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Overall Record: 112 W - 84 L - 19 T ( 724 GF - 648 GA )

Home Record: 68 W - 36 L - 6 T ( 402 GF - 311 GA )

Road Record: 44 W - 48 L - 13 T ( 322 GF - 337 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall4-Mar-17 : Flyers 1 @ Washington Capitals 2 (OT)
Home22-Feb-17 : Washington Capitals 4 @ Flyers 1
Road4-Mar-17 : Flyers 1 @ Washington Capitals 2 (OT)

Last Win vs Team

Overall21-Dec-16 : Washington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 3 (OT)
Home21-Dec-16 : Washington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 3 (OT)
Road27-Jan-16 : Flyers 4 @ Washington Capitals 3 (OT)

Last Loss vs Team

Overall4-Mar-17 : Flyers 1 @ Washington Capitals 2 (OT)
Home22-Feb-17 : Washington Capitals 4 @ Flyers 1
Road4-Mar-17 : Flyers 1 @ Washington Capitals 2 (OT)

Current Streak vs Team

Overall3 game losing streak
Home1 game losing streak
Road3 game losing streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
18-Mar-75Rick MacLeish6 FLYERS 7 - Washington Capitals 2R.Low
19-Dec-75Rick MacLeish9 FLYERS 7 - Washington Capitals 5B.Wolfe
1-Apr-76Bill Barber3 Washington Capitals 2 - FLYERS 11R.Low
3-Apr-80Reggie Leach7 Washington Capitals 2 - FLYERS 4W.Stephenson(2) ENG(1)
23-Dec-84Tim Kerr4 Washington Capitals 4 - FLYERS 7P.Riggin
9-Feb-85Tim Kerr6(n,4) FLYERS 5 - Washington Capitals 4P.Riggin
7-Mar-85Dave Poulin3 Washington Capitals 6 - FLYERS 9P.Riggin
7-Mar-85Tim Kerr7 Washington Capitals 6 - FLYERS 9P.Riggin(2) A.Jensen(1)
6-Apr-86Brian Propp7 Washington Capitals 3 - FLYERS 5P.Peeters
24-Jan-91Rick Tocchet8 Washington Capitals 1 - FLYERS 6M.Liut
26-Dec-92Eric Lindros2 FLYERS 5 - Washington Capitals 5J.Hrivnak(2) D.Beaupre(l)
7-Jan-93Kevin Dineen1 Washington Capitals 2 - FLYERS 8J.Hrivnak(2) 0.Kolzig(l)
20-Oct-01Mark Recchi1 Washington Capitals 3 - FLYERS 6O.Kolzig (2) C.Billington (1)
20-Dec-08Scott Hartnell4 FLYERS 7 - Washington Capitals 1Jose Theodore
6-Oct-09Mike Richards2 FLYERS 6 - Washington Capitals 5Semyon Varlamov


Date Opponent Score Goalie   #
16-Jan-75vs Washington Capitals4-0Bernie Parent32
9-Jan-86vs Washington Capitals4-0Darren Jensen1
13-Mar-86vs Washington Capitals2-0Bob Froese12
5-Mar-93at Washington Capitals3-0Tommy Soderstrom3
15-Oct-93at Washington Capitals3-0Dominic Roussel3
9-Mar-97vs Washington Capitals5-0Ron Hextall15
13-Jan-99at Washington Capitals3-0John Vanbiesbrouck5
30-Oct-01at Washington Capitals3-0Brian Boucher7
15-Nov-01vs Washington Capitals5-0Boucher (35:42) & Cechmanek (24:18)
13-Apr-08at Washington Capitals2-0Martin BironP6
4-Mar-12at Washington Capitals1-0Ilya Bryzgalov3
22-Apr-16at Washington Capitals1-0Michael NeuvirthP4

Penalty Shots

Date Shooter Opponent Goalie Goal?
9-Nov-74Orest Kindrachukvs Washington CapitalsMichel BelhumeurYes
26-Dec-92Eric Lindros@ Washington CapitalsDon BeaupreYes
4-Apr-87Mike Gartner@ Washington CapitalsGlenn ReschYes
18-Jan-10Alexander Ovechkinat Washington CapitalsRay EmeryYes
23-Mar-12Marcus Johanssonvs Washington CapitalsIlya BryzgalovNo

Playoff Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Opponent Score Result Time
10-Apr-88Murray Cravenvs Washington Capitals5-4W1:18
16-Apr-88Dale Hunter@ Washington Capitals4-5L5:57
8-Apr-89Kelly Millervs Washington Capitals3-4L0:51
17-Apr-08Mike Knublevs Washington Capitals4-3W26:40
22-Apr-08Joffrey Lupul at Washington Capitals3-2W6:06

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
22-Dec-91Brad JonesWashington Capitals 3 @ Flyers 41:10
6-Oct-09 Daniel BriereWashington Capitals 5 @ Flyers 6 3:52
18-Jan-11Andrej MeszarosWashington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 31:07
2-Mar-14Vincent LecavalierFlyers 5 @ Washington Capitals 42:45
8-Jan-15Jakub VoracekWashington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 31:28
27-Jan-16Jakub VoracekFlyers 4 @ Washington Capitals 30:38
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
4-Jun-751975 1st Rounder (Mel Bridgman)Washington CapitalsBill Clement, Don McLean & 1975 1st Rounder (Alex Forsythe)
15-Dec-75player to be named later (John Paddock)Washington CapitalsBob Sirois
24-Nov-76Harvey BennettWashington Capitalscash
4-Dec-76cashWashington CapitalsBill Collins
16-Aug-791981 3rd Rounder (Barry Tabobondung)Washington CapitalsWayne Stephenson
21-Aug-801982 3rd Rounder (Bill Campbell)Washington CapitalsBob Kelly
18-Jul-96Frank BialowasWashington Capitalsfutures
23-Mar-99Craig BerubeWashington CapitalsCash
13-Mar-01Matt HerrWashington CapitalsDean Melanson
19-Mar-02Adam OatesWashington CapitalsMaxime Ouellet, 2002 1st Rounder (transferred to Dallas - Martin Vagner), 2002 2nd Rounder (Maxime Daigneault), 2002 3rd Rounder (Derek Krestanovich)
30-Jun-032004 7th RounderWashington CapitalsDimitri Yushkevich
20-Jun-08Steve Eminger & 2008 3rd Rounder (Jacob Deserres)Washington Capitals2008 1st Rounder(John Carlson)
2-Feb-12Matt FordWashington CapitalsKevin Marshall


Date Road Team Home Team Results
4-Apr-84Flyers2@Washington Capitals4L Boxscore
5-Apr-84Flyers2@Washington Capitals6L Boxscore
7-Apr-84Washington Capitals5@Flyers1L Boxscore
6-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals2W Boxscore
7-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
9-Apr-88Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W Boxscore
10-Apr-88Washington Capitals4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
12-Apr-88Flyers2@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
14-Apr-88Washington Capitals7@Flyers2L Boxscore
16-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L OT Boxscore
5-Apr-89Flyers2@Washington Capitals3L Boxscore
6-Apr-89Flyers3@Washington Capitals2W Boxscore
8-Apr-89Washington Capitals4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
9-Apr-89Washington Capitals2@Flyers5W Boxscore
11-Apr-89Flyers8@Washington Capitals5W Boxscore
13-Apr-89Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W Boxscore
11-Apr-08Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
13-Apr-08Flyers2@Washington Capitals0W Boxscore
15-Apr-08Washington Capitals3@Flyers6W Boxscore
17-Apr-08Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W 2OT Boxscore
19-Apr-08Flyers2@Washington Capitals3L Boxscore
21-Apr-08Washington Capitals4@Flyers2L Boxscore
22-Apr-08Flyers3@Washington Capitals2W OT Boxscore
14-Apr-16Flyers0@Washington Capitals2L Boxscore
16-Apr-16Flyers1@Washington Capitals4L Boxscore
18-Apr-16Washington Capitals6@Flyers1L Boxscore
20-Apr-16Washington Capitals1@Flyers2W Boxscore
22-Apr-16Flyers2@Washington Capitals0W Boxscore
24-Apr-16Washington Capitals1@Flyers0L Boxscore

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