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Overall Record: 94 W - 61 L - 22 T ( 610 GF - 488 GA )

Home Record: 54 W - 26 L - 8 T ( 319 GF - 211 GA )

Road Record: 40 W - 35 L - 14 T ( 291 GF - 277 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall9-Mar-17 : Flyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 4
Home26-Jan-17 : Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Flyers 2
Road9-Mar-17 : Flyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 4

Last Win vs Team

Overall26-Jan-17 : Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Flyers 2
Home26-Jan-17 : Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Flyers 2
Road20-Feb-16 : Flyers 5 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 4

Last Loss vs Team

Overall9-Mar-17 : Flyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 4
Home7-Apr-16 : Toronto Maple Leafs 4 @ Flyers 3 (OT)
Road9-Mar-17 : Flyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 4

Current Streak vs Team

Overall1 game losing streak
Home1 game winning streak
Road2 game losing streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
22-Oct-69Andre Lacroix1 FLYERS 4 - Toronto Maple Leafs 3B.Gamble
11-Dec-69Andre Lacroix2 Toronto Maple Leafs 3 - FLYERS 6M.Edwards
10-Dec-72Gary Dornhoefer3 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - FLYERS 5J.Plante
4-Mar-73Rick MacLeish3(4) Toronto Maple Leafs 0 - FLYERS 10R.Low(3) G.McRae(1)
13-Apr-75Rick MacLeish7(po) Toronto Maple Leafs 3 - FLYERS 6G.McRae
20-Apr-76Don Saleski1(po) Toronto Maple Leafs 1 - FLYERS 7W.Thomas
4-Apr-82Tim Kerr2 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 - FLYERS 7M.Larocque
13-Feb-88Murray Craven2 FLYERS 4 - Toronto Maple Leafs 7K.Wregget
17-Dec-88Rick Tocchet5 FLYERS 7 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1J.Reese(2) A.Bester(1)
19-Mar-97Eric Lindros9(4) FLYERS 6 - Toronto Maple Leafs 3F.Potvin
9-Dec-99Eric Lindros12 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - FLYERS 4G.Healy
2-May-04Keith Primeau2(po) Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - FLYERS 7Ed Belfour (2) Trevor Kidd (1)
3-Apr-09Jeff Carter1 FLYERS 8 - Toronto Maple Leafs 5Martin Gerber (2) Curtis Joseph (1)


Date Opponent Score Goalie   #
14-Jan-71vs Toronto Maple Leafs3-0Doug Favell7
4-Mar-73vs Toronto Maple Leafs10-0Doug Favell15
11-Oct-73vs Toronto Maple Leafs2-0Bernie Parent11
15-Apr-75vs Toronto Maple Leafs3-0Bernie ParentP37
17-Apr-75at Toronto Maple Leafs2-0Bernie ParentP38
19-Apr-77vs Toronto Maple Leafs2-0Wayne StephensonP7
26-Oct-78vs Toronto Maple Leafs5-0Bernie Parent53
5-Feb-84vs Toronto Maple Leafs7-0Bob Froese6
15-Feb-90vs Toronto Maple Leafs3-0Pete Peeters5
4-Apr-93vs Toronto Maple Leafs4-0Tommy Soderstrom4
10-Apr-93at Toronto Maple Leafs4-0Tommy Soderstrom5
23-Mar-96at Toronto Maple Leafs4-0Ron Hextall10
12-Dec-98at Toronto Maple Leafs3-0John Vanbiesbrouck2
22-Apr-99at Toronto Maple Leafs3-0John VanbiesbrouckP7
19-Jan-02at Toronto Maple Leafs3-0Roman Cechmanek12
17-Jan-04at Toronto Maple Leafs4-0Robert Esche4
6-Apr-10at Toronto Maple Leafs2-0Brian Boucher9
10-Mar-12at Toronto Maple Leafs1-0Ilya Bryzgalov5
31-Jan-15vs Toronto Maple Leafs1-0Steve Mason6

Penalty Shots

Date Shooter Opponent Goalie Goal?
6-Mar-86Dave Poulinvs Toronto Maple LeafsDon EdwardsNo
2-Oct-13Wayne Simmondsvs Toronto Maple LeafsJonathan BernieNo
14-Oct-79Lanny MacDonaldvs Toronto Maple LeafsPete PeetersYes
4-Nov-90Gary Leeman@ Toronto Maple LeafsPete PeetersNo
22-Apr-99Mats Sundin@ Toronto Maple LeafsJohn VanbiesbrouckNo
21-Apr-03Robert Reichel@ Toronto Maple LeafsRoman CechmanekNo

Playoff Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Opponent Score Result Time
19-Apr-75Andre Dupont@ Toronto Maple Leafs4-3W1:45
15-Apr-77Rick MacLeish@ Toronto Maple Leafs4-3W2:55
17-Apr-77Reggie Leach@ Toronto Maple Leafs6-5W19:10
30-Apr-99Yanic Perreault@ Toronto Maple Leafs1-2L11:51
14-Apr-03Tomas Kaberleat Toronto Maple Leafs3-4L27:20
16-Apr-03Mark Recchiat Toronto Maple Leafs3-2W53:54
21-Apr-03Travis Greenat Toronto Maple Leafs1-2L30:51
4-May-04Jeremry Roenickat Toronto Maple Leafs3-2W7:39

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
15-Mar-86Doug CrossmanFlyers 6 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 52:43
26-Nov-99Mark RecchiToronto Maple Leafs 2 @ Flyers 34:08
15-Nov-00Mark RecchiFlyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 13:26
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
1-Sep-67Al MillarToronto Maple Leafscash
2-Mar-69Gerry Meehan, Mike Byers & Bill SutherlandToronto Maple LeafsBrit Selby & Forbes Kennedy
31-Jan-71Bruce Gamble & 1971 1st Rounder (Pierre Plante) & Mike WaltonToronto Maple LeafsBernie Parent & 1971 2nd Rounder (Rick Kehoe)
15-May-73rights to Bernie Parent & 1973 2nd Rounder (Larry Goodenough)Toronto Maple Leafs1973 1st Rounder (Bob Neely) & futures (Doug Favell)
23-May-73cashToronto Maple LeafsWillie Brossart
27-Jul-73 Toronto Maple LeafsDoug Favell (completes 5/15/73 trade).
27-May-74Dave Fortier & Randy OsburnToronto Maple LeafsBill Flett
20-Jan-82Darryl SittlerToronto Maple LeafsRick Costello, Hartford's 1982 2nd Rounder (Peter Ihnachek) and futures (Ken Strong)
11-Jan-83Michel LarocqueToronto Maple LeafsRick St. Croix
4-Dec-87futures (1989 5th Rounder; later transferred to North Stars - Pat MacLeod)Toronto Maple LeafsMike Stothers
21-Jun-88Mike StothersToronto Maple LeafsBill Root
7-Feb-89Al SecordToronto Maple Leafs1989 5th Rounder (Keith Carney)
6-Mar-89Ken WreggetToronto Maple Leafs1989 1st Rounder (Rob Peterson) & Calgary's 1989 1st Rounder (Steve Bancroft)
28-Aug-89rights to Jiri LatalToronto Maple Leafs1991 7th Rounder (traded back to Flyers - Andre Lomakin)
8-Sep-891991 6th Rounder -upgraded to 1991 5th Rounder (Yanick Degrace) & Flyer's own 1991 7th Rounder (Andrei Lomakin)Toronto Maple LeafsMark Laforest
16-Jun-901990 3rd Rounder (Al Kinisky)Toronto Maple LeafsKevin Maguire & 1991 8th Rounder (Dimitri Mironov)
29-Jul-911993 3rd Rounder (Vaclav Prospal)Toronto Maple Leafsrights to Mike Bullard
8-Jul-951996 5th Rounder (Per-Ragnar Bergqvist)Toronto Maple LeafsRob Zettler
30-Aug-951996 1st Rounder (Dainius Zubrus), 1997 2nd Rounder (Jean-Marc Pelletier) and Los Angeles' 1996 4th Rounder (Mikeal Simmons)Toronto Maple LeafsDimitri Yushkevich & 1996 2nd Rounder (Francis Larivee)
26-Sep-00Chris McAllisterToronto Maple LeafsRegan Kelly
14-Feb-11Kris VersteegToronto Maple Leafs2011 1st Rounder (Stuart Percy) + 2011 3rd Rounder (Josh Leivo)
23-Jun-12Luke SchennToronto Maple LeafsJames van Riemsdyk
26-Jun-15Nashville's 2015 1st Rounder (Travis Konecny)Toronto Maple LeafsTampa's 2015 1st Rounder(Gabriel Carlsson) + Chicago's 2015 2nd Rounder (Jeremy Bracco)


Date Road Team Home Team Results
13-Apr-75Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers6W Boxscore
15-Apr-75Toronto Maple Leafs0@Flyers3W Boxscore
17-Apr-75Flyers2@Toronto Maple Leafs0W Boxscore
19-Apr-75Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W OT Boxscore
12-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
13-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers3W Boxscore
15-Apr-76Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs5L Boxscore
17-Apr-76Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs4L Boxscore
20-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers7W Boxscore
22-Apr-76Flyers5@Toronto Maple Leafs8L Boxscore
25-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers7W Boxscore
11-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers2L Boxscore
13-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs4@Flyers1L Boxscore
15-Apr-77Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W OT Boxscore
17-Apr-77Flyers6@Toronto Maple Leafs5W OT Boxscore
19-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs0@Flyers2W Boxscore
21-Apr-77Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W Boxscore
22-Apr-99Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs0W Boxscore
24-Apr-99Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L Boxscore
26-Apr-99Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers1L Boxscore
28-Apr-99Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-Apr-99Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L OT Boxscore
2-May-99Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers0L Boxscore
9-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs5@Flyers3L Boxscore
11-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
14-Apr-03Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs4L 2OT Boxscore
16-Apr-03Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs2W 3OT Boxscore
19-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
21-Apr-03Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L 2OT Boxscore
22-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers6W Boxscore
22-Apr-04Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers3W Boxscore
25-Apr-04Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers2W Boxscore
28-Apr-04Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs4L Boxscore
30-Apr-04Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs3L Boxscore
2-May-04Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers7W Boxscore
4-May-04Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs2W OT Boxscore

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