karlov released
30-Sep-08Mike Kaye released
30-Sep-08Dennis Packard released
30-Sep-08Mike Hoffman released
1-Oct-08Luca Sbisa signed (Entry level contract)
1-Oct-08Maxime Ouellet released
2-Oct-08Sean Curry demoted
2-Oct-08Claude Giroux demoted
2-Oct-08Nate Guenin demoted
2-Oct-08Jon Kalinski demoted
2-Oct-08Boyd Kane demoted
2-Oct-08Jared Ross demoted
4-Oct-08Jim Dowd released
4-Oct-08Brian Berard released
6-Oct-08Danny Syvret demoted
6-Oct-08Andreas Nodl demoted
8-Oct-08Jean-Sebastien Aubin put on waivers
8-Oct-08Darroll Powe demoted
9-Oct-08Jean-Sebastien Aubin demoted
9-Oct-08Jared Ross called up
14-Oct-08Bill Barber signed (Scouting consultant)
20-Oct-08Jared Ross demoted
20-Oct-08Steve Downie demoted
21-Oct-08Andreas Nodl called up
23-Oct-08Jared Ross called up
23-Oct-08Darroll Powe called up
26-Oct-08Jared Ross demoted
30-Oct-08Steve Downie called up
31-Oct-08Steve Downie demoted
1-Nov-08Steve Downie called up
1-Nov-08Jared Ross called up
3-Nov-08Steve Downie demoted
3-Nov-08Jared Ross demoted
4-Nov-08Boyd Kane called up
4-Nov-08Nate Raduns called up
7-Nov-08Boyd Kane demoted
7-Nov-08Nate Raduns demoted
13-Nov-08Lasse Kukkonen put on waivers
8-Nov-08Josh Gratton called up
15-Nov-08Jared Ross called up
17-Nov-08Frederik Cabana released
18-Nov-08Jared Ross demoted
20-Nov-08Jonathon Kalinski called up
1-Dec-08Josh Gratton put on waivers
2-Dec-08Josh Gratton demoted
4-Dec-08Jonathon Kalinski demoted
4-Dec-08Darroll Powe called up
16-Dec-08Scott Munroe called up
17-Dec-08Randy Jones demoted (Conditioning)
19-Dec-08Josh Gratton called up
19-Dec-08Scott Munroe demoted
19-Dec-08Andreas Nodl demoted
20-Dec-08Scott Munroe called up
20-Dec-08Jonathon Kalinski called up
20-Dec-08Randy Jones called up
20-Dec-08Scott Munroe demoted
23-Dec-08Andreas Nodl called up
23-Dec-08Andreas Nodl demoted
23-Dec-08Jon Kalinski demoted
26-Dec-08Jon Kalinski called up
26-Dec-08Claude Giroux called up
28-Dec-08Ryan Parent demoted
5-Jan-09Scott Munroe called up
5-Jan-09Andreas Nodl called up
8-Jan-09Lasse Kukkonen put on waivers
12-Jan-09Scott Munroe demoted
14-Jan-09Andreas Nodl demoted
14-Jan-09Daniel Briere demoted (Conditioning)
18-Jan-08Claude Giroux demoted
19-Jan-08Claude Giroux called up
20-Jan-09Daniel Briere called up
2-Feb-09Luca Sbisa sent back to juniors
4-Feb-09Ryan Parent called up
4-Feb-09Jared Ross called up
5-Feb-09Jared Ross demoted
6-Feb-09Jared Ross called up
9-Feb-09Jared Ross demoted
10-Feb-09Lasse Kukkonen demoted
14-Feb-09Scott Munroe called up
14-Feb-09Scott Munroe demoted
23-Feb-09Josh Gratton demoted
23-Feb-09Jonathon Kalinski demoted
24-Feb-09Lasse Kukkonen called up
26-Feb-09Ossi Vaananen put on waivers
26-Feb-09Glen Metropolit put on waivers
27-Feb-09Ossi Vaananen lost to Vancouver Canucks via waiver draft
27-Feb-09Glen Metropolit lost to Montreal Canadiens via waiver draft
27-Feb-09Jared Ross called up
28-Feb-09Lasse Kukkonen demoted
28-Feb-09Claude Giroux demoted
28-Feb-09Nate Guenin called up
3-Mar-09Claude Giroux called up
3-Mar-09Nate Guenin demoted
3-Mar-09Jared Ross demoted
6-Mar-09Andreas Nodl called up
12-Mar-09Andreas Nodl demoted
16-Mar-09Danny Syvret called up
23-Mar-09Danny Syvret demoted
26-Mar-09Johan Backlund signed as a free agent
26-Mar-09Danny Syvret called up
27-Mar-09Danny Syvret demoted
29-Mar-09Andreas Nodl called up
30-Mar-09Andreas Nodl demoted
31-Mar-09Andreas Nodl called up
1-Apr-09James van Riemsdyk signed (Multi-year entry level contract)
9-Apr-09David Sloane signed as a free agent
12-Apr-09Jamie Fritsch signed as a free agent
13-Apr-09Andreas Nodl demoted
13-Apr-09Jared Ross called up
13-Apr-09Luca Sbisa called up
10-Jun-09Ray Emery signed as a free agent
15-Jun-09Derian Hatcher retired
15-Jun-09Derian Hatcher signed (Player development coach)
1-Jul-09Brian Boucher signed as a free agent
1-Jul-09Ian Laperriere signed as a free agent
7-Jul-09Chris Pronger signed (7 year $35m extension)
9-Jul-09Jeff Reese signed (Goaltending coach)
9-Jul-09John Paddock signed (Assistant GM)
9-Jul-09Joey Mormina signed as a free agent
14-Jul-09Mika Pyorala signed as a free agent
15-Jul-09Krystofer Kolanos signed as a free agent
18-Jul-09Jason Ward signed as a free agent
23-Jul-09Lukas Kaspar signed as a free agent
24-Jul-09Marc-Andre Bourdon signed (Entry level contract)
28-Jul-09Greg Gilbert signed (Phantoms Head Coach)
30-Jul-09Ole-Kristian Tollefsen signed as a free agent
7-Aug-09Nicola Riopel signed
11-Aug-09Danny Syvret signed (1 yr)
11-Aug-09Zac Rinaldo signed (1 yr)
11-Aug-09Nicola Riopel signed (1 yr AHL)
11-Aug-09David Sloane signed (1 yr AHL)
21-Sep-09Mark Bell released
21-Sep-09Adrian Foster released
21-Sep-09Andreas Nodl demoted
21-Sep-09Jared Ross demoted
21-Sep-09Jon Kalinski demoted
21-Sep-09Josh Beaulieu demoted
21-Sep-09Rob Bellamy demoted
21-Sep-09Matt Clackson demoted
21-Sep-09Ryan Dingle demoted
21-Sep-09Garrett Klotz demoted
21-Sep-09Jon Matsumoto demoted
21-Sep-09Tomas Sinisalo demoted
21-Sep-09Oskars Bartulis demoted
21-Sep-09Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
21-Sep-09Joonas Lehtivuori demoted
21-Sep-09Kevin Marshall demoted
21-Sep-09Mike Ratchuk demoted
21-Sep-09David Sloane demoted
21-Sep-09Logan Stephenson demoted
21-Sep-09Matt Duchene demoted
21-Sep-09Nicola Riopel demoted
21-Sep-09Michael-Lee Teslak demoted
21-Sep-09David Labrecque sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Zac Rinaldo sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Mike Thomas sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Eric Wellwood sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Tyler Hostetter signed (3 year)
21-Sep-09Tyler Hostetter sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Brennan Yadlowski sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Adam Morrison sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Jacob DeSerres sent back to juniors
24-Sep-09Johan Backlund demoted
27-Sep-09Randy Jones put on waivers
27-Sep-09Johan Backlund called up
28-Sep-09Jason Ward demoted
28-Sep-09Lukas Kaspar demoted
28-Sep-09Pat Maroon demoted
28-Sep-09David Laliberte demoted
30-Sep-09Randy Jones demoted
1-Oct-09Blair Betts signed as a free agent
1-Oct-09Marc-Andre Bourdon called up
1-Oct-09Michael Teslak called up
1-Oct-09Michael Teslak demoted
4-Oct-09Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
18-Oct-09Brian Boucher demoted
19-Oct-09Brian Boucher called up
25-Oct-09Oskars Bartulis called up
26-Oct-09Oskars Bartulis demoted
29-Oct-09Randy Jones lost to Los Angeles Kings via waiver draft
30-Oct-09David Laliberte called up
9-Nov-09Oskars Bartulis called up
14-Nov-09David Laliberte demoted
26-Nov-09Danny Syvret put on waivers
4-Dec-09Peter Laviolette signed (Head coach)
4-Dec-09Kevin McCarthy signed (Assistant coach)
15-Dec-09Michael Leighton claimed from Carolna Hurricanes on waivers
16-Dec-09Johan Backlund demoted
16-Dec-09Andreas Nodl demoted
18-Dec-09Jon Kalinski demoted
22-Dec-09Johan Backlund called up
23-Dec-09Johan Backlund demoted
27-Dec-09Danny Syvret called up
9-Jan-10Ray Emery demoted (Conditioning)
10-Jan-10Ray Emery called up
30-Jan-10Lucas Krajicek signed as a free agent
11-Feb-10Blair Betts signed (2 yr extension, $1.4M)
1-Mar-10Luke Pither signed as a free agent
2-Mar-10Shane Harper signed as a free agent
18-Mar-10Ben Holmstrom signed as a free agent
19-Mar-10Mike Testwuide signed as a free agent
29-Mar-10Erik Gustafsson signed as a free agent
6-May-10Sergei Bobrovsky signed as a free agent
30-Jun-10Michael Leighton signed (2yr, $3.1M)
1-Jul-10Braydon Coburn signed (2 yr, $3.2M/yr)
1-Jul-10Sean O'Donnell signed as a free agent
1-Jul-10Jody Shelley signed as a free agent
9-Jul-10Nikolay Zherdev signed as a free agent
13-Jul-10Dan Carcillo signed (1 yr, $1.075M)
14-Jul-07David Laliberte signed as a free agent
15-Jul-10Dan Jancevski signed as a free agent
21-Jul-10Matt Clackson signed (1 yr, 2 way)
22-Jul-10Darroll Powe signed (1 yr, $725K)
9-Aug-10Riley Cote retired
9-Aug-10Riley Cote signed (Ast Coach Phantoms)
25-Sep-10Greg Moore demoted
25-Sep-10Luke Pither demoted
25-Sep-10Matt Clackson demoted
25-Sep-10Garrett Klotz demoted
25-Sep-10Pat Maroon demoted
25-Sep-10Tye McGinn demoted
25-Sep-10Zac Rinaldo demoted
25-Sep-10Andrew Rowe demoted
25-Sep-10Shane Harper demoted
25-Sep-10Stefan Legein demoted
25-Sep-10Chad Denny demoted
25-Sep-10Jesse Dudas demoted
25-Sep-10Cullen Eddy demoted
25-Sep-10Dan Jancevski demoted
25-Sep-10Logan Stephenson demoted
25-Sep-10J.P. Testwuide demoted
25-Sep-10Nic Riopel demoted
25-Sep-10Brian Stewart demoted
25-Sep-10Ricard Blidstrand sent back to juniors
25-Sep-10Michael Chaput sent back to juniors
25-Sep-10David Labrecque sent back to juniors
25-Sep-10Brendan Ranford sent back to juniors
25-Sep-10Tyler Hostetter sent back to juniors
25-Sep-10Justin Dowling released
25-Sep-10Blake Gal released
25-Sep-10Michael Ryan released
25-Sep-10Ryan Lannon released
25-Sep-10Joe Piskula released
27-Sep-10Greg Moore put on waivers
27-Sep-10Dan Jancevski put on waivers
4-Oct-10Johan Backlund put on waivers
4-Oct-10David Laliberte put on waivers
4-Oct-10Johan Backlund demoted
4-Oct-10Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
4-Oct-10Erik Gustafsson demoted
4-Oct-10Jon Kalinski demoted
4-Oct-10Mike Testwuide demoted
4-Oct-10David Laliberte demoted
4-Oct-10Ben Holmstrom demoted
4-Oct-10Bill Guerin released
5-Oct-10Andreas Nodl demoted
7-Oct-10Andreas Nodl called up
23-Oct-10Oskars Bartulis demoted (Conditioning assignment)
31-Oct-10Oskars Bartulis called up
1-Nov-10Eric Wellwood called up
8-Nov-10Eric Wellwood demoted (Loaned to Phantoms)
8-Nov-10Claude Giroux signed (3 yr/$11.25M)
13-Nov-10Jeff Carter signed (11 yr/$58M)
22-Nov-10Eric Wellwood called up
22-Nov-10Michael Ryan signed as a free agent
22-Nov-10Michael Ryan demoted
23-Nov-10Brandon Manning signed as a free agent
27-Nov-10Eric Wellwood demoted (Loaned to Phantoms)
30-Nov-10Michael Leighton demoted (Conditioning assignment)
12-Dec-10Michael Leighton called up
13-Dec-10Matt Walker called up
29-Dec-10Erik Gustafsson called up
3-Jan-11Erik Gustafsson demoted
3-Jan-11Michael Leighton put on waivers
4-Jan-11Michael Leighton demoted
6-Jan-11Danny Syvret called up
8-Jan-11Danny Syvret demoted
28-Jan-11Matt Walker demoted
23-Feb-11Nikolay Zherdev put on waivers
25-Feb-11Erik Gustafsson called up
26-Feb-11Nick Boynton claimed from Chicago Blackhawks on waivers
26-Feb-11James van Riemsdyk demoted (Due to roster limit)
26-Feb-11James van Riemsdyk called up
26-Feb-11Erik Gustafsson demoted
2-Mar-11Jason Akeson signed as a free agent
2-Mar-11Tyler Brown signed as a free agent
3-Mar-11Ben Holmstrom called up
5-Mar-11Ben Holmstrom demoted
7-Mar-11Harry Zolnierczyk signed as a free agent
14-Mar-11Erik Gustafsson called up
15-Mar-11Oliver Lauridsen signed as a free agent
20-Mar-11Erik Gustafsson demoted
22-Mar-11Danny Syvret called up
23-Mar-11Danny Syvret demoted
23-Mar-11Matt Read signed as a free agent
2-Apr-11Danny Syvret called up
4-Apr-11Ben Holmstrom called up
6-Apr-11Michael Leighton called up
13-Apr-11Johan Backlund called up
13-Apr-11Matt Walker called up
13-Apr-11Erik Gustafsson called up
13-Apr-11Kevin Marshall called up
13-Apr-11Ben Holmstrom called up
13-Apr-11Zac Rinaldo called up
13-Apr-11Michael Ryan called up
13-Apr-11Mike Testwuide called up
13-Apr-11Eric Wellwood called up
17-May-11Niko Hovinen signed as a free agent
23-Jun-11Ilya Bryzgalov signed ($15M/9yr contract)
27-Jun-11Andreas Nodl signed
27-Jun-11Tom Sestito signed
1-Jul-11Jaromir Jagr signed as a free agent
1-Jul-11Jakub Voracek signed (1 yr $2.25M)
1-Jul-11Andreas Lilja signed as a free agent
1-Jul-11Maxime Talbot signed as a free agent
7-Jul-11Wayne Simmonds signed (2 yr $3.5M)
7-Jul-11Jason Bacashihua signed
7-Jul-11Tye McGinn signed
18-Jul-11Marcel Noebels signed
18-Jul-11Jonathon Kalinski signed (1 yr $605K (2 way))
30-Aug-01James van Riemsdyk signed (6yr contract extension)
14-Sep-11Blake Kessel signed (Entry-level contract)
19-Sep-11Etienne Boutet sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Ricard Blidstrand sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Shayne Campbell sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Nick Cousins sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Campbell Elynuik sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Austin Fyten sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Sam Grist sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Simon Gronvaldt sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Michael Houser sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Tomas Hyka sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Derek Mathers sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Jonathan Narbonne sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Marcel Noebels sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Brendan Ranford sent back to juniors
19-Sep-11Colin Suellentrop sent back to juniors
21-Sep-11Sean Couturier signed (Entry-level contract)
24-Sep-11Jason Akeson demoted
24-Sep-11Tyler Brown demoted
24-Sep-11Shane Harper demoted
24-Sep-11Ben Holmstrom demoted
24-Sep-11Tye McGinn demoted
24-Sep-11Luke Pither demoted
24-Sep-11Mike Testwuide demoted
24-Sep-11Eric Wellwood demoted
24-Sep-11Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
24-Sep-11Tyler Hostetter demoted
24-Sep-11Blake Kessel demoted
24-Sep-11Oliver Lauridsen demoted
24-Sep-11Kevin Marshall demoted
24-Sep-11Brad Phillips demoted
24-Sep-11Cullen Eddy demoted
24-Sep-11Garrett Klotz demoted
24-Sep-11Garrett Roe demoted
24-Sep-11Jason Bacashihua put on waivers
24-Sep-11Johan Backlund put on waivers
24-Sep-11Stefan Legein put on waivers
24-Sep-11Jon Kalinski put on waivers
24-Sep-11Dan Jancevski put on waivers
25-Sep-11Jason Bacashihua demoted
25-Sep-11Johan Backlund demoted
25-Sep-11Stefan Legein demoted
25-Sep-11Jon Kalinski demoted
25-Sep-11Dan Jancevski demoted
25-Sep-11Michael Nylander released
25-Sep-11Adam Mair released
27-Sep-11Tom Sestito put on waivers
29-Sep-11Michael Leighton put on waivers
1-Oct-11Mike Testwuide called up
1-Oct-11Eric Wellwood called up
1-Oct-11Ben Holmstrom called up
1-Oct-11Tom Sestito demoted
1-Oct-11Michael Leighton demoted
2-Oct-11Mike Testwuide demoted
2-Oct-11Eric Wellwood demoted
2-Oct-11Ben Holmstrom demoted
4-Oct-11Blair Betts put on waivers
4-Oct-11Oskars Bartulis put on waivers
4-Oct-11Matt Walker put on waivers
5-Oct-11Blair Betts lost to Montreal Canadiens via waiver draft
5-Oct-11Oskars Bartulis demoted
18-Oct-11Harry Zolnierczyk called up
19-Oct-11Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
19-Oct-11Zac Rinaldo demoted
19-Oct-11Brayden Schenn called up
26-Oct-11Zac Rinaldo called up
26-Oct-11Erik Gustafsson called up
1-Nov-11Ben Holmstrom called up
1-Nov-11Harry Zolnierczyk called up
1-Nov-11Matt Walker demoted
4-Nov-11Eric Wellwood called up
9-Nov-11Braydon Coburn signed (4 yr extension)
21-Nov-11Marc-Andre Bourdon called up
21-Nov-11Kevin Marshall called up
21-Nov-11Harry Zolnierczyk demoted (Loan to Trenton Titans)
23-Nov-11Kevin Marshall demoted
23-Nov-11Brayden Schenn demoted (Conditioning)
23-Nov-11Harry Zolnierczyk called up
28-Nov-11Brayden Schenn called up
28-Nov-11Kevin Marshall called up
29-Nov-11Andreas Nodl lost to Carolina Hurricanes via waiver draft
3-Dec-11Matt Walker called up
16-Dec-11Andreas Lilja demoted
19-Dec-11Ben Holmstrom called up
19-Dec-11Andreas Lilja called up
11-Jan-12Matt Walker demoted
11-Jan-12Erik Gustafsson called up
21-Jan-12Tom Sestito called up
21-Jan-12Ben Holmstrom called up
25-Jan-12Tom Sestito demoted
25-Jan-12Ben Holmstrom demoted
25-Jan-12Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
30-Jan-12Harry Zolnierczyk called up
30-Jan-12Tom Sestito called up
30-Jan-12Ben Holmstrom called up
1-Feb-12Ben Holmstrom demoted
2-Feb-12Matt Ford demoted
8-Feb-12Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
9-Feb-12Jason Bacashihua called up
12-Feb-12Eric Wellwood called up
12-Feb-12Jason Bacashihua demoted
18-Feb-12Erik Gustafsson demoted
19-Feb-12Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
26-Feb-12Eric Wellwood demoted
2-Mar-12Eric Wellwood called up
3-Mar-12Erik Gustafsson called up
6-Mar-12Cal Heeter signed as a free agent
7-Mar-12Harry Zolnierczyk called up
8-Mar-12Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
8-Mar-12Brandon Manning called up
13-Mar-12Brandon Manning demoted
17-Mar-12Brandon Manning called up
21-Mar-12Brandon Manning demoted
21-Mar-12Erik Gustafsson demoted
23-Mar-12Erik Gustafsson called up
27-Mar-12Marc-Andre Bourdon called up
27-Mar-12Jason Bacashihua called up
30-Mar-12Erik Gustafsson demoted
2-Apr-12Matt Mangene signed as a free agent
2-Apr-12Matt Konan signed as a free agent
3-Apr-12Jason Bacashihua demoted
6-Apr-12Nicklas Grossman signed (Multiyear extension)
6-Apr-12Harry Zolnierczyk called up
7-Apr-12Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
17-Apr-12Tyler Brown called up
17-Apr-12Matt Ford called up
17-Apr-12Erik Gustafsson called up
17-Apr-12Ben Holmstrom called up
17-Apr-12Oliver Lauridsen called up
17-Apr-12Michael Leighton called up
17-Apr-12Brandon Manning called up
17-Apr-12Tye McGinn called up
17-Apr-12Harry Zolnierczyk called up
17-May-12Derek Mathers signed (Entry level)
20-May-12Andrew Johnston signed as a free agent
8-Jun-12Ian Laperriere retired
29-Jun-12Ian Laperriere signed (Director of player development)
29-Jun-12Terry Murray signed (Head coach Adirondack Phantoms)
1-Jul-12Michael Leighton signed (1 yr, $900K)
3-Jul-12Mike Testwuide signed (1 yr, $525K)
5-Jul-12Bruno Gervais signed as a free agent
5-Jul-12Ruslan Fedotenko signed as a free agent
9-Jul-12Tom Sestito signed (1 yr, $605K)
12-Jul-12Ben Holmstrom signed (1 yr, $550K)
25-Jul-12Harry Zolnierczyk signed (1 yr, $600K)
26-Jul-12Jakub Voracek signed (4 yr, $17M)
8-Aug-12Scott Laughton signed (Entry-level contract)
8-Aug-12Marc-Andre Bourdon signed (Multi-year extension)
15-Aug-12Wayne Simmonds signed (Six year extension)
20-Aug-12Scott Hartnell signed (Six year extension)
13-Jan-13Kurtis Foster signed as a free agent
13-Jan-13Scott Laughton called up
13-Jan-13Zac Rinaldo called up
13-Jan-13Tye McGinn called up
13-Jan-13Sean Couturier called up
13-Jan-13Eric Wellwood called up
13-Jan-13Brayden Schenn called up
14-Jan-13Matt Ford put on waivers
14-Jan-13Danny Syvret put on waivers
16-Jan-13Brian Boucher put on waivers
16-Jan-13Andreas Lilja put on waivers
16-Jan-13Tye McGinn demoted
17-Jan-13Andreas Lilja demoted
21-Jan-13Tye McGinn called up
23-Jan-13Niko Hovinen put on waivers
24-Jan-13Niko Hovinen released
24-Jan-13Mike Knuble signed as a free agent
25-Jan-13Andreas Lilja called up
27-Jan-13Scott Laughton sent back to juniors
7-Feb-13Kimmo Timonen signed (1 yr/$6M)
10-Feb-13Brian Boucher called up
12-Feb-13Harry Zolnierczyk called up
16-Feb-13Erik Gustafsson called up
23-Feb-13Tom Sestito demoted
28-Feb-13Michael Leighton put on waivers
28-Feb-13Tom Sestito put on waivers
1-Mar-13Tom Sestito lost to Vancouver Canucks via waiver draft
1-Mar-13Brandon Alderson signed as a free agent
1-Mar-13Anthony Stolarz signed (Entry level contract)
19-Mar-13Kyle Flanagan signed as a free agent
15-Mar-13Harry Zolnierczyk called up
19-Mar-13Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
24-Mar-13Harry Zolnierczyk demoted
25-Mar-13Tye McGinn called up
27-Mar-13Erik Gustafsson called up
29-Mar-13Oliver Lauridsen called up
2-Apr-13Kurtis Foster put on waivers
3-Apr-13Cal Heeter called up
3-Apr-13Adam Hall claimed from Tampa Bay Lightning via waiver draft
4-Apr-13Cal Heeter demoted
8-Apr-13Steve Mason signed (one-year contract extension)
11-Apr-13Petr Straka signed as a free agent
11-Apr-13Tye McGinn demoted
16-Apr-13Matt Konan called up
16-Apr-13Brandon Manning called up
17-Apr-13Zac Rinaldo signed (2 year contract extension)
17-Apr-13Jay Rosehill signed (2 year contract extension)
18-Apr-13Matt Konan demoted
22-Apr-13Tye McGinn called up
22-Apr-13Jason Akeson called up
22-Apr-13Scott Laughton called up
22-Apr-13Matt Konan called up
23-Apr-13Andreas Lilja called up
31-May-13Maxim Lamarche signed as a free agent
31-May-13Michael Raffl signed as a free agent
27-Jun-13Daniel Briere bought out
27-Jun-13Ilya Bryzgalov bought out
28-Jun-13Mark Streit signed (4 years, $21 million)
2-Jul-13Vincent Lecavalier signed as a free agent
4-Jul-13Adam Hall signed (1 year, $600,000)
5-Jul-13Ray Emery signed as a free agent
5-Jul-13Yann Danis signed as a free agent
5-Jul-13Claude Giroux signed (8 years, $66.2 million)
5-Jul-13Erik Gustafsson signed (1 year, $1 million)
10-Jul-13Oliver Lauridsen signed (2 years, $1.2 million)
20-Jul-13Sean Couturier signed (2 years, $3.5 million)
9-Aug-13Jody Shelley retired
9-Sep-13Taylor Leier signed (Entry Level contract)
16-Sep-13Stephen Harper released
16-Sep-13Andrew Ryan released
16-Sep-13Colin MacDonald released
16-Sep-13Anthony Stolarz sent back to juniors
17-Sep-13Sam Morin signed (Entry Level Contract ($4.275M/3yr) )
18-Sep-13Brandon Alderson demoted
18-Sep-13Jason Akeson demoted
18-Sep-13Mark Alt demoted
18-Sep-13Rob Bordson demoted
18-Sep-13Tyler Brown demoted
18-Sep-13Carsen Chubak demoted
18-Sep-13Doug Clarkson demoted
18-Sep-13Nick Cousins demoted
18-Sep-13Steven Delisle demoted
18-Sep-13Cullen Eddy demoted
18-Sep-13Kyle Flanagan demoted
18-Sep-13Cal Heeter demoted
18-Sep-13Tyler Hostetter demoted
18-Sep-13Andrew Johnston demoted
18-Sep-13Matt Konan demoted
18-Sep-13Maxim Lamarche demoted
18-Sep-13Matt Mangene demoted
18-Sep-13Brandon Manning demoted
18-Sep-13Derek Mathers demoted
18-Sep-13Tye McGinn demoted
18-Sep-13Mark Nemec demoted
18-Sep-13Marcel Noebels demoted
18-Sep-13Petr Straka demoted
18-Sep-13Zack Fitzgerald demoted
18-Sep-13Tyrell Goulbourne sent back to juniors
18-Sep-13Taylor Leier sent back to juniors
18-Sep-13Sam Morin sent back to juniors
18-Sep-13Todd Orlando released
19-Sep-13Yann Danis put on waivers
19-Sep-13Ben Holmstrom put on waivers
19-Sep-13Kris Newbury put on waivers
19-Sep-13Marc-Andre Bourdon put on waivers
27-Sep-13Michael Raffl demoted
27-Sep-13Oliver Lauridsen demoted
28-Sep-13Bruno Gervais put on waivers
28-Sep-13Adam Hall put on waivers
30-Sep-13Bruno Gervais demoted
30-Sep-13Adam Hall demoted
1-Oct-13Adam Hall called up
3-Oct-13Scott Laughton sent back to juniors
3-Oct-13Kris Newbury called up
7-Oct-13Craig Berube signed (Named as Flyers head coach)
12-Oct-13Michael Raffl called up
12-Oct-13Tye McGinn called up
23-Oct-13Kris Newbury demoted
25-Oct-13Tye McGinn demoted
2-Nov-13Tye McGinn called up
7-Nov-13Kris Newbury called up
9-Dec-13Tye McGinn called up
11-Jan-14Tye McGinn called up
20-Dec-13Pavel Kubina retired
7-Nov-13Tye McGinn demoted
9-Nov-13Kris Newbury demoted
12-Dec-13Tye McGinn demoted
13-Jan-14Tye McGinn demoted
30-Jan-14Chris VandeVelde demoted
12-Dec-13Chris VandeVelde signed as a free agent
12-Dec-13Tye McGinn demoted
20-Dec-13Pavel Kubina retired
11-Jan-14Tye McGinn called up
13-Jan-14Tye McGinn demoted
18-Jan-14Steve Mason signed (Multiyear extension)
30-Jan-14Chris VandeVelde demoted
1-Mar-14Cal Heeter called up
3-Mar-14Cal Heeter demoted
4-Mar-14Cal Heeter called up
4-Mar-14Michael Raffl demoted
5-Mar-14Michael Raffl called up
11-Mar-14Chris VandeVelde called up
13-Mar-14Cal Heeter demoted
13-Mar-14Chris VandeVelde demoted
22-Mar-14Michael Raffl signed (2 year extension)
24-Mar-14Tye McGinn called up
12-Apr-14Cal Heeter called up
12-Apr-14Jason Akeson called up
15-Apr-14Andrew MacDonald signed (6 yr $30M)
15-Apr-14Shayne Gostisbehere signed (Entry level contract)
7-May-14Ron Hextall signed (Named as Flyers GM)
7-May-14Paul Holmgren signed (Named as Flyers President)
12-Jun-14Pierre-Edouard Bellemare signed as a free agent
13-Jun-14Kimmo Timonen signed (1 year extension)
23-Jun-14Brayden Schenn signed (2 year extension)
1-Jul-14Ray Emery signed as a free agent
1-Jul-14Rob Zepp signed as a free agent
1-Jul-14Blair Jones signed as a free agent
2-Jul-14Jason Akeson signed (1 yr 2 way)
2-Jul-14Nick Schultz signed as a free agent
2-Jul-14Andrew Gordon signed as a free agent
2-Jul-14Zack Stortini signed as a free agent
4-Jul-14Chris VandeVelde signed as a free agent
14-Jul-14Jesper Pettersson signed (Entry level contract)
5-Aug-14Michael Del Zotto signed as a free agent
7-Aug-14Ryan White signed as a free agent
26-Aug-14Brandon Manning signed (1 yr 2 way extension)
1-Sep-14Zac Rinaldo signed (2 yr contract extension)
17-Sep-14Nikita Jevpalovs released (released from amateur tryout)
17-Sep-14Louick Marcotte released (released from amateur tryout)
17-Sep-14Beau Rusk released (released from amateur tryout)
24-Sep-14Nicholas Aube-Kubel sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Radel Fazleev sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Travis Sanheim sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Brandon Alderson demoted
24-Sep-14Mark Alt demoted
24-Sep-14Nick Cousins demoted
24-Sep-14Steven Delisle demoted
24-Sep-14Brett Flemming demoted
24-Sep-14Austin Fyten demoted
24-Sep-14Kevin Goumas demoted
24-Sep-14Robert Hagg demoted
24-Sep-14Matt Hatch demoted
24-Sep-14Brett Hextall demoted
24-Sep-14Andrew Johnston demoted
24-Sep-14Connor Knapp demoted
24-Sep-14Maxim Lamarche demoted
24-Sep-14Derek Mathers demoted
24-Sep-14Marcel Noebels demoted
24-Sep-14Martin Ouellette demoted
24-Sep-14Jesper Pettersson demoted
24-Sep-14Anthony Stolarz demoted
24-Sep-14Petr Straka demoted
25-Sep-14Travis Sanheim signed (3 yr entry level contract)
26-Sep-14Darroll Powe demoted
26-Sep-14Taylor Leier demoted
27-Sep-14Andrew Gordon demoted
27-Sep-14Brandon Manning demoted
27-Sep-14Oliver Lauridsen demoted
1-Oct-14Scott Laughton demoted
1-Oct-14Shayne Gostisbehere demoted
2-Oct-14Nicolas Aube-Kubel demoted
3-Oct-14Sam Morin sent back to juniors
3-Oct-14Jay Rosehill demoted
3-Oct-14Rob Zepp demoted
3-Oct-14Chris VandeVelde demoted
10-Oct-14Marcel Noebels put on waivers
15-Oct-14Chris VandeVelde called up
24-Oct-14Shayne Gostisbehere called up
29-Oct-14Brandon Manning called up
30-Oct-14Carlo Colaiacovo signed as a free agent
31-Oct-14Shayne Gostisbehere demoted
4-Nov-14Blair Jones put on waivers
5-Nov-14Brandon Manning demoted
18-Nov-14Blair Jones demoted
18-Nov-14Scott Laughton called up
27-Nov-14Jason Akeson put on waivers
28-Nov-14Jason Akeson demoted
19-Dec-14Rob Zepp called up
28-Dec-14Ryan White demoted
29-Dec-14Rob Zepp demoted
5-Jan-15Ryan White called up
5-Jan-15Nick Cousins called up
5-JanRyan White put on waivers
6-JanRyan White demoted
11-JanRob Zepp called up
17-Jan-15Jason Akeson called up
18-Jan-15Jason Akeson demoted
19-Jan-15Brandon Manning called up
19-Jan-15Oliver Lauridsen called up
21-Jan-15Brandon Manning demoted
21-Jan-15Oliver Lauridsen demoted
26-Jan-15Ryan White called up
27-Jan-15Petr Straka called up
28-Jan-15Rob Zepp demoted
1-Feb-15Petr Straka demoted
9-Feb-15Anthony Stolarz called up
15-Feb-15Scott Laughton demoted
16-Feb-15Rob Zepp called up
16-Feb-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
18-Feb-15Nick Schultz signed (2 yr)
24-Feb-15Anthony Stolarz called up
25-Feb-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
28-Feb-15Rob Zepp put on waivers
1-Mar-15Anthony Stolarz called up
1-Mar-15Rob Zepp demoted
2-Mar-15Pierre-Edouard Bellemare signed (2 yr)
2-Mar-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
3-Mar-15Tyrell Goulbourne signed (3 yr)
7-Mar-15Brandon Manning called up
11-Mar-15Danick Martel signed as a free agent
12-Mar-15Cole Bardreau signed as a free agent
15-Mar-15Nick Cousins called up
19-Mar-15Brandon Manning demoted
26-Mar-15Brandon Manning called up
28-Mar-15Mark Alt called up
28-Mar-15Oliver Lauridsen called up
28-Mar-15Mark Alt demoted
28-Mar-15Oliver Lauridsen demoted
10-Apr-15Brandon Manning signed (1 yr extension)
23-Apr-15Hal Gill retired
1-May-15Christian Marti signed as a free agent
18-May-15Dave Hakstol signed (Head coach Flyers)
20-May-15Evgeni Medvedev signed as a free agent
20-May-15Aaron Palushaj signed as a free agent
20-May-15Radel Fazleev signed (Entry level contract)
29-Jun-15Chris VandeVelde signed (2yr $1.425m)
30-Jun-15Ryan White signed (1 yr, $800k)
1-Jul-15Michael Neuvirth signed as a free agent
1-Jul-15Tim Brent signed as a free agent
1-Jul-15Chris Connor signed as a free agent
1-Jul-15Davis Drewiske signed as a free agent
2-Jul-15Jason LaBarbera signed as a free agent
2-Jul-15Colin McDonald signed as a free agent
4-Jul-15Ivan Provorov signed (Entry level contract)
16-Jul-15Travis Konecny signed (Entry level contract)
16-Jul-15Michael Del Zotto signed (2 yr $7.75M)
28-Jul-15Sean Couturier signed (6 yr $26M)
30-Jul-15Jakub Voracek signed (6 yr $66M)
10-Aug-15Chris Porter signed as a free agent
2-Sep-15Philippe Myers signed as a free agent
22-Sep-15Nicolas Aube-Kubel sent back to juniors
22-Sep-15Philippe Myers sent back to juniors
22-Sep-15Samuel Dove-McFalls sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Travis Konecny sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Ivan Provorov sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Travis Sanheim sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Nick Lukko demoted
23-Sep-15Pavel Padakin demoted
23-Sep-15Brandon Alderson demoted
23-Sep-15Mark Alt demoted
23-Sep-15Cole Bardreau demoted
23-Sep-15Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
23-Sep-15Maxim Lamarche demoted
23-Sep-15Taylor Leier demoted
23-Sep-15Danick Martel demoted
23-Sep-15Derek Mathers demoted
23-Sep-15Sam Morin demoted
23-Sep-15Jesper Pettersson demoted
23-Sep-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
23-Sep-15Petr Straka demoted
23-Sep-15Connor Knapp demoted
23-Sep-15Martin Ouellette demoted
23-Sep-15Michael Parks demoted
23-Sep-15Logan Pyett demoted
23-Sep-15Jay Rosehill demoted
24-Sep-15Davis Drewiske put on waivers
24-Sep-15Aaron Palushaj put on waivers
24-Sep-15Tim Brent put on waivers
24-Sep-15Chris Connor put on waivers
24-Sep-15Jason LaBarbera put on waivers
26-Sep-15Shayne Gostisbehere demoted
26-Sep-15Robert Hagg demoted
26-Sep-15Nick Cousins demoted
30-Sep-15Chris Porter put on waivers
30-Sep-15Colin McDonald put on waivers
1-Oct-15Chris Porter lost to via waiver draft
3-Oct-15Jason LaBarbera demoted
3-Oct-15Colin McDonald demoted
5-Oct-15Andrew MacDonald demoted
12-Oct-15Jason LaBarbera called up
15-Oct-15Jason LaBarbera demoted
24-Oct-15Jason LaBarbera called up
29-Oct-15Jason LaBarbera demoted
1-Nov-15Chris Conner called up
4-Nov-15Chris Conner demoted
4-Nov-15Davis Drewiske called up
11-Nov-15Davis Drewiske demoted
14-Nov-15Shayne Gostisbehere called up
14-Nov-15Taylor Leier called up
17-Nov-15Anthony Stolarz called up
18-Nov-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
24-Nov-15Colin McDonald called up
27-Nov-15Nick Cousins called up
5-Dec-15Colin McDonald demoted
5-Dec-15Nick Cousins demoted
7-Dec-15Andrew MacDonald called up
12-Dec-15Andrew MacDonald demoted
21-Jan-16Sam Gagner called up
27-Jan-16Jason LaBarbera called up
28-Jan-16Jason LaBarbera demoted
2-Feb-16Anthony Stolarz called up
5-Feb-16Nick Cousins called up
11-Feb-16Anthony Stolarz demoted
13-Feb-16Andrew MacDonald called up
27-Feb-16Colin McDonald signed (2 year extension)
28-Feb-16Michael Raffl signed (2 year extension)
29-Feb-16Nick Cousins demoted
12-Mar-16Anthony Stolarz called up
13-Mar-16Anthony Stolarz demoted
20-Mar-16Anthony Stolarz called up
21-Mar-16Reece Willcox signed (2 yr entry-level)
1-Apr-16Ray Emery signed (Remainder of season)
5-Apr-16Alex Lyon signed as a free agent
7-Apr-16Anthony Stolarz demoted
14-Apr-16Alex Lyon demoted
14-Apr-16Ray Emery demoted
17-Apr-16Colin McDonald called up
18-Apr-16Mark Alt called up
18-Apr-16Anthony Stolarz called up
18-Apr-16Chris Conner called up
18-Apr-16Cole Bardreau called up
18-Apr-16Sam Morin called up
18-Apr-16Robert Hagg called up
18-Apr-16Davis Drewiske called up
18-Apr-16Pierre-Edouard Bellemare called up
19-Apr-16Taylor Leier called up
16-Jun-16R.J. Umberger bought out
24-Jun-16Radko Gudas signed (4 yr $13.4M)
1-Jul-16Dale Weise signed as a free agent
1-Jul-16Boyd Gordon signed as a free agent
1-Jul-16Andy Miele signed as a free agent
1-Jul-16Greg Carey signed as a free agent
1-Jul-16Will O'Neill signed as a free agent
5-Jul-16T.J. Brennan signed as a free agent
11-Jul-16Jordan Weal signed (1 yr, $650K)
11-Jul-16Roman Lyubimov signed as a free agent
14-Jul-16Nick Cousins signed (1 yr, $937K)
14-Jul-16Pascal Laberge signed (Entry level contract)
15-Jul-16Petr Straka signed (1 yr, $650K)
25-Jul-16Brayden Schenn signed (4 yr, $20.5M)
26-Jul-16Brandon Manning signed (2 yr, $1.95M)
28-Sep-16Mark Dekanich demoted
28-Sep-16Chris McCarthy demoted
28-Sep-16Maxim Lamarche demoted
28-Sep-16Martin Ouellette demoted
28-Sep-16Jesper Pettersson demoted
28-Sep-16Steve Swavely demoted
28-Sep-16Kevin Sundher demoted
29-Sep-16Nicolas Aube-Kubel demoted
29-Sep-16Radel Fazleev demoted
29-Sep-16Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
29-Sep-16Corban Knight demoted
29-Sep-16Danick Martel demoted
29-Sep-16Mark Zengerle demoted
29-Sep-16Robert Hagg demoted
29-Sep-16Reece Willcox demoted
29-Sep-16Alex Lyon demoted
29-Sep-16Anthony Stolarz demoted
30-Sep-16Andy Miele demoted
30-Sep-16Petr Strak demoted
1-Oct-16Chris Conner demoted
1-Oct-16Greg Carey demoted
1-Oct-16T.J. Brennan demoted
2-Oct-16Carter Hart signed (Entry Level contract)
3-Oct-16Will O'Neill put on waivers
3-Oct-16Colin McDonald put on waivers
5-Oct-16Sam Morin demoted
5-Oct-16Taylor Leier demoted
6-Oct-16Anthony Stolarz called up
9-Oct-16Jordan Weal put on waivers
11-Oct-16Anthony Stolarz demoted
11-Oct-16Roman Lyubimov demoted
13-Oct-16Roman Lyubimov called up
13-Oct-16Jordan Weal demoted
25-Oct-16Taylor Leier called up
27-Oct-16Taylor Leier demoted
3-Nov-16Scott Laughton demoted (Conditioning)
14-Nov-16Anthony Stolarz called up
23-Nov-16Scott Laughton called up
5-Dec-16Scott Laughton demoted
5-Dec-16Taylor Leier called up
1-Jan-17Taylor Leier called up
3-Jan-17Anthony Stolarz called up
4-Jan-17Roman Lyubimov demoted
6-Jan-17Roman Lyubimov called up
14-Jan-17Boyd Gordon demoted
10-Feb-17Jordan Weal called up
1-Mar-17Pierre-Edouard Bellemare signed (2 year, $2.9M)
1-Mar-17Michael Neuvirth signed (2 yr, $5M)
2-Mar-17German Rubtsov signed (Entry level contract)
8-Mar-17Greg Carey signed (One-year contract extension )
21-Mar-17Mark Friedman signed (Entry level contract)
31-Mar-17Mike Vecchione signed as a free agent
1-Apr-17Anthony Stolarz called up
1-Apr-17Colin McDonald called up
4-Apr-17Samuel Morin called up
5-Apr-17Samuel Morin demoted
5-Apr-17Colin McDonald demoted
9-Apr-17Robert Hagg called up
10-Apr-17Anthony Stolarz demoted
10-Apr-17Robert Hagg demoted
21-Apr-17Connor Bunnaman signed (Entry level contract)
26-Apr-17Mikhail Vorobyov signed (Entry level contract)
30-May-17Oskar Lindblom signed (Entry level contract)
9-Jun-17Shayne Gostisbehere signed (6 yr, $4.5M/yr)
29-Jun-17Jordan Weal signed (2 yr)
1-Jul-17Mike Vecchione signed (2 yr)
1-Jul-17Corban Knight signed as a free agent
1-Jul-17Phil Varone signed as a free agent
1-Jul-17Brian Elliott signed as a free agent
11-Jul-17Scott Laughton signed (2 yr)
15-Jul-17Alex Lyon signed (1 yr)
15-Jul-17Anthony Stolarz signed (1 yr)
15-Jul-17Cole Bardreau signed (2 yr)
17-Jul-17Nolan Patrick signed (Entry level contract)
3-Aug-17Morgan Frost signed (Entry level contract)
3-Aug-17Isaac Ratcliffe signed (Entry level contract)
14-Sep-17Morgan Frost sent back to juniors
14-Sep-17Isaac Ratcliffe sent back to juniors
14-Sep-17Matthew Strome sent back to juniors
14-Sep-17Maksim Sushko sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17Connor Bunnaman sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17Pascal Laberge sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17Ivan Kosorenkov sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17German Rubtsov sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17Carter Hart sent back to juniors
21-Sep-17Nicolas Aube-Kubel demoted
21-Sep-17Radel Fazleev demoted
21-Sep-17Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
21-Sep-17Danick Martel demoted
21-Sep-17Carsen Twarynski demoted
21-Sep-17Mikhail Vorobyev demoted
21-Sep-17James de Haas demoted
21-Sep-17Mark Friedman demoted
21-Sep-17Maxim Lamarche demoted
21-Sep-17Philippe Myers demoted
21-Sep-17Reece Willcox demoted
21-Sep-17Leland Irving demoted
23-Sep-17Greg Carey demoted
23-Sep-17T.J. Brennan demoted
23-Sep-17Mark Alt demoted
23-Sep-17Cole Bardreau demoted
23-Sep-17Alex Lyon demoted
23-Sep-17Corban Knight demoted
23-Sep-17Will O'Neill demoted
23-Sep-17Phil Varone demoted
26-Sep-17Mikhail Vorobyev called up
27-Sep-17Mikhail Vorobyev demoted
27-Sep-17Mike Vecchione demoted
2-Oct-17Oskar Lindblom demoted
2-Oct-17Matt Reads put on waivers
11-Oct-17Sam Morin demoted
19-Oct-17Matt Read called up
30-Oct-17Mark Alt called up
31-Oct-17Will O'Neill called up
5-Nov-17Will O'Neill demoted
10-Nov-17Mark Alt demoted
13-Nov-17Mark Alt called up
22-Nov-17Sam Morin called up
22-Nov-17Matt Read demoted
22-Nov-17Mark Alt demoted
22-Nov-17Danick Martel called up
27-Nov-17Sam Morin demoted
29-Nov-17Danick Martel demoted
2-Dec-17Mark Alt called up
6-Dec-17TJ Brennan called up
6-Dec-17Alex Lyon called up
8-Dec-17TJ Brennan demoted
26-Dec-17Alex Lyon demoted
29-Dec-17Mark Alt put on waivers
30-Dec-17Mark Alt demoted
3-Jan-18Tyrell Goulbourne called up
7-Jan-18Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
12-Jan-18Tyrell Goulbourne called up
22-Jan-18Travis Sanheim demoted
22-Jan-18Mark Alt called up
25-Jan-18Alex Lyon called up
26-Jan-18Alex Lyon demoted
30-Jan-18Alex Lyon called up
2-Feb-18Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
5-Feb-18Alex Lyon demoted
11-Feb-18Alex Lyon called up
19-Feb-18Anthony Stolarz demoted
19-Feb-18Oskar Lindblom called up
25-Feb-18John Muse signed as a free agent
25-Feb-18Mark Alt lost to Colorado Avalanche from waivers
26-Feb-18Johnny Oduya claimed from Ottawa Senators on waivers
26-Feb-18Matt Read called up
6-Mar-18T.J. Brennan signed (Multi-year contract extension)
9-Mar-18Travis Sanheim called up
11-Mar-18Carsen Twarynski signed (3 year, entry-level)

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