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Sep 1

Harry Zolnierczyk : 1-Sep-87
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
1-Sep-67Al MillarToronto Maple Leafscash
1-Sep-881990 3rd Rounder (Chris Therien)Pittsburgh PenguinsWendell Young & 1990 7th Rounder (Mika Valila)
Date Acquisition
1-Sep-68Bobby Taylor signed as a free agent
21-Sep-68Brit Selby signed (2 yrs)
11-Sep-71Bob Hurlburt signed as a free agent
1-Sep-72Jack McIlhargey signed as a free agent
1-Sep-73Mike Boland signed as a free agent
1-Sep-77Guy Delparte signed as a free agent
1-Sep-77Jim Cunningham signed as a free agent
1-Sep-78M.F. Schurman signed as a free agent
1-Sep-81Bob Boucher signed (2 yr / assistant coach)
21-Sep-84Tim Kerr signed (multi-year)
1-Sep-86Sylvain Lajeunesse signed
1-Sep-89Bruce Rendall signed
1-Sep-89Jeff Harding signed
21-Sep-92Chris Herperger sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Patrice Paquin sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Claude Jutras sent back to juniors
21-Sep-92Dale Kushner demoted
21-Sep-92Kimbi Daniels demoted
21-Sep-92Pat Murray demoted
21-Sep-92Dave Quinn demoted
21-Sep-92Scott LaGrand demoted
21-Sep-92Yanick Dupre demoted
21-Sep-92Viacheslav Butsayev signed
11-Sep-95John LeClair signed
21-Sep-96Brian Boucher sent back to juniors
21-Sep-96Brian Wesenberg sent back to juniors
21-Sep-96Chester Gallant sent back to juniors
1-Sep-97Chris Joseph signed as a free agent
11-Sep-02Simon Gagne signed (2 yr)
21-Sep-03Jeff Carter sent back to juniors
21-Sep-03Mike Richards sent back to juniors
11-Sep-06Simon Gagne signed (5 yr/$5.25M per)
21-Sep-06Brian Savage retired
11-Sep-07Mike Vannelli signed as a free agent
21-Sep-09Mark Bell released
21-Sep-09Adrian Foster released
21-Sep-09Andreas Nodl demoted
21-Sep-09Jared Ross demoted
21-Sep-09Jon Kalinski demoted
21-Sep-09Josh Beaulieu demoted
21-Sep-09Rob Bellamy demoted
21-Sep-09Matt Clackson demoted
21-Sep-09Ryan Dingle demoted
21-Sep-09Garrett Klotz demoted
21-Sep-09Jon Matsumoto demoted
21-Sep-09Tomas Sinisalo demoted
21-Sep-09Oskars Bartulis demoted
21-Sep-09Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
21-Sep-09Joonas Lehtivuori demoted
21-Sep-09Kevin Marshall demoted
21-Sep-09Mike Ratchuk demoted
21-Sep-09David Sloane demoted
21-Sep-09Logan Stephenson demoted
21-Sep-09Matt Duchene demoted
21-Sep-09Nicola Riopel demoted
21-Sep-09Michael-Lee Teslak demoted
21-Sep-09David Labrecque sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Zac Rinaldo sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Mike Thomas sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Eric Wellwood sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Tyler Hostetter signed (3 year)
21-Sep-09Tyler Hostetter sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Brennan Yadlowski sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Adam Morrison sent back to juniors
21-Sep-09Jacob DeSerres sent back to juniors
21-Sep-11Sean Couturier signed (Entry-level contract)

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