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Overall Record: 153 W - 101 L - 30 T ( 1020 GF - 872 GA )

Home Record: 97 W - 37 L - 8 T ( 559 GF - 376 GA )

Road Record: 56 W - 64 L - 22 T ( 461 GF - 496 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall7-Mar-18 : Pittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 2
Home7-Mar-18 : Pittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 2
Road27-Nov-17 : Flyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (OT)

Last Win vs Team

Overall26-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 2
Home15-Mar-17 : Pittsburgh Penguins 0 @ Flyers 4
Road26-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 2

Last Loss vs Team

Overall7-Mar-18 : Pittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 2
Home7-Mar-18 : Pittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 2
Road27-Nov-17 : Flyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (OT)

Current Streak vs Team

Overall3 game losing streak
Home2 game losing streak
Road1 game losing streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
13-Mar-77Don Saleski2 Pittsburgh Penguins 0 - FLYERS 4D.Herron
13-Dec-80Bobby Clarke4 FLYERS 6 - Pittsburgh Penguins 5G.Millen
29-Oct-81Mel Bridgman1 Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - FLYERS 6M.Dion
22-Mar-84Dave Poulin2 Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - FLYERS 13D.Herron
22-Mar-84Ilkka Sinisalo1 Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - FLYERS 13D.Herron
24-Nov-85Dave Poulin4 Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - FLYERS 7D.Herron
19-Apr-89Tim Kerr20(po,n) FLYERS 4 - Pittsburgh Penguins 2T.Barrasso
31-Mar-96John LeClair5(n) Pittsburgh Penguins 1 - FLYERS 4T.Barrasso
21-Nov-96Dale Hawerchuk1 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - FLYERS 7K.Wregget
7-May-00Andy Delmore1(po) Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - FLYERS 6Ron Tugnutt (2) Peter Skudra (1)
11-Dec-07Joffrey Lupul1 Pittsburgh Penguins 2 - FLYERS 8Dany Sabourin(2) Ty Conklin(1)
11-Dec-07R.J. Umberger1 Pittsburgh Penguins 2 - FLYERS 8Dany Sabourin(2) Ty Conklin(1)
13-Apr-12Sean Couturier1(po) Pittsburgh Penguins 5 - FLYERS 8Marc-Andre Fleury
13-Apr-12Claude Giroux1(po) Pittsburgh Penguins 5 - FLYERS 8Marc-Andre Fleury
20-Feb-13Jakub Voracek1 FLYERS 6 - Pittsburgh Penguins 5Tomas Vokoun


Date Opponent Score Goalie   #
19-Oct-67vs Pittsburgh Penguins1-0Doug Favell1
17-Oct-68vs Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Bernie Parent5
9-Nov-68at Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Doug Favell5
21-Dec-69vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Bernie Parent7
17-Oct-70at Pittsburgh Penguins0-0Bernie Parent9
30-Jan-72vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Bruce Gamble2
27-Oct-73vs Pittsburgh Penguins6-0Bernie Parent13
4-Nov-73vs Pittsburgh Penguins7-0Bernie Parent15
22-Dec-74vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Bernie Parent30
13-Mar-75vs Pittsburgh Penguins6-0Bernie Parent34
28-Oct-76vs Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Bernie Parent42
13-Mar-77vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Wayne Stephenson6
20-Oct-77vs Pittsburgh Penguins11-0Bernie Parent46
2-Feb-80at Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Pete Peeters2
21-Jan-81at Pittsburgh Penguins5-0Pete Peeters1
4-Dec-82vs Pittsburgh Penguins0-0Pelle Lindbergh2
31-Oct-01vs Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Brian Boucher8
29-Mar-03vs Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Roman Cechmanek20
6-Apr-08vs Pittsburgh Penguins2-0Martin Biron5
23-May-08at Pittsburgh Penguins3-0Martin BironP9
15-Mar-14vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Steve Mason4
15-Mar-17vs Pittsburgh Penguins4-0Steve Mason14

Penalty Shots

Date Shooter Opponent Goalie Goal?
15-Oct-77Orest Kindrachukvs Pittsburgh PenguinsDunc WilsonNo
11-Oct-81Ilkka Sinisalovs Pittsburgh PenguinsPaul HarrisonYes
29-Oct-16Jakub Voracekvs Pittsburgh PenguinsMarc-Andre FleuryYes
8-Mar-98Stu Barnesvs Pittsburgh PenguinsRon HextallNo

Playoff Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Opponent Score Result Time
21-Apr-89Phil Bourquevs Pittsburgh Penguins3-4L12:08
2-May-00Andy Delmore@ Pittsburgh Penguins4-3W11:01
4-May-00Keith Primeau@ Pittsburgh Penguins2-1W92:01
11-Apr-12Jakub Voracekat Pittsburgh Penguins4-3W2:23

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
20-Nov-83Bobby ClarkePittsburgh Penguins 4 @ Flyers 52:43
22-Dec-85Murray CravenPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 32:12
5-Apr-86Illka SinisaloFlyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 31:49
16-Apr-95Rod Brind'AmourPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 41:30
8-Mar-98Alexandre DaiglePittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:03
24-Feb-00Luke RichardsonPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:51
7-Apr-01John LeClairPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:39
29-Jan-02Marty MurrayPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 31:47
14-Oct-05Mike RathjePittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 63:17
18-Mar-12 Scott HartnellPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 3 4:59
12-Apr-14Mark StreitFlyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 32:10
20-Jan-15Claude GirouxPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 33:57
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
27-Feb-68Art StrattonPittsburgh PenguinsWayne Hicks
21-Aug-68Bob RivardTradePittsburgh Penguins
11-Jun-70George SwarbrickPittsburgh PenguinsTerry Ball
9-Mar-76Gary Inness & futures (1977 8th rounder (Pete Peeters), 1977 9th rounder (Tom Bauer), 1977 10th rounder (Rob Nicholson) and 1977 11th rounder (Jim Trainor))Pittsburgh PenguinsBobby Taylor & Ed Van Impe
14-Jun-781978 1st Rounder (Behn Wilson)Pittsburgh PenguinsTom Bladon, Ross Lonsberry & Orest Kindrachuk
23-Oct-83Rich Sutter, 1984 2nd Rounder (Greg Smyth) & 1984 3rd Rounder (David McLay)Pittsburgh PenguinsAndy Brickley, Mark Taylor, Ron Flockhart, 1984 1st Rounder (Roger Belanger) & 1984 3rd Rounder (later transferred to Vancouver; Mike Stevens)
1-Sep-881990 3rd Rounder (Chris Therien)Pittsburgh PenguinsWendell Young & 1990 7th Rounder (Mika Valila)
19-Feb-92Mark Recchi, Brian Benning & Los Angeles' 1992 1st Rounder (Jason Bowen)Pittsburgh PenguinsRick Tocchet, Kjell Samuelsson, Ken Wregget & 1992 3rd Rounder (Dave Roche)
10-Feb-99Sean O'BrienPittsburgh Penguinsfutures
14-Jan-01John SlaneyPittsburgh PenguinsKevin Stevens
17-Mar-02Billy TibbettsPittsburgh PenguinsKent Manderville
25-Jun-102011 3rd rounder (transferred to Phx - Harrison Ruopp)Pittsburgh PenguinsDan Hamuis


Date Road Team Home Team Results
17-Apr-89Flyers3@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
19-Apr-89Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins2W Boxscore
21-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
23-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers4W Boxscore
25-Apr-89Flyers7@Pittsburgh Penguins10L Boxscore
27-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers6W Boxscore
29-Apr-89Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins1W Boxscore
17-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers5W Boxscore
19-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-97Flyers5@Pittsburgh Penguins3W Boxscore
23-Apr-97Flyers1@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
26-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins3@Flyers6W Boxscore
27-Apr-00Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers0L Boxscore
29-Apr-00Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers1L Boxscore
2-May-00Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins3W OT Boxscore
4-May-00Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins1W 5OT Boxscore
7-May-00Pittsburgh Penguins3@Flyers6W Boxscore
9-May-00Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins1W Boxscore
9-May-08Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
11-May-08Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
13-May-08Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers1L Boxscore
15-May-08Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers4W Boxscore
18-May-08Flyers0@Pittsburgh Penguins6L Boxscore
15-Apr-09Flyers1@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
17-Apr-09Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins3L Boxscore
19-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins6@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers3L Boxscore
23-Apr-09Flyers3@Pittsburgh Penguins0W Boxscore
25-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins5@Flyers3L Boxscore
11-Apr-12Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins3W OT Boxscore
13-Apr-12Flyers8@Pittsburgh Penguins5W Boxscore
15-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers8W Boxscore
18-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins10@Flyers3L Boxscore
20-Apr-12Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins3L Boxscore
22-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers5W Boxscore

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