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Overall Record: 86 W - 67 L - 20 T ( 552 GF - 507 GA )

Home Record: 51 W - 25 L - 12 T ( 308 GF - 227 GA )

Road Record: 35 W - 42 L - 8 T ( 244 GF - 280 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall7-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 3
Home25-Oct-16 : Buffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 4 (OT)
Road7-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 3

Last Win vs Team

Overall7-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 3
Home25-Oct-16 : Buffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 4 (OT)
Road7-Mar-17 : Flyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 3

Last Loss vs Team

Overall10-Jan-17 : Flyers 1 @ Buffalo Sabres 4
Home27-Oct-15 : Buffalo Sabres 4 @ Flyers 3 (OT)
Road10-Jan-17 : Flyers 1 @ Buffalo Sabres 4

Current Streak vs Team

Overall1 game winning streak
Home2 game winning streak
Road1 game winning streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
21-Jan-73Bill Flett2 FLYERS 4 - Buffalo Sabres 3D.Dryden
28-Jan-87Peter Zezel2 FLYERS 7 - Buffalo Sabres 4J.Cloutier
15-Apr-93Kevin Dineen3 FLYERS 7 - Buffalo Sabres 4G.Fuhr(1) D.Hasek(2)


Date Opponent Score Goalie   #
16-Dec-71vs Buffalo Sabres5-0Doug Favell11
1-Feb-75vs Buffalo Sabres6-0Bernie Parent33
27-May-75at Buffalo Sabres2-0Bernie ParentP40
12-Feb-86at Buffalo Sabres4-0Bob Froese11
27-Dec-93at Buffalo Sabres2-0Tommy Soderstrom7
20-Jan-98at Buffalo Sabres3-0Ron Hextall20
16-Apr-00at Buffalo Sabres2-0Brian BoucherP5
4-Nov-00vs Buffalo Sabres3-0Roman Cechmanek1
1-Mar-01vs Buffalo Sabres2-0Roman Cechmanek8
14-Dec-02vs Buffalo Sabres2-0Robert Esche1
9-Oct-03vs Buffalo Sabres2-0Jeff Hackett1
21-Nov-08at Buffalo Sabres3-0Martin Biron7

Penalty Shots

Date Shooter Opponent Goalie Goal?
17-Dec-81Behn Wilsonvs Buffalo SabresDon EdwardsYes
11-May-97Eric Lindros@ Buffalo SabresSteve ShieldsYes
16-Apr-00Eric Desjardinsat Buffalo SabresDominik HasekNo
11-Apr-01Mark Recchivs Buffalo SabresDominik HasekNo
17-Oct-06Mike Richardsat Buffalo SabresRyan MillerNo
20-Mar-09Mike Richardsat Buffalo SabresPatrick LalimeNo
31-Jan-74Richard Martinvs Buffalo SabresBernie ParentYes
31-Oct-84John Tucker@ Buffalo SabresPelle LindberghYes
28-Apr-06Derek Royvs Buffalo SabresRobert EscheNo

Playoff Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Opponent Score Result Time
20-May-75Rene Robert@ Buffalo Sabres4-5L18:29
7-May-95Karl Dykhuisvs Buffalo Sabres4-3W10:06
9-May-97Ed Ronanvs Buffalo Sabres4-5L6:24
1-May-98Michal Grosekvs Buffalo Sabres2-3L5:40
18-Apr-00Stu Barnes@ Buffalo Sabres2-3L4:42
14-Apr-01Jay McKeevs Buffalo Sabres3-4L18:02
17-Apr-01Curtis Brown@ Buffalo Sabres3-4L6:13
22-Apr-06Daniel Brierevs Buffalo Sabres2-3L27:31
22-Apr-11Tyler Ennisvs Buffalo Sabres3-4L5:31
24-Apr-11Ville Leinoat Buffalo Sabres5-4W4:43

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
9-Oct-88Ron SutterBuffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 42:44
7-Dec-89Ron SutterBuffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 40:24
29-Mar-96Bob CorkumFlyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 53:50
12-Feb-00John LeclairBuffalo Sabres 2 @ Flyers 32:28
7-Dec-11Claude GirouxFlyers 5 @ Buffalo Sabres 4 2:37
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
16-Nov-71Larry KeenanBuffalo SabresLarry Mickey
5-Mar-90Kevin Maguire & 1990 2nd Rounder (Mikael Renberg)Buffalo SabresJay Wells & 1991 4th Rounder (Peter Ambroziak)
7-Apr-95Petr SvobodaBuffalo SabresGarry Galley
27-Feb-07Martin BironBuffalo Sabres2007 2nd Rounder (T.J. Brennan)


Date Road Team Home Team Results
15-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
18-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers2W Boxscore
20-May-75Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres5L OT Boxscore
22-May-75Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
25-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers5W Boxscore
27-May-75Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres0W Boxscore
17-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
19-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
22-Apr-78Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
23-Apr-78Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
25-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers4W Boxscore
7-May-95Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
8-May-95Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers3W Boxscore
10-May-95Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres3L Boxscore
12-May-95Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
14-May-95Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers6W Boxscore
3-May-97Flyers5@Buffalo Sabres3W Boxscore
5-May-97Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres1W Boxscore
7-May-97Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
9-May-97Buffalo Sabres5@Flyers4L OT Boxscore
11-May-97Flyers6@Buffalo Sabres3W Boxscore
22-Apr-98Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers2L Boxscore
24-Apr-98Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
27-Apr-98Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres6L Boxscore
29-Apr-98Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
1-May-98Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers2L OT Boxscore
13-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
14-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers2W Boxscore
16-Apr-00Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres0W Boxscore
18-Apr-00Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres3L OT Boxscore
20-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers5W Boxscore
11-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers1L Boxscore
14-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
16-Apr-01Flyers3@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
17-Apr-01Flyers3@Buffalo Sabres4L OT Boxscore
19-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-01Flyers0@Buffalo Sabres8L Boxscore
22-Apr-06Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres3L 2OT Boxscore
24-Apr-06Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres8L Boxscore
26-Apr-06Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers4W Boxscore
28-Apr-06Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-Apr-06Flyers0@Buffalo Sabres3L Boxscore
2-May-06Buffalo Sabres7@Flyers1L Boxscore
14-April-11Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers0L Boxscore
16-April-11Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers5W Boxscore
18-April-11Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres4W Boxscore
20-April-11Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres0L Boxscore
22-April-11Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
24-April-11Flyers5@Buffalo Sabres4W OT Boxscore
26-April-11Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers5W Boxscore

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