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Overall Record: 136 W - 102 L - 26 T ( 874 GF - 807 GA )

Home Record: 79 W - 40 L - 11 T ( 471 GF - 360 GA )

Road Record: 57 W - 62 L - 15 T ( 403 GF - 447 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall4-Jan-18 : New York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 6
Home4-Jan-18 : New York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 6
Road22-Nov-17 : Flyers 3 @ New York Islanders 4 (OT)

Last Win vs Team

Overall4-Jan-18 : New York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 6
Home4-Jan-18 : New York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 6
Road22-Jan-17 : Flyers 3 @ New York Islanders 2 (OT)

Last Loss vs Team

Overall24-Nov-17 : New York Islanders 5 @ Flyers 4 (OT)
Home24-Nov-17 : New York Islanders 5 @ Flyers 4 (OT)
Road22-Nov-17 : Flyers 3 @ New York Islanders 4 (OT)

Current Streak vs Team

Overall1 game winning streak
Home1 game winning streak
Road1 game losing streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
13-Feb-73Rick MacLeish2(4) New York Islanders 2 - FLYERS 8B.Smith
13-May-75Rick MacLeish8(po) New York Islanders 1 - FLYERS 4G.Resch
15-May-80Paul Holmgren1(po) New York Islanders 3 - FLYERS 8B.Smith(2) G.Resch (1)
21-Jan-84Dave Poulin1 New York Islanders 1 - FLYERS 7B.Smith
5-Feb-85Ilkka Sinisalo3 FLYERS 5 - New York Islanders 7K.Hrudey
5-Mar-85Brian Propp5 FLYERS 5 - New York Islanders 4K.Hrudey
21-Apr-85Brian Propp6(po,n) New York Islanders 2 - FLYERS 5B.Smith
18-Dec-86Dave Poulin5 New York Islanders 4 - FLYERS 9B.Smith(2) K.Hrudey(1)
18-Dec-86Tim Kerr13 New York Islanders 4 - FLYERS 9B.Smith(2) K.Hrudey(1)
5-Apr-87Brian Propp9 New York Islanders 9 - FLYERS 5B.Smith
20-Apr-87Tim Kerr15(po) New York Islanders 2 - FLYERS 4K.Hrudey
19-Dec-91Steve Duchesne1 New York Islanders 2 - FLYERS 6G.Healy(2) ENG(I)
2-Feb-95Josef Beranek1 New York Islanders 5 - FLYERS 4(OT)J.McLennan
11-Dec-97Eric Lindros11 New York Islanders 3 - FLYERS 4T.Salo
8-Feb-06Mike Richards1 FLYERS 5 - New York Islanders 2Garth Snow
19-Jan-08Scott Hartnell2 FLYERS 5 - New York Islanders 3Rick Dipietro
26-Mar-11James van Riemsdyk1 New York Islanders 1 - FLYERS 4Rick Dipietro
26-Oct-13Vincent Lecavalier1 FLYERS 5 - New York Islanders 2Kevin Poulin


Date Opponent Score Goalie   #
13-Oct-73vs New York Islanders6-0Bernie Parent12
16-Dec-73vs New York Islanders4-0Bernie Parent17
4-Apr-74vs New York Islanders4-0Bernie Parent22
29-Apr-75vs New York Islanders4-0Wayne StephensonP2
4-May-75at New York Islanders1-0Bernie ParentP39
22-Jan-83vs New York Islanders1-0Bob Froese2
27-Feb-83at New York Islanders2-0Bob Froese4
4-Apr-85vs New York Islanders3-0Pelle Lindbergh6
18-Apr-85vs New York Islanders3-0Pelle LindberghP7
28-Apr-85vs New York Islanders1-0Pelle LindberghP8
2-May-95at New York Islanders2-0Dominic Roussel4
14-Oct-95at New York Islanders3-0Dominic Roussel5
19-Dec-96vs New York Islanders5-0Garth Snow2
7-Jan-99vs New York Islanders5-0John Vanbiesbrouck3
1-Feb-01vs New York Islanders2-0Roman Cechmanek5
9-Jan-03at New York Islanders4-0Roman Cechmanek16
7-Feb-12vs New York Islanders0-1Ilya Bryzgalov2
18-Feb-13at New York Islanders7-0Ilya Bryzgalov7
24-Nov-14at New York Islanders0-1 (OTL)Steve Mason5
9-Jan-16vs New York Islanders4-0Steve Mason10

Penalty Shots

Date Shooter Opponent Goalie Goal?
7-May-75Bill Barber@ New York IslandersGlenn ReschNo
20-Mar-78Rick MacLeishvs New York IslandersBilly SmithYes
18-Nov-84Ron Suttervs New York IslandersKelly HrudeyNo
14-Feb-09Simon Gagnevs New York IslandersYann DanisYes
24-Jan-95Benoit Hogue@ New York IslandersRon HextallYes
30-Oct-10Frans Nielsenvs New York IslandersSergei BobrovskyYes
12-Jan-12M.Grabnerat New York IslandersSergei BobrovskyNo

Playoff Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Opponent Score Result Time
1-May-75Bobby Clarkevs New York Islanders5-4W2:56
7-May-75Jude Drouin@ New York Islanders3-4L1:53
13-May-80Denis Potvinvs New York Islanders3-4L4:07
24-May-80Bob Nystrom@ New York Islanders4-5L7:11

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
5-Mar-85Dave PoulinFlyers 5 @ New York Islanders 42:18
17-Nov-85Murray CravenNew York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 53:52
24-Feb-94Rod Brind'AmourNew York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 51:25
30-Oct-08Jeff CarterNew York Islanders 2 @ Flyers 34:37
23-Nov-11 Daniel BrierFlyers 4 @ New York Islanders 32:26
22-Jan-17Claude GirouxFlyers 3 @ New York Islanders 23:20
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
5-Mar-73Terry CrispNew York IslandersJean Potvin & player be named later (Glen Irwin)
21-Jun-86Mike MurrayNew York Islanders1986 5th Rounder (Todd McLellan)
22-Sep-94Ron Hextall & 1995 6th Rounder (Dimitri Tertyshny)New York IslandersTommy Soderstrom
25-Aug-982000 6th Rounder (transfered to Mtl - Scott Selig)New York IslandersRay Giroux
15-Feb-00Gino OdjickNew York IslandersMikael Andersson & Carolina's 2000 5th Rounder (Kristofer Ottoson)
25-Jun-002001 4th Rounder (transferred to Nashville - Jordin Tootoo)New York IslandersJohn Vanbiesbrouck
9-Mar-03Claude LapointeNew York Islanders2003 5th Rounder(transferred to Pitts - Evgeni Isakov)
22-Jun-032004 7th Rounder (transferred to New York Islanders) & 2004 9th RounderTampa Bay Lightning2003 8th Rounder (Raimonds Danilics) & 2003 9th Rounder (Zbynek Hrdel)
22-Jan-04Mattias TimanderNew York IslandersTampa Bay's 2004 7th Rounder
16-Dec-06Alexei ZhitnikNew York IslandersFreddy Meyer & 2007 Conditional 3rd Rounder (Mark Katic)
20-Dec-06Mike YorkNew York IslandersRandy Robitaille & 2008 5th Rounder (Matthew Martin)
12-Jun-13Mark StreitNew York IslandersShane Harper and 2014 4th rounder (Devon Toews)
4-Mar-14Andrew MacDonaldNew York Islanders2014 3rd Rounder (Ilya Sorokon), 2015 2nd Rounder (Brandon Carlo), Matt Mangene
25-Jun-162017 4th rounder (transferred to Coyotes - Noel Hoefenmayer)New York Islanders2016 4th rounder


Date Road Team Home Team Results
29-Apr-75New York Islanders0@Flyers4W Boxscore
1-May-75New York Islanders4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
4-May-75Flyers1@New York Islanders0W Boxscore
7-May-75Flyers3@New York Islanders4L OT Boxscore
8-May-75New York Islanders5@Flyers1L Boxscore
11-May-75Flyers1@New York Islanders2L Boxscore
13-May-75New York Islanders1@Flyers4W Boxscore
13-May-80New York Islanders4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
15-May-80New York Islanders3@Flyers8W Boxscore
17-May-80Flyers2@New York Islanders6L Boxscore
19-May-80Flyers2@New York Islanders5L Boxscore
22-May-80New York Islanders3@Flyers6W Boxscore
24-May-80Flyers4@New York Islanders5L OT Boxscore
18-Apr-85New York Islanders0@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-85New York Islanders2@Flyers5W Boxscore
23-Apr-85Flyers5@New York Islanders3W Boxscore
25-Apr-85Flyers2@New York Islanders6L Boxscore
28-Apr-85New York Islanders0@Flyers1W Boxscore
20-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers4W Boxscore
22-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers1L Boxscore
24-Apr-87Flyers4@New York Islanders1W Boxscore
26-Apr-87Flyers6@New York Islanders4W Boxscore
28-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers1L Boxscore
30-Apr-87Flyers2@New York Islanders4L Boxscore
2-May-87New York Islanders1@Flyers5W Boxscore

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