Gordie Howe Hattricks

Date Score Player Penalty Goals Assists
25-Nov-67Flyers 2 - St.Louis Blues 1Gary Dornhoefer5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
31-Dec-67Los Angeles Kings 1 - Flyers 9Gary Dornhoefer5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
26-Jan-69Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - Flyers 5Jean-Guy Gendron5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
2-Nov-69Minnesota North Stars 2 - Flyers 6Reg Fleming5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
30-Jan-71New York Rangers 2 - Flyers 5Bob Kelly5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
9-Jan-72California Golden Seals 3 - Flyers 10Gary Dornhoefer5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
9-Jan-72California Golden Seals 3 - Flyers 10Bobby Clarke5 Fighting (maj)12boxscore
2-Mar-72Minnesota North Stars 0 - Flyers 3Bobby Clarke5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
31-Mar-73New York Islanders 2 - Flyers 10Don Saleski5 Fighting (maj)21boxscore
20-Dec-73Vancouver Canucks 3 - Flyers 9Bob Kelly5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
31-Jan-74Buffalo Sabres 3 - Flyers 4Orest Kindrachuk5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
19-Oct-74Flyers 6 - Pittsburgh Penguins 3Bobby Clarke5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
23-Nov-74Flyers 6 - Toronto Maple Leafs 3Bobby Clarke5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
15-Dec-74St.Louis Blues 2 - Flyers 7Dave Schultz5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
9-Nov-75Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - Flyers 6Gary Dornhoefer5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
7-Jan-76Flyers 7 - Toronto Maple Leafs 3Dave Schultz5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
8-Feb-76New York Islanders 2 - Flyers 4Ross Lonsberry5 Fighting (maj)21boxscore
31-Oct-76Minnesota North Stars 1 - Flyers 9Paul Holmgren5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
23-Dec-76Washington Capitals 2 - Flyers 5Mel Bridgman5 Fighting (maj)12boxscore
1-Jan-77Flyers 7 - Cleveland Barons 2Ross Lonsberry5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
14-Feb-77St.Louis Blues 4 - Flyers 6Al Hill5 Fighting (maj)23boxscore
12-Oct-78Flyers 3 - New York Rangers 3Bobby Clarke5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
22-Feb-80Flyers 7 - Vancouver Canucks 3Paul Holmgren5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
4-Jan-81Flyers 8 - Washington Capitals 1Paul Holmgren5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
28-Feb-81Flyers 4 - Minnesota North Stars 2Ron Flockhart5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
29-Oct-81Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - Flyers 6Brian Propp5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
13-Mar-82Flyers 3 - Washington Capitals 6Ken Linseman5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
1-Dec-82Flyers 4 - Edmonton Oilers 2Darryl Sittler5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
2-Feb-83Flyers 6 - Winnipeg Jets 3Lindsay Carson5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
3-Nov-83Los Angeles Kings 6 - Flyers 5Darryl Sittler5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
5-Nov-83Flyers 6 - St.Louis Blues 7Darryl Sittler5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
3-Dec-83Flyers 6 - Pittsburgh Penguins 3Ron Sutter5 Fighting (maj) 21boxscore
25-Feb-84Flyers 7 - Hartford Whalers 9Dave Brown5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
28-Mar-84Flyers 5 - Pittsburgh Penguins 3Ray Allison5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
11-Dec-84Flyers 4 - Winnipeg Jets 5Ron Sutter5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
5-Jan-85Flyers 6 - St.Louis Blues 3Lindsay Carson5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
5-Jan-85Flyers 6 - St.Louis Blues 3Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
19-Oct-85Minnesota North Stars 3 - Flyers 7Rich Sutter5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
20-Oct-85Flyers 5 - Chicago Blackhawks 2Dave Brown5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
3-Nov-85Los Angeles Kings 4 - Flyers 7Peter Zezel5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
27-Nov-85Winnipeg Jets 1 - Flyers 6Ed Hospodar5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
9-Mar-86Flyers 4 - New York Rangers 1Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
16-Oct-86Vancouver Canucks 2 - Flyers 6Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
3-Jan-87Flyers 4 - Washington Capitals 1Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
11-Jan-87Washington Capitals 2 - Flyers 2Scott Mellanby5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
15-Jan-87Montreal Canadiens 3 - Flyers 6Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
21-Jan-87Flyers 5 - Chicago Blackhawks 5Peter Zezel5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
17-Feb-87Flyers 3 - New York Islanders 2Dave Brown5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
4-Dec-88New Jersey Devils 2 - Flyers 6Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
11-Nov-89Flyers 7 - New Jersey Devils 5Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj)22boxscore
9-Dec-89Flyers 6 - Quebec Nordiques 6Mike Bullard5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
10-Dec-89Flyers 4 - New York Rangers 2Terry Carkner5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
4-Jan-90Flyers 4 - St.Louis Blues 5Craig Berube5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
23-Nov-90Toronto Maple Leafs 1 - Flyers 4Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
24-Jan-91Washington Capitals 1 - Flyers 6Ron Sutter5 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
24-Mar-91Flyers 2 - Buffalo Sabres 6Murray Baron5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
15-Oct-92New York Islanders 5 - Flyers 4Rod Brind'Amour5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
12-Nov-92New York Islanders 5 - Flyers 8Kevin Dineen5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
25-Mar-93San Jose Sharks 2 - Flyers 5Eric Lindros5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
18-Nov-93Hartford Whalers 3 - Flyers 6Josef Beranek5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
28-Dec-93Flyers 4 - Pittsburgh Penguins 4Garry Galley5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
8-Jan-94Flyers 2 - Tampa Bay Lightning 4Eric Lindros5 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
7-Oct-95Flyers 7 - Montreal Canadiens 1Eric Lindros5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
19-Dec-96New York Islanders 0 - Flyers 5Eric Lindros5 Fighting (maj)22boxscore
11-Dec-99Flyers 4 - Toronto Maple Leafs 6Eric Lindros5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
16-Dec-00New Jersey Devils 3 - Flyers 6Rick Tocchet5 Fighting (maj)12boxscore
19-Jan-02Flyers 3 - Toronto Maple Leafs 0Todd Fedoruk5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
22-Dec-07Buffalo Sabres 6 - Flyers 5Mike Richards5 Fighting (maj)21boxscore
28-Mar-08Flyers 4 - New Jersey Devils 5Randy Jones5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
12-Jan-10Dallas Stars 3 - Flyers 6Ian Laperriere5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
2-Mar-10Flyers 7 - Tampa Bay Lightning 2Daniel Carcillo5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
11-Jan-11Flyers 5 - Buffalo Sabres 2Scott Hartnell5 Fighting (maj)21boxscore
15-Feb-11Flyers 4 - Tampa Bay Lightning 3James van Riemsdyk5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
9-Feb-12Toronto Maple Leafs 3 - Flyers 4Scott Hartnell5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
11-Feb-12New York Rangers 5 - Flyers 2Wayne Simmonds5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
20-Feb-13Flyers 6 - Pittsburgh Penguins 5Wayne Simmonds5 Fighting (maj)21boxscore
23-Feb-13Winnipeg Jets 3 - Flyers 5Wayne Simmonds5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
22-Oct-14Flyers 5 - Pittsburgh Penguins 3R.Umberger5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
27-Oct-16Phoenix Coyotes 5 - Flyers 4Brayden Schenn5 Fighting (maj)12boxscore

Note : penalties listed only as `5` are only known to be major penalties and may not be for fighting

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